Arrest warrant

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  • Otto Thief Case Study

    6. a) The arrest of Otto Theef was authorized. The police had received a reliable tip from an informant telling them that Theef had been involved in the crime. For a tip to be legitimate it needs to be from a reliable source and must be detailed. The informant was reliable and well-known, additionally the tip was detailed with what was stolen and where it was going to be shipped. Because of this the police officer put Theef under surveillance. When he saw Theef drink a lot of alcohol and then get in his car and drive he alerted other officers of this to pull him over. Police can pull over a motor vehicle for five things and one being checking for sobriety. If a person fails the ASD test, you can smell the alcohol on them or their speech is slurred or any combination of the three can lead to the arrest of the individual. Theef had a slurred speech, smelled like alcohol, and failed the ASD test meaning that he could be arrested. On arrest the officer also read him is 10 (a) and…

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  • The Importance Of The ICC

    their parents. In third world countries where the government is corrupt or virtually non-existent, leave its citizens defenceless against horrible criminals. The is why the ICC is need and comes into play; the ICC can issues arrest warrants against these horrible criminals of all sorts and bring them to trial to face the law for heinous crimes against humanity. In countries where the government has some corruption cause problems for those not corrupt and their attempts in righting what is wrong;…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Search Warrant

    Arrest warrants are issued to allow the police to identify and locate a person, or persons. These persons are usually those who have been previous arrest, released on bail, but then fail to show up to court after their release, in contrast a search warrant allows the police to enter into a promise, in search of evidence or contraband that may be used in an upcoming trial. In order to take possession of an item, and that property to be searched it must be specifically listed in the search…

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  • Antoine Jones Case Summary

    Introduction The US justice systems can be described through a critical analysis of a case law. The legal researcher is supposed to understand the police procedures applied in the case investigation and arrest, the court proceedings and the punitive measures applied. The model of thought that the jury applies, the defence that the defendant uses, and the process the plaintiff presents facts and evidence are given keen consideration (Reichel, 2002).This paper uses US Supreme Court case (US v…

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  • Case Study: Herring V. United States

    past. He had Sandy Pope, the county’s warrant clerk, to run Herring’s name in the system to see if he had any active warrants for his arrest. After running Herring’s name in the Coffee County’s database, she found nothing. Anderson then had Pope to call Sharon Morgan at the Dale County Sheriff’s Department to see if Herring had any outstanding warrants there. Shortly after checking, Morgan confirmed that Herring had a felony charge and an outstanding warrant for his arrest for failure to appear…

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  • Search Warrant Research Paper

    This paper is going to explain who can issue a search warrant, the grounds on why a search warrant will be issued, who issues it, and the people and location to be searched, and items that can be seized. I will also be informing you on who can issue a search and seizure warrant. I have attached a search and seizure warrant. The search and seizure falls under the Fourth Amendment. Let me begin with what a search warrant consists of. It’s a court order in writing. It’s signed by the…

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  • Constable Wee Pros And Cons

    PART I – Arrest of LEE and legal obligations There are a number of legal issues surrounding the arrest of Mr LEE by Constable YOUNG. These legal issues commence shortly after the intercept which is for a relatively minor traffic matter which first presents itself to the police. At the point when when LEE attempts to leave neither he nor YEOH have committed an offence where there is a power of arrest by the attending officers. LEE is a passenger and has really little to do with YEOH and his…

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  • Fourth Amendment Essay

    The Fourth Amendment authorizes that warrants be given by neutral magistrates based on facts given under oath or affirmation. The Judge has to review the affidavits and decide whether the facts determine probable cause to issue the warrant. Also, the judge needs to know why the facts in the affidavit is trustworthy. Search warrants have to be established on hard facts. Locations that are searched must be described in a lot of detail so law enforcement will not needlessly invade privacy. When…

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  • Michael Brown Argumentative Essay

    police department violates the 4th amendment, but the one that caught my attention the most was the incident in July of 2013. The DOJ describes the incident as racial discrimination and unlawful detention (2014, p. 17). The report articulates that the Ferguson police officers ran into an African American man while they were in the process of coming to arrest another person. Instead, the police officers arrested the man they ran into in the parking lot and ran his record without any reasonable…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Police Misinterpretation

    enforcing a backup cruiser to be present when an arrest or questioning is taking place. For some officers is it simple as to why they have recording devices on their personnel, for protection. When an individual looks to recoding devices as a means of protection, some would think that both parties would desire to have access to these safety devices. Bystanders around a person being arrested or in correlation with an officer would want just as much protection as the next person. People want to be…

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