Haitian Cultural Reflection

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It was late afternoon, as we gathered into the grey concrete-block home. Using the only light that peaked through the small openings on opposite sides of the room, we began to remove the gently worn tennis shoes from the thick dark green military-styled bags. On the dull floors, a few other members began to separate the piles by sections, Men, Women and Children, then by size.
In orderly fashion, each local woman stepped in, scanned the floor, then happily grabbed a pair before exiting. Coming from overseas, we could only carry enough to provide one pair per family in the small town of Barassa. Each time a woman entered the dimly lit room, I wondered if she would choose a pair for her child, which child, her self, or her husband.

As the
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My understanding of the Haitian culture, livelihood, and conditions had completely changed. I was honored to meet and work within the Haitian community. From being fed and sheltered amongst the families we’ve heard so much about, attending local meetings, investing in the homes and education of many, meeting our sponsor children, and given the opportunity to be immersed in their culture. This experience, the summer of 2013, gave me a new perspective on life, community identity, and the role that I could possibly play within their community and my own. It enabled me to reflect on my own socio-cultural identity as well as theirs. It motivated and heighten my interest in non-traditional and traditional methods of connecting with communities and understanding the cultures within those communities.

My name is Tiffany Johnson, a native of Chicago, Illinois, a region in the Midwest filled with so much culture and history. I’m so enamored by this city’s moving objects culture and architectural landscapes to the point where it has given me a real sense of pride and purpose. In 2013, I earned a Bachelors of Science in Biology from Eastern Illinois University. Throughout my undergraduate studies I struggled and searched to find ways to include creativity within my research. Through volunteer work and self-realization, I began to be drawn to experimentation, the arts, and serving my
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Volunteering for the Creative Time Summit allowed me to participate in the production of a large scale, multi-day conference that connects the arts with social justice. Attendee’s included Innovative artists, activists, writers, and curators. As the Junior Producer and Gallery Coordinator at the creative communication agency Exposure, I was responsible for all the in-house exhibition logistics and assisted with the production of on-site and off-site creative projects, photo-shoots, and exhibitions. I’ve also began to broaden my professional skillset to documentary film production, film editing and curatorial

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