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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: Australian Army

    Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Thal, Austria, in July 30 of 1947. His mother was Aurelia Schwarzenegger and his father was Gustavn Schwarzenegger. Arnold grew up in a small village where he began weight lifting. His father always told him it was a waste of his time. In 1965 he was sent to the army to fulfill a one year requirement and when he was in the army he snuck out to go to a bodybuilding competition and when he got there all he had was army close! He waited for another competitor to come off and he asked for his close because all he was supposed to where was shorts and he didn't have any. At the bodybuilding competition and he won 1st place in the Junior Mr. Europe in 1965. When he got back the commander in charge put him in solitary confinement and when they let him out they asked him if he won. He simply replied ‘’yes sir’’. The australian army provided him with equipment to workout with, they had tanks that would carry weight, so when he was on duty he could lift. When he left the army he continued to body building, Charles Bennett, wa a judge at a 1966 competition and wanted to train Arnold. Arnold dint had any money, so Charles took him in even though he had a crowded house. When Arnold was staying with Charles he got to meet someone he idolize ‘’Reg Park’’ and soon became his friend and his mentor in bodybuilding. Arnold…

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  • The History Of Bodybuilding

    But bodybuilding didn’t appear up on a stage for competitions until the early 1900s when Eugene Sandow, the father of modern-day bodybuilding, grew popular among crowds due to his massive muscles and defined physique. People began to want to be as muscular and strong as Sandow, and during the 1900’s, bodybuilding popularity skyrocketed and continues to skyrocket to this day. One of the biggest names in bodybuilding is Arnold Schwarzenegger even though his last competition was 1980.…

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  • Celebrity Politics Research Paper

    From Celebrity Politics to American Politics Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Clint Eastwood; what do all of these names have in common; each one of them was a celebrity who become a part of American Politics. One might assume that most celebrities are more comfortable waiting to their unleash they’re strong views on politics when a gentile discussion occurs, but it seem that they do not do really anything to make change in favor of their views. However, throughout history a few…

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  • Bigger, Stronger, Fast: Film Analysis

    opinions were negative and some of them were positive. Bell talked to other bodybuilders about using supplements and how a special ingredient, can change a person's physique. Bell went on to show the audience, how a supplement is made. Bell says that he can make a supplement for a dollar and sell it for sixty bucks. Nowadays, supplements are expensive to buy in the store. Bell went on to interviewed Rick Schaff. Schaff is a fitness model photographer, and he says that it's ridiculous to see the…

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  • Bigger Stronger Faster: Film Analysis

    I believe the same should be put into effect with steroids. The argument about it being an endangerment to “our children” has been used in many scare tactics such as those in the reefer madness movies, because many people are ready to take someone’s side when it means protecting their children. Of course everyone wants their child to be safe, but you should still make an educated choice on the decision. The issue of children looking up to people that use steroids and thinking they need to do…

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  • The Terminator Film Analysis

    time that The Terminator was released, it only made sense that with technology on the rise, we were considering the potential dangers of integrating it so closely in our lives. The Terminator poster uses many basic principles of design to appeal to its audience. The creators of this poster were the design team and the producer/director of the film. The purpose of the poster was to get people excited and interested in buying tickets to see the film. This poster also gives its audience clues as…

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  • Illustration Essay About Sports

    Illustration essay Sports are a great activity to be apart of as a kid keeping them busy with practices, games along with all life’s other obligations. Parents cherish the way they don’t need to stress over where their children are for a few hours a day. Children never consider alternate advantages that come from playing sports, eventually forming these youthful children into extraordinary employee. Playing sports develops leadership qualities in a person’s life, which can be used in the…

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  • Illegal Immigration Problems

    shown actions that would suggest support for illegal immigrants. The Mormons had for some time been neutral, but seemed to lean toward helping the imigrants when Utah passed a guestworker/amnesty bill. The article insinuates that the Church’s involvement and support of the bill has made illegal immigrants a group of people that the Mormons are ready to help defend. There is some debate within the Mormon Church but the overall consensus is to help the immigrants (PR, 2011). There are also…

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  • Creative Writing: Never Give Up

    remember that each failure is just another lesson on what doesn 't work. As long as you realize that, you won 't make the same mistake twice, which means eventually you will figure out how to make it work. Even if there are a million wrong ways of doing something, there is always one right way, so fail a bunch of times and you will learn exactly what that right way is. 10. Do The Impossible "If someone told me that something is impossible, I would go out and do it." - Arnold Schwarzenegger …

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  • Argumentative Essay On Bodybuilding

    Let’s start off by first understanding what a bodybuilder is, and who fits in the category. Now a bodybuilder isn’t only just an individual who uses weighted resistance to build and develop his/her musculature frame. People always seem to measure down a bodybuilder being a well-proportioned individual with extraordinary muscle definition, but that is not the case. Anyone that is enhancing his/her body to increase performance is a “bodybuilder”. Although reality never sets in does it? So when…

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