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  • Refugee One

    The High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has two branches; the Division of Operational Services and the Division of International Protection Services. It determines “refugee status” and advocates and seeks solutions for the refugees. A main piece of legislation is the Refugee Act of 1980, with a main goal of bringing the United States into compliance with international…

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  • Refugee Camps

    Ever since the beginning of time, humans have the need for shelter and safety. Architectural theoreticians like Vitruvius and Marc-Antoine Laugier describe the primitive hut as the origin of architecture. When we look at the standardised model for refugee camps, we see tents – mostly offered by humanitarian organizations – arranged in the form of a grid. The camp is organised hierarchically. It consists of different districts, each subdivided into smaller neighbourhoods. Districts are separated…

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  • Refugee Crisis In Syria

    months social media and television have been bombarding us about the war in Syria and the refugee crisis that has occurred because of it. This bombardment is important, because without it, many would have no idea what was going on in Syria. Many Syrians have been displaced from their homes in the past four years since the Syrian civil war started and are struggling to find a place to live. European countries have been doing as much as they can to accept refuges, and to give them a fresh start.…

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  • Victorian Refugee Health

    Date of Submission: 12/09/14 Abstract Majority of refugees and asylum seekers spend their time in refugee camps before resettling to a host country. Condition at the camp can cause detrimental effects and can affect their mental and physical health. For majority of the refugees resettled, not much information is know about their health required beyond a health history taken upon entry (Morris, Popper, Rodwell, Brodine & Brouwer, 2009). Introduction: Victoria has as…

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  • Huda As A Refugee Analysis

    A refugee is someone living outside the U.S who has experienced persecution or fears persecution due to race, ideology, or group affiliation. Before any refugee arrives in the U.S, the president must issue a Presidential Determination outlining the number of refugees to admit in the next fiscal year. In order for their cases to be reviewed, refuges must receive a referral to U.S Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP). This referral can only come from the United Nations Refugee Agency. They are then…

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  • Personal Narrative: Refugee Refuge

    THE WORST TAUGHT ME THE BEST Triggered by the ethnic cleansing policy in Bhutan, my parents fled the country. I was born and raised in a Bhutanese refugee camp in Nepal. I still remember the nights in the refugee camp when we slept without eating anything because there was simply nothing to eat. Our family, like most others in the refugee camp, relied on aids provided by different humanitarian agencies. We also relied on the kindness of local people who would sometimes give us clothes. The…

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  • The Refugee By Asif Cuurrimbhoy Analysis

    Abstract:’ The Refugee’ a one act play was written by Asif Currimbhoy.The play portrays the miserable condition of the refugees from East Bengal on hand and on the other hand the play throws ample light on the effects of the refugee problems in social life in India during 1971.Asif combines the major issues with other problems like communalism as it is also led by other issues. It suggests that one problem gives way to other problems. The present play focuses all the issues due to the influx of…

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  • Refugee Health Care Essay

    Grant Proposal: Refugee Health Care Matters The organization, Refugee Health Care Matters (RHCM) sole purpose is to educate and assist refugees to the United States (US) in obtaining adequate and affordable health care. RHCM began in 2016 after the need for education and assistance in the area of health care became known through research. When refugees come to the US, they are sponsored through various organizations that are responsible for finding furnished housing, providing education in…

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  • The Bhutanese Refugee Essay

    enough money to spend, however, not completely satisfy with her profession, however, she told she does not have any regrets feelings after coming to the U.S. She also does not have any social interaction with other communities besides Nepalese, Bhutanese, and some Indians because of the cultural and language variations. The question about the suicidal ideation of the Bhutanese refugee’s she said it varies by the person’s mentality. Some people are doing great and some people are going under…

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  • Agihiv Refugee Case Study

    Introduction Years of internal conflict, natural disasters, as well as economic and social crisis has driven numerous people out of their homes in CARMO, resulting in large numbers of internally displaced persons and refugees in other countries. In response, the neighboring country Eretub has allowed for the establishment of the Agihiv refugee camp, with an estimated population of 275,000 refugees. The camp has been separated into three smaller settlements: Camps A, B and C. Humanitarian efforts…

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