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  • Pepper Ranch Case Study

    design. The next factor to examine is the proximity of the goods, whether the goods are sold in the same markets and in the same areas. Based on the evidence, it appears that there is proximity of the goods as the two are direct competitors. Next is the similarity between the marks, the sight, sound, and meaning among other things. Here, the GoldenFish design is almost identical looking to the Nabonko fish design, so the two are very similar.…

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  • Donald Drumpf's 30 Of The Commerce Act 1986

    consensus gives rise to an expectation that some action or inaction occur. Earlier cases focussed on moral obligations between the parties, McGrath J emphasised this touchstone, but the majority in Giltrap believed consensus a more appropriate focus given the flexibility of the Act. The objective standard is used to establish whether a consensus engendering expectation exists, based on what the reasonable person would infer from the parties’ conduct. External appearances are considered,…

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  • The Monoamine Oxidase A Case Study

    This may be an important factor to consider in the future, as the pace of genetic technological innovation is unpredictable. Maybe a direct correlation will be found? Therefore, here is a case that does not require any interpretation of genetically criminal behavior, but instead uses concrete DNA paternity testing. Would genetic evidence be able to eclipse the value of valid eyewitness testimony? In 2006, Kathy Phillips was accused of giving birth and subsequently killing a newborn infant that…

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  • The Importance Of State Trial For Sedition

    Soon after the rally which was done without permission, when Tejpal was arrested, a pistol was found with him, which is a clear reflection of his intentions. As per Section 6 of the Indian Evidence Act, the pistol shall be treated as a part of circumstantial evidence, which clearly shows that the whole act was being conspired to wage war and he has full motive and intention of sedition. In the case of Dr VinayakBinayakSenPiyush v. State Of Chhattisgarh the hon’ble court held that from the…

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  • Why Is Eddie Lloyd Wrong

    “appropriate” outcome. “An attorney appointed to file Lloyd’s direct appeal did not visit Lloyd in prison or raise a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel” (Innocence Project). Lloyd had wrote to the court claiming that he was not properly defended, to which his appellate lawyer replied saying that he was “not to be taken seriously” and he should die, as his lawyer had believed him to be guilty. Every one of Lloyd appeals failed, and at last he reached out to the Innocence Project (a…

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  • Case Of Estrada Vs. Wide Open Spaces

    394 S.W.3d at 291; Willis, 282 S.W.3d at 549. In Echostar, the court permitted an employee’s testimony claiming that he never saw an employee work post injury, stating they were “in the shop or gone.” 394 S.W.3d at 291. This testimony was allowed because his it offered relevant evidence without in turn offering unsupported factual or legal conclusions. Id.. In Willis, the court dismissed witness testimony due to its conclusory nature based on their opinion that the company “has a negative…

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  • Negligence Essay Example

    “Those dreams, they haunt me every night.” (Tremayne 125) Analysis: Analyze the significance of the quote and how it supports your point. Sarah is still depressed about losing a daughter which affects her in negative way, causing her to take pills, and react violently. Her depression causes her to have nightmares that give her a hard time. The nightmares she usually gets are about her past when she cheated on Angus. Ignoring those nightmares show neglect and her past follows up to her she is…

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  • The Wrong Men On Death Row Analysis

    What if you were found guilty of a crime you did not commit, and then to make matters worse you have to loose your life without reason or necessity. The article details a story how a couple of detectives managed to fool a gardener to admitting to a crime he did not commit, just because they fed of his honesty. They claimed they had stacks of evidence against him, and that they just needed his confession. This meant that the farmer after being cornered in by the two detectives admitted to it…

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  • Online Fraud Case Study

    online purchaser of a sword have a claim for actual fraud, when (1) the sword that the seller displayed online turned out to be a replica; (2) the seller was gifted the sword from his brother, and only pulled the sword from the sheathing once prior to placing it in storage; (3) the seller afforded the buyer the opportunity to inspect the sword prior to the sale but the buyer declined due to time constraints; (4) the seller purported himself to be credible as to having knowledge of East Asian…

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  • Analysis Of The Article 'Group Minds' By Dorris Lessing

    this is the minds set of your average individual, but in reality these dreams fall short. In Dorris Lessing’s article “Group Minds” she writes a well-written persuasive article that consists of strong points but has vague, insufficient evidence. This article is about how individual people have been affected by groups and group pressure. Lessing mentions…

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