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  • Evidence Vs Circumstantial Evidence

    when it comes to presenting evidence. These shows have covered grounds from tampered evidence, to inadmissibility, and lack of relevancy. However, it is much easier to understand the difference between the viewpoints of pop culture on evidence and the actuality of the manner, when you understand the different types of evidence. Evidence is classified into two categories, direct and circumstantial evidence. In order to understand the definition of both, one must understand a material fact. A material fact is something that relates to any matter between two people, whom are in a dispute. As one would assume, direct evidence is defined as evidence that…

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  • Misused Evidence Essay

    Eduardo Velasquez was convicted by a jury of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and aggravated rape. His conviction was reached a guilty verdict on August 12, 1991. ¨Eduardo Velasquez’s case was accepted by the Innocence Project in February 1998. The Innocence Project and Sam Silverman, Velasquez’s attorney and long-time advocate, filed a motion to gain access to the evidence for DNA testing. The results excluded Velasquez, who was exonerated and released on August 15, 2001…

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  • Evidence Law

    Judge: “Am I not to hear the truth?” Objecting Counsel: “No, Your Lordship is to hear the evidence. ” Evidence law is a mixture of principles, rules, guidelines and discretions. Jeremy Bentham legal theorist, stated it thus; ‘The field of evidence is no other than the field of knowledge’. The law of evidence is a critical subject for any lawyer or indeed party to a proceedings, who is concerned with investigation or the conduct of trials. The law of evidence is essentially about, the facts or…

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  • Wrongful Evidence

    If you are pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit in the name of a loved one, you are going to need to prevent evidence to prove your case and back-up your claims. Your evidence is going to need to demonstrate three different elements in order for your case to have the highest chance of success. It is important to note that this is not all evidence that you need to provide; your attorney will have legal power to request evidence and will gather the necessary evidence to prove the three points below. …

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  • Footwear Evidence

    Foot trackers is defined as the application of sound and researched knowledge and experience in foot print investigations; to show the association of an individual with a scene of crime, or to answer any other legal question concerned with the foot or footwear that requires knowledge of the execution foot. The role of Footprint and footwear evidence is commonly there at a crime scene and must be discovered, recorded, and collected for further examination. When footprint analysis is required,…

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  • Loss Of Evidence

    Preserving and maintaining evidence in a forensic lab that was collected at a scene is crucial when conducting an investigation. A device that is suspected to contain digital evidence should be packaged in a proper way; it should be packaged based on sizes and sensitivity. Collection process should be documented by using photograph or video camera at the scene. Storage drives should be well labelled to indicated details such as the date, time and location where it was collected and the nature of…

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  • Trace Evidence Essay

    Trace Evidence: Hair & Fibers Analysis Trace Evidence Defined as materials that could be transferred during the commission of a violent crime, trace evidence consists of multiple sources of which include hair, fibers, soil, gunshot residue, among many more. Trace evidence can be transferred between people, objects, or the environment during the commission of a crime (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2016). This idea is known as the Locard exchange principle which is the idea that whenever…

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  • Essay On Circumstantial Evidence

    Physical evidence has a significant foundation in law enforcement and the judicial system. It is necessary for physical and circumstantial evidence to ensure the most accurate outcome of a trial. In some cases, the evidence is not as exact or direct. It appeared to me in the readings the authors were trying to show were all evidence must be exact or not be included in the trial. If this is the case, we would not need a court system. In the readings it appeared to me the authors were trying…

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  • Essay On Trace Evidence

    collection of evidence, there are two types of evidence Physical evidence, and trace evidence. Physical evidence, is evidence that can be touched or is tangible. Another type of evidence is trace evidence, trace evidence can be transferred between people, objects, or even the environment during the time of the crime. Trace evidence is easily over looked at a crime scene to the untrained eye. Trace evidence can be hair fibers, finger prints, gunshot residue, and accelerants that would have…

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  • Parol Evidence Rule

    considering “parol evidence to vary the effective date of the [B108 agreement] and to controvert the integration clause.” CHH, for its part, avers that the admission of parol evidence was proper because it was offered to determine whether the contract was effective. We hold that the circuit court did not violate the parole evidence rule because extrinsic evidence was not offered to add or modify any terms to the B108 agreement. Generally, parol or extrinsic evidence is inadmissible to vary…

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