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  • Essay On Intimate Relationships

    1. Explain the qualities that help people develop intimate relationships. Qualities that help people develop intimate relationships include being able to share ideas, feelings, time and needs and to accept what others want to give us in return. Being able to share these qualities equate to having communication. Communication is key in any relationship. It takes two to make a relationship work, therefore when the relationship is only a one-way scenario, things are bound to fall apart. Rather than a relationship that is a two way, meaning going back and forth between the two persons. When we do not share ideas, feelings, times and reject what the other person has to say, give or needs things are bound to fall apart. 2. Describe different types…

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  • Intimate Relationship Analysis

    The purpose of this interview was to further understand the complexity of intimate relationships as it relates to theoretical concepts discussed throughout the course. The interview conducted was between a couple who has been married for 27 years. The couple currently resides in Hacienda Heights, California with their four children ages ranging from 25 to 18. The husband is currently a firefighter for Los Angeles City and has ben for 26 years, and the wife is a stay at home mom. I was able to…

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  • The Role Of Conflict In Intimate Relationships

    When it comes to conflict in intimate relationships, the way in which partners engage in resolving it can either strengthen or weaken their relationship. Relationships that form may inherit conflict due to different cultural, familial, religious, and value backgrounds. In regard to intimate relationships, there are important areas of communication where conflict has a greater chance of arising, such as inefficient communication, incompatible sexual values, personality, other relationships, drug…

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  • Reflective Essay On Intimate Relationships

    In my 22 years of living I have been involved in my fair share of intimate relationships. Dr. Mendenhall has explained that an intimate relationship is sharing intimate experiences in several areas over time with increasing expectations (T. Mendenhall, Intimacy lecture, 1//20/16). When I looked at it that way I came to the conclusion that I can be in an intimate relationship with my parents, siblings, friends, and some of my cousins whom I am close to. The first of many of the ideas that I have…

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  • Four Types Of Intimate Relationships

    There are many types of intimate relationship. According to the intimate relationship textbook there are four types of relationships. When couples communicate there may be an interpersonal gap in the relationship. We grow into our values and we use nonverbal and verbal communication in our relationship. Relationships desires interaction, knowledge and happiness to be a happy relationship. No matter the type of relation, people desire an intimate relationship with a positive outcome.…

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  • The Role Of Perfection In Intimate Relationships

    situations is to avoid them by distancing themselves. This can explain some of the difficulties that June encounters in his previous intimate relationships and he always gets angry in the intimate relationships. “Those with attachment avoidance may drive themselves to be perfect in order to cover up their hidden sense of imperfections. They may think, ‘If I am perfect, no one will hurt me’ ” (Flett, Hewitt, Oliver, & Macdonald, 2002). I have been worked on June’s perfectionism, but I have never…

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  • Intimate Relationships Are Based On Trust

    Intimate relationships are based on trust. Trust is actually the start of fantastic connections. The most crucial thing is that you figure out how to love once you begin to learn how to trust. You also really feel more secure when you're together with the person you have confidence in. And you understand that you can spend the rest of your life with this individual simply because you trust him or her. But affairs can destroy trust. Not many experiences can match the pain brought on by being…

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  • Social Exchange Theory: The Intimate Relationship In Couples

    While discussing the intimate relationship in couples, it is very significant to discuss the Social exchange theory. This theory has three broad categories i.e reward, costs and resources. Rewards and resources are the benefits exchange in social relationships. Rewards can be defined as the pleasures, satisfactions and gratifications that a person enjoys while participating in a relationship (Thibaut & Kelley, 1959). Resources, on the other hand, are any possessions, objects or emblematic, that…

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  • Robert Murphy's The Body Silent

    and stigma did not accurately describe the social relationships between the disabled and the non-disabled people. Murphy brings out that disabled people have often been isolated, made invisible, avoided, and sometimes deprived of status. These responses are reminisces of the past which initiates that who will undergo the luminal phase of many rites of passage. He further argues that “‘disability is not a thing’, it is a juncture within a process, an assortment in the life history that is…

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  • How Does Mayella Ewell Gain The Amount Of Power In To Kill A Mockingbird

    are expected to fulfil. Men are thought to be more powerful, and in court people believe that there was no way a woman could force herself upon a man. Mayella did win the case in court, but she had to act as if she was raped because of her expected role as a woman. She couldn't let others find out that she made an advance on a black man, it would be frowned upon and she would be punished if anyone knew the real story. Therefore she had to change herself to save her the punishment of disapproval…

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