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  • The Holocaust In America

    Holocaust is not very logical” (Bauer 15). It has been seventy years since the Holocaust ended yet it continues to be a relevant part of American History. In the United States there are endless opportunities to learn about the Holocaust in America: books, articles, movies, and museums. This is very perplexing considering the Holocaust did not occur in the United States nor were the American people part of the Nazi Germany that killed six million Jews and many others. If Americans wanted to be constantly reminded of the times where humanity was at its worst, all they would have to do is look at their own history. They have plenty of other options such as The Trail of Tears, the Dred Scott…

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  • Causes And Significance Of Zionism

    The extent to which the zionism movement is responsible for the present conflict between Israel and Palestine is significant. Zionism is a historic movement which centres around the desire for Jewish independence and a secure homeland in Zion. Palestine is where the land of Zion is located, also known as Jerusalem (Aviv and Shneer, New Jews, pp.4). The period before the zionism movement, the factors that contributed to the emergence of zionism and the aims of the movement have all been crucial…

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  • Jewish Scholarship History

    Prior to the year 500 A.D. Jewish scholarship was largely based on oral tradition. Rabbis and scholars would discuss the Torah and debate its meanings and teachings and produced no major written works to outline their conclusions. However after the destruction of the Jewish Commonwealth and the fall of the Second Temple in the year 70 A.D. Jewish norms and ideals were in upheaval. This destabilization of a collective Jewish code of conduct lead to Jewish leadership beginning to using written…

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  • The Importance Of The Holocaust In Night By Elie Wiesel

    History is something that helps us prepare and learn for the future. We can come up with solutions to avoid a lot of the past stuff. In the novel Night by Elie Wiesel, he shares his traumatic experience. Wiesel always said the he was not going to write about the holocaust, but after looking over things he realizes the he really should. Wiesel would like to prevent this from happening again. The best way to avoid it is to not forget the last one. The one that is very distance, yet not too long…

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  • Why Did Hitler Leave Essay

    lived in Germany got out and out of everybody who was left behind there was a limited number who did survive. This shows how hard it was to get out of the country and how short of time you had, it states that Hitler got into office and just a short time later all the borders were shut off to anybody going in or out, unless you were a German soldier. Germany wasn’t the only country that was anti-Semitic because of how many Jews got denied from other countries. The United States had the Johnson…

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  • The Holocaust In Maus By Art Spiegelman

    The mice do not have big noses and do not have a preconceived notion about them. In the second volume of the first chapter in, Maus, Françoise says, “But if you’re a mouse, I ought to be a mouse, too. I converted, didn’t I?” (Volume II. Chapter 1. Page 1) This is an example where the lines are blurred when discussing Jews as a race or religion. Art draws Françoise as a mouse because he had the faith and the culture of the Jewish people. This message relates to a large community because it helps…

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  • The Holocaust: The Aftermath Of The Holocaust

    The Holocaust was a time of pure evil and grief. From when Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, lasting to the day the war ended in 1945, the Jewish population was taken from their homes, put to work, and faced with shocking living conditions. One of Hitler’s goals was to racially cleanse the society of Germany and areas in Poland to become a complete Aryan race. In 1933 the first concentration camp was established. These camps were used as either work camps, transit camps, or killing…

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  • Reflection On Polish-Jewish History

    1. How did your perspective of the Polish-Jewish past change during the project? Initially, I primarily excused the Poles and saw them as Germans' collaborators. However, during the project I have come to understand that many Poles took part in saving the Jews during the Holocaust. In addition, I learned that their situation sometimes was difficult too. It was a war after all. Thus, today it seems I less blame them as a whole, but rather understand that in each society there were good and…

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  • Roosevelt's Disagreeing Policies During WWII And The Holocaust

    At the time, America was very anti-semitic, so Roosevelt believed he needed to convince Americans that the solution to the Jewish question would help Christians as well as Jews(Breitman 156). He was more concerned with the long term implications politically of his actions than an immediate rescue to save lives and limited the number of refugees accepted for political success. Southern democrats and conservative republicans did not support the refugees and trying to save the jews, so he did not…

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  • Survivor Testimonies In Holocaust Research

    Tobi Abelsky, the survivor spotlighted in my Holocaust research due to her stories post-liberation, personifies the strength of women and the challenges faced by individuals who have to uproot their lives. Tobi discussed when she had moved to Fontana in hopes of her husband finding a job and how she was frightened in the beginning because there were not jewish people around. Tobi specifically recalls seeing a man come up to her house and said, “Oh my gosh I got scared to death who knows what…

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