Army of the Republic of Vietnam

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  • Go Tell The Spartan Analysis

    Plot overview Major Baker assigns US army commanders and South Vietnam troops to Muc Wa Camp in South Vietnam. The Camp is attacked severally by Viet Cong, a North Vietnam rebel outfit resulting in casualties on both sides. The only surviving soldier from the camp is an army corporal named Courcey who wishes to go back home after his experiences in the war. Introduction Movie genres are classified as combat, comedy, romance, horror and many others. By watching a movie, the audience can tell the genre by examination of the themes, setting and characters. For a movie to belong to a certain genre, it must follow the conventions of that genre. However, a movie can belong to a certain class but fail to conform to the norms of that class. They…

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  • Thomas Dooley Biography

    Thomas Dooley doesn 't seem to be a man that many people know about anymore, very few know of his accomplishments and the major difference he made in people 's lives during the Vietnam War and after the war too. At the beginning of my research I was in the mindset of oh great another paper let 's get it done. Now I actually interested and I wish a few more people knew about this man. During the Vietnam War his name was more commonly heard, he was awarded for all his hard work by the vietnamese…

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  • Everything We Had Analysis

    From enlisted men to officers there were soldiers from every branch of the armed forced and although they all had unique experiences, they had highly similar attitudes. Those who were stationed in near major cities, or deep in jungles, saw the more graphic events and they usually saw it with greater frequently. Members of all branches witnessed horrific events, the main effect difference between them was whether they saw people getting killed from the air, land, or sea. Muir and Childress served…

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  • The Vietnam War: A Psychological Analysis

    In mid-19th century, one of the most controversial wars claimed the territories of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. This war is essentially known as the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War lasted an alarming 20 years, from 1955 to 1975. As you could imagine, there were an extensive number of casualties, estimating in over 2 million victims. Of the most claimed, were South Vietnamese, totaling an estimated 430,000 citizens. In hopes of preventing a communist takeover in South Vietnam, several anticommunist…

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  • Analysis Of Nixon's Flawed Search For Peace By Melvin Small

    In the essay Nixon’s Flawed Search for Peace by Melvin Small, he criticizes some of Richard Nixon’s Vietnam policies. Small had a rather bitter view of Richard Nixon suggesting some interesting points about how his policies and procedures did not follow through in the correct way. When Nixon first came in to office he wanted to end the Vietnam war and bring our troops home. Doing this would be difficult for him because he wanted to portray to the American people that we won the war, even though…

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  • The Things They Carried Film Analysis

    The Vietnam War took place from 1954 to 1973. The United States became involved in this war because of the fear of communism spreading though out South East Asia. Throughout the war the American people started losing support because of all the men we were losing. All of the troops were finally pulled out of Vietnam, but not before the U.S. lost more than 58,000 soldiers. The movie Letters Home from Vietnam shows real film from the war, and shows what the American troops really endured. The title…

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  • Racial Transition Between Black And White Soldiers In The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War is quite unique in the sense that until the war in Iraq, this was one of the most well documented wars in human history. There is a wealth of logistical reports, video recordings, news articles, etc. that illustration extensive amounts of details. This war has been taught to school students for generations and has been examined, extensively from numerous angles. However, despite being relatively recent, few major textbooks include information from the men that actually…

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  • The Happiest Refugee

    The Happiest refugee, by Ahn Do, is a memoir which tells the story of his family, his life before and after fleeing war-torn Vietnam, and his dramatic journey through pirate-infested waters. Did you know that refugees contribute an average of $10 billion to the Australian economy in their first 10 years of settlement? Illegal immigrants don't come to Australia to commit crime; they come here to escape war-torn countries such as Iraq,Syria and historically, Vietnam. Despite this, the majority of…

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  • Cold War Strategy

    the Cold War?”, I chose the Vietnam War between 1964 and 1968 as a suitable example of how the American strategy was developed in a real context. In 1950 the NSC-68 exposed the strategic concept used at the beginning of the Cold War by US. This report emerged as a response to the communist threat against the democratic and liberal values of the US , as the individual freedom and capitalism, and at the same time the defence against external threat. The document contrasted the US model against…

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  • Polity In Vietnam War Essay

    In the Vietnam War, the force ratio between US military and North Vietnam military capability is 53:1 (Toft, 2001: 113). As a limited war, the external power should prepare to inform the population to tolerate a long war (Toft, 2001: 123). Conventional strategy does not work in asymmetric wars. The insurgent are willing to bear the cost and determined to threat the political will. For the metropolitan, they should learn more of counterinsurgency strategy and understand the opponent’s strategy to…

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