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  • International Service Reflective Essay

    The program’s focus on strategy to strengthen the United States’ diplomacy initiatives and is ideal for students like myself who want to develop knowledge on rebuilding diplomatic relationships and how poor diplomacy affects countries and its citizens. This in particular is a research topic that highly interests me; my experience in Argentina, which has poor relations with the United States and neighboring Chile, has given me insight into how it can affect an economy and population. I would enjoy diving deeper into this topic, and researching it retrospectively. SIS offers unique opportunities to study diplomacy and prepare myself for a career with the State…

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  • Marine Corps Personal Statement Examples

    spectrum of backgrounds through the eclectic nature of my interests, makes me an ideal diplomat. After being involved with the Model UN at Diablo Valley College, I was reminded of the Confucian adage, "find a job that you love, you never have to work a day in your life." Model UN is a debate about simulated international relations and politics, where students represent people or countries and aim to pass resolutions and directives to solve socio-political issues. As a delegate, I sponsored over…

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  • Us-China Relationship

    consistently the most significant issue in U.S.-China rapprochement. The U.S. and China both disregarded ideology when pursuing rapprochement. They both sought to further their security interests through rapprochement, not their ideological interests. The conflict over Taiwan between the U.S. and China can lead us to conclude that relations between the U.S. and China are still heavily defined by military power, and other factors have a minimal impact. The conflict over Taiwan is a military…

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  • Soft Power In World Politics

    2013132324 Final Paper Soft Power is a tremendous way of attaining success in world politics if one can use it in an intelligent manner. Japan as an example used it in a very commendable and impressive way since then up to now making it one of the best ever used such approach in diplomacy. Supporting instances as well as the recently talked about Japan hosting on the 2020 Olympics shall be discussed. Japan’s changeover from being a negative imperialist state into a peace loving one…

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  • Creative Writing: The Gray Concrete-Block Home

    Creative Time Summit allowed me to participate in the production of a large scale, multi-day conference that connects the arts with social justice. Attendee’s included Innovative artists, activists, writers, and curators. As the Junior Producer and Gallery Coordinator at the creative communication agency Exposure, I was responsible for all the in-house exhibition logistics and assisted with the production of on-site and off-site creative projects, photo-shoots, and exhibitions. I’ve also began…

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  • Unified Field Theory

    ), acknowledge that ?Efforts at theorizing about the nature of interstate relations are quite old.? They reference ancient Chinese scholars on war such as ?Mo-Ti, Menciaus, Confucius, and Lord Shang?; as well as India?s Code of Manu and the works of Kautilya (Dougherty and Pfaltzgraff, pg. 8). However, there are many Western academic thought s derive from classical Greece, Rome, and the body of academic one relating to security studies. Dougherty and Pfaltzgraff recognize that classical…

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  • Importance Of Summitry

    What are the positive and Negative aspects of summitry? In light of this, is summitry a constructive means of diplomacy? Introduction Summit diplomacy is not a new device of international relations. Diplomatic summits have existed since the advent of political organization (Goldstein, 1996). However, the concept of a preponderance of leaders and decision makers congregating on a global scale is truly a new phenomenon, and one that has changed diplomatic practice forever. The term “Summitry” has…

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  • Traditional Diplomacy Vs Public Diplomacy

    but it all depends upon the way by which they express their national interests effectively. Traditional diplomacy is government to government (G2G) relations. Traditional public diplomacy is about government talking to global publics…

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  • Summary Of Advice To War Presidents By Angelo M. Codevilla

    Ideas have Consequences, it is stressed that in order to understand the role of ideas in the global international system, one must quickly dismiss the idea that “talking it out” can be serve as a substitute for the military strategy and diplomacy. Ideas persist today that claim that America simply needs to become a more attractive region to foreigners so as to lessen any potential need for war. Some current ideas seem to suggest that all America needs to do is simply speak more nicely and all…

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  • The Role Of Empathy In College Students

    effectively interact and peacefully cohabit with diverse individuals, we must develop empathy - the ability to understand and share the feelings of another (Oxford Dictionaries, 2016.). Unfortunately, the empathetic dispositions of American college students have decreased since the 1980s (Konrath, O’Brien, & Hsing, 2011). To reverse this trend, college students should take an empathy course that allows them to learn about empathy’s significant role in society and to actively exercise their…

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