Bob Marley Meaning

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The celebrity I chose is Bob Marley who was a very known reggae musician from Jamaica. I chose him for my project, because he’s someone that I admire a lot and the message he portrayed through his music. Listening to his music makes me feel happy and feel positive about life. Everytime I listen to his music, it makes me think about life, relaxes my mind and allows me to concentrate on myself. Also, I'm a type of person that likes reggae and like the Caribbean culture. Bob is known for peace, love, happiness, and freedom because of his lyrics. All of his songs all have a background meaning of what he went through, or what have happened in history. This is the reason I chose him for my project because he`s very different to many other celebrities, and I'm planning to plan a trip to Jamaica and go to his Museum in Kingston.
The symbol I chose for Bob Marley is a heart which is very common in his songs. I chose this because my favorite song from him is “One Love”, and the meaning of this songs reflects on how Bob Marley thinks that
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Many people today, listen to his music and notice the meaning of each song. I truly think if Bob Marley was in the American Dream, I will feel proud and inspiring for what hes done to everyone that helped people realize many things. Now a days, many artists are on magazines and all of over social media with high class qualities that influence people in a negative way. I think this because some artists should show positive attitude to others and realize how many people today are different. Bob Marley grew up in a poor town in Jamaica and he didn't think about money and being in a high class. He mostly thought about the others that aren't living in a peace environment and are suffering. That's the reason why Bob Marley thought that making songs will relax your mind and think about the positives in

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