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  • Bob Marley Meaning

    The celebrity I chose is Bob Marley who was a very known reggae musician from Jamaica. I chose him for my project, because he’s someone that I admire a lot and the message he portrayed through his music. Listening to his music makes me feel happy and feel positive about life. Everytime I listen to his music, it makes me think about life, relaxes my mind and allows me to concentrate on myself. Also, I'm a type of person that likes reggae and like the Caribbean culture. Bob is known for peace, love, happiness, and freedom because of his lyrics. All of his songs all have a background meaning of what he went through, or what have happened in history. This is the reason I chose him for my project because he`s very different to many other celebrities, and I'm planning to plan a trip to Jamaica and go to his Museum in Kingston. The symbol I chose for Bob Marley is a heart which is very common in his songs. I chose this because my favorite song from him is “One Love”, and the meaning of this songs reflects on how Bob Marley thinks that…

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  • Bob Marley Personality

    the one who create me and cause me to come from black and white.” ~Bob Marley In the late fifties the scarcity of jobs forced Bob and his mother from their home to seek employment in the big city of Trenchtown. Trenchtown got its name because it was built over a huge trench which was used to drain the sewage. In Trenchtown Bob was bullied and taunted for his racial mix, which forced him into taking self defense classes. He then gained a reputation for his physical strength, which earned him…

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  • Bob Marley Research Paper

    “I’m not on the white man’s side, or the black man’s side. I’m on God’s side.” Bob Marley was an extraordinary man that will always be remembered in many ways. He grew up in the ghetto and instead of staying, he emerged from it and made a man of himself. Even though he was not always accepted because of his drug use, Bob Marley went on to become a legendary reggae musician. Born on February 6, 1945 in St. Ann Parish, Jamaica, Bob Marley didn’t have much. He grew up in rural village known as…

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  • Bob Marley Rhetorical Analysis

    Bob Marley’s Spiritual Rhetoric, the Spread of Jamaican Culture and Rastafarianism By Mark Haner Senior Seminar: Hst 499 Professor John L. Rector Western Oregon University June 16, 2007 Readers Professor John L. Rector…

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  • Bob Marley Culture: The Stereotypes Of Jamaica

    This stereotype is another thing that Bob Marley and his family are revolved around. The Marley family are well known for their music and more importantly their long dreadlocks. Their hair is a huge trademark in the Marley name. With their name being so big in Jamaica the jamaican dreadlock stereotype started. The dreadlocks hair style is now a big trademark of the jamaican look. It is also a big part of the Rastafarian religion. That 's another reason why so many jamaicans have this look. In…

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  • Sudden Change In The Christmas Carol By Bob Marley

    A sudden change can be caused by getting told about a death, crossing railroads, or having a new family member. Many people change for these reasons. Why don’t we look at some book examples and some life experiences. When you are getting told about a death, it can change the way you talk to people. For example Scrooge, in the Christmas Carol, was mean, and always negative after Marley died because they were good work mates. They would work together and do a lot of things together.After Marley…

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  • Bob Marley: A Hero

    I can ask you who Bob Marley is to you and your answer is most likely going to be he’s a stoner musician. I am here to make my claim he’s more than just that, I want to tell you why I think he’s a hero and with what he has done to deserve to be a memorable hero.Bob is a kind a generous person and you’re about to find out why I think he is. Bob Marley has funded twenty-seven fundraising and awareness projects. Theses projects have made over $1.3 million in donations to causes that have saved…

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  • Bob Marley Dharma Analysis

    Bob Marley uses his poetic analogy to say that people are subjecting their curiosity due to their fears, so instead of trying they mask behind the wonder if they ever did try. He tries to get people to understand that life cannot be preplanned or has to follow a specific agenda, so basically the purpose of life is simply to take chances. Marley describes being scared of his girlfriend saying that he loves him since she probably hides away from him. Other people might perceive this as neglecting…

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  • The Influence Of Bob Marley's Music

    violence. Bob Marley used his music to bring people together. Bob Marley acted on what he preached by sharing his wealth and involved himself in politics. Bob Marley is a transcendent person by ringing peace not only to Jamaica but to the world. Bob Marley knew that by making music and helping those who needed inspiration or hope the most was the best thing he could do for the world. The messages in his music were mostly about treating others with kindness and respect. One hundred and twenty…

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  • Reggae Music Analysis

    Reggae as a style of modern popular music expresses feelings and opinions about life, love and religion. It was originated in Jamaica in the late 1960s and rapidly arose as the country’s dominant music (Cooper, 2015). It is widely perceived as a forceful voice for the people under confrontation and struggle. As Reggae often bores the weight of politicized lyrics that addresses social and economic injustice, it helps to raise awareness about social and political issues. Among those who pioneered…

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