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  • Analysis Of Jesus And Jesus

    I chose the gospel talking about the temptations of Jesus when confronted with Satan. The gospel starts off with the Spirit leading Jesus into the wilderness. The way that the geography of Israel is setup the wilderness is representing the desert. When Jesus is lead to the desert he is in the process of fasting for forty days and nights. After he meets Satan the setting changes multiple times. The second setting is the Holy City aka Jerusalem. They are not just in the city they 're on top of the holy temple. Their next stop is the top of a high mountain. The name of this mountain peak is not stated. Satan takes Jesus here to view all of the kingdoms. Along with the settings there is a conflict. Satan is the one causing the conflict.…

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  • Jesus And Jesus: The Importance Of Jesus Christian Morality

    It is important for the world to know of Jesus Christ superiority. Understanding that none of our ancestors, Old or New Testament Prophets, or Angels are more important or powerful than Jesus, helps us stay in alignment with God’s will for our lives, and gives us understanding of Jesus significance. We can learn a lot from our biblical hero’s, but Jesus Christ is the one we are supposed to chase after and strive to be like. This discussion will cover how Jesus is superior to the various…

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  • Jesus In History And The History Of Jesus

    and add on to it. Jesus was born and raised Jewish and overtime through his teaching he started Christianity. When looking at Jesus we view two different things. We view the history of jess and the Christ of faith. The history of Jesus is like peeling an onion you have to go piece by piece. New things come forward even if we don’t agree with them. This helps understand who Jesus was before and him as a person. The Christ of faith is more religion based. This tell us who Jesus was in our faith…

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  • Jesus Identity And Purpose Of Jesus

    Jesus’ identity and purpose has been a great source of discussion and investigation through the years. Although many people do not seem to believe in the importance and legacy of His life, there are many profs and facts that show the meaning of His days physically living in our world. Jesus came to show us the correct way to live and direct our actions towards others. For example, in Matthew 5:43-48, Jesus speaks about loving one’s enemies. He mentions how important it is to love, bless and pray…

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  • The Miracles Of Jesus Vesus In The Gospel Of Jesus

    In the Gospel of John, the author uses several miracles of Jesus to show that the miraculous acts are specific in nature and directed toward achieving the goals stated in John 20:31. The intention is to understand Jesus is the Messiah and to provide a means of eternal life.1 However, among scholars sometimes there is debate as to exactly how many of these miracles are signs. Most tend to agree that there are at least seven, but a dispute sometimes arises if the Resurrection of Jesus should be…

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  • Jesus: Jesus, The Beginning And The Principal Of Creation

    Jesus is the Alpha, the Beginning and the Principal of creation. “These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God” (Revelation 3:14). Jesus did not just exist before the beginning but He was also the beginning. Jesus is the Alpha; it means that He is the Power that brought all things into existence. Jesus was the starting power of the creation. The life of the creation was intrinsic in Jesus. The creative power was in Christ; He gave life to the…

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  • The Personal Relationship With Jesus In The Life Of Jesus

    miracles performed by Jesus, or heard him speak to the crowds and multitudes. Though as believers, we have a personal relationship with Jesus, we have never had the physical relationship with him that his disciples had. Some would say that we cannot truly know Jesus because of this, or that we cannot actually know why Jesus came to earth. This presumption leads to other questions: What was Jesus’ purpose in coming to earth, becoming a man and then dying for us? Why did he do and say the things…

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  • Jesus As A King

    PRIEST Jesus first role as a divine human was to act like and be a Priest. A priest is a mediator or a bridge that performs religious rights and makes sacrificial offerings. Priests are people in the Old Testament who offered sacrifices to God in order to cleanse of sin. Priests are representations of Jesus as he is the true priest who offered himself a sacrifice. He cleanses us of our sin. Jesus made a sacrifice for us, he gave up something to help others. Jesus died on the cross for our sins…

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  • The Divinity Of Jesus

    The infallible and inerrant Bible strongly supports the humanity and divinity of Jesus. Paul, for instance, biblically writes a pastoral letter to Timothy that intensely supports both of natures of Jesus. I Timothy 3:16 reveals concisely states, “…God was manifest in flesh…” When Paul wrote I Tim. 3:16, he was writing concerning the identity of Jesus. Subsequently revealing that Jesus is both God (Paul said that “God” was manifest in flesh) and human (Paul also said that God was manifest in…

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  • The History Of Jesus Vs. The Human Jesus

    There are many questions that arise when discussing Jesus, more importantly, the historical Jesus VS the human Jesus. Some of the many questions that can be asked are, “What does history tell us about the human Jesus?” and “How do we understand Jesus’s humanity?”. By looking deep into these “simple” questions, one can discover many different answers to what become rather complex and un-simple questions. The Jesus of history leads to what can be said about the human Jesus. Meeting Jesus AGAIN…

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