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  • Personal Narrative: My Board Of Directors

    services as one’s “Board of Directors for Life”. My Board of Directors consists of loved ones who support my endeavors, provide emotional and social support, and who ensure my enjoyment. These individuals include: my mother, Irene; my father, Miguel; my two brothers, Miguel and Alan;…

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  • The Functions Of Board Of Directors Of China Primary Energy Holding Limited

    INTRODUCTION The objective of this report is to examine the effectiveness of board of directors of China Primary Energy Holding Limited in terms of the communication and other forms of engagement with shareholders. The following passage will discuss the topic above in three main areas that are the degree of compliance with Hong Kong GEM Corporate Governance codes, the impact of ownership structure on company’s performance and the effectiveness of communication with shareholders. BACKGROUND…

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  • The Statistics Of Directors Attendance In Board Meetings Of SBI And Icici Bank

    The above table exhibits the directors attendance in board meetings of SBI and ICICI Bank Ltd in the year 2014-15. The following are the observations made 1. The frequency at which the board at which SBI met is higher than ICICI Bank Ltd. 2. The statistics of directors attendance in the ICICI Bank 's Board is marginally better than SBI. 3. Although the provisions of revised clause 49 of the listing agreement and section 285 of the companies act regarding minimum number of board meetings to be…

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  • Role Of Board Of Directors In Nonprofit Organization

    III. Board Board The board of directors plays vital roles in every organization. In fact, its roles of the board of directors in a nonprofit organization are quite similar to those of any other organization. Specifically, the role of a board in a nonprofit organization is to review the mission statement so as to figure out the organization’s goals and strategies. This includes participation in the overall planning process. Additionally, the board’s members agree on the responsibilities of the…

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  • What Is The ASX Principle Of Good Corporate Governance

    debatable issue and it advocates propose that it is extremely imperative to have good corporate governance in organisations. The adoption of poor corporate governance is clearly noticeable in most famous corporate collapse like: HIH Insurance, One Tel, Washington Mutual, Lehman Brothers, etc. These collapses have thrown a light on the importance of implementation of proper corporate governance into practice. The companies failed because of the poor structure designed by the board, which allowed…

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  • Classified Boards

    Classified boards may be effected through provisions in a corporation’s certificate of incorporation or in a corporation’s bylaws. Effecting a classified board in the certificate of incorporation maximizes protection to the board because it is more difficult to remove the classified board provision and declassify the board effected in a charter than in a corporation’s bylaws . If a corporation’s certificate of incorporation contains a provision classifying the board of directors,…

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  • Core Functions Of Management And Governance

    Leading a non-governmental development organization (NGDO) to meet both day-to-day operational needs and vision requires the involvement of many important stakeholders. It requires a delicate balance of power between executive management and a governing body (i.e., board of directors or other committee entrusted with oversight of the organization). Yet, how that balance is shared varies widely. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast management and governance functions for NGDOs. In…

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  • John Stumpf's Wells Fargo

    The article “Wells Fargo Chairman, CEO John Stumpf Retires; Board of Directors Elects Tim Sloan CEO” by Oscar Suris, appears in the Business Wire newspaper. Wells Fargo has announced the Chief Executive Officer, John Stumpf, has informed the company’s board of directors that he is retiring. As a result, the board has elected Tim Sloan, Chief Operating Officer, to follow as the new CEO. The article continues by giving readers background information about John Stumpf’s position in the company.…

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  • Social-Constructionist Communication Model

    Introduction I have chosen an experience to study for my personal application analysis that involves a board position on which I currently serve. The action involved a search process for the organization that I was asked to lead. I failed to fully understand the context and readiness of the employees as I tried to instill a cultural change. The communication methods I used were not sufficient as well. I will use Leigh Thompson’s text to breakdown this situation including Kotter’s 8 steps of…

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  • The Corporate Governance Review Of Vinasean Business Group

    This report conducts a review of the corporate governance of VINASHIN, including the analysis of its board structure and its board committees. There are three problems in VINASHIN governance: members of the board were not qualified enough for the scope of the company, Chairman and CEO was one single person (Mr Binh), audit committee was not effective. Therefore, VINASHIN should consider hiring more appropriately experienced directors, separating the role of Chairman and CEO, and improving the…

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