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  • Analysis Of The Plurinational State Of Bolivia

    republic with Evo Morales as a President. The country has a democratic government with the Asamblea Legislativa Plurinacional as the fundamental legislative branch of power. The executive power is held by the President while the juridical branch is maintained by the Supreme Court. There is also a non-traditional branch of power, which is the Plurinational Electoral Organ. The aim…

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  • Examples Of Post Neoliberalism

    In the second part of this essay, I will elaborate my argument by considering Morales’ government policy in Bolivia, Cash-Transfer projects in Mozambique and Basic Income Grants in South Africa and elsewhere. In the final part of this essay, I will argue that just as we should be aware of the ways post-neoliberal development policy has moved away from the neoliberal political project, we should also be aware that this does not mean they escape the issues associated with accepting neoliberal…

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  • Low Morale

    What is morale? That is a very common question asked by people no matter what age. When describing what morale’s are we go into depth about how people feel about the company they work for, the employers they work under, the task they are set to accomplish, and the main thing is the behaviour and attitude tied to those different feelings. It’s important for employers to be able to take care of their work force and foster high morale so that they will be able to keep their organizations running…

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  • Low Employee Morale In The Workplace

    project deadlines, rather it’s how to evaluate, improve, and maintain employee morale. During my Management 150 course there were six words that will forever stay imbedded in my mind, “Managers direct people, Leaders motivate people.” A Gallup study has reported, only thirty percent of U.S. employees are engaged at work, and as low as thirteen percent worldwide. Gallup defines “engaged” employees as those who are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace. So…

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  • What Is Bolivian Beauty

    Bolivia has had many leaders in it’s history, but up until 30 years ago it was taken over by a military coup . The president of present day Bolivia is Evo Morales. Evo Morales was elected in 2005 and is the first indigenous leader the country has had ("Bolivia Government Type and Structure. Government Branches in Bolivia”). The currency used in Bolivia is the boliviano. The boliviano is only worth about fourteen cents in U.S. dollars ("Convert United States Dollar to Bolivian Boliviano | USD to…

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  • Relationship Between Capitalism And Democracy

    Evidence illustrates that governments with radically different programs either eventually compromise their position or are overthrown out of office.* From the information gathered in the Economist article, I predict Mr. Morales has no intention to compromise his Socialist position. I would also predict that the government will be unable to maintain an efficient level of investment in productivity that would otherwise be provided by the private sector. The Social Revolution, while robust and…

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  • Structural Dependence Of The State On Capital, By Przeworski And Wallerstein

    . . left his government awash with cash . . . [which] he used . . . to expand welfare provision,” and these “stronger public finances have brought economic stability” to the nation (“The explosive apex of Evo’s power” 2). In accordance with Przeworski and Wallerstein’s theory, Mr. Morales could have distributed consumption compatibly with continual private investment; however, he chose to nationalize private assets, which may have decreased the transition period during which costs could be…

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  • Case Study: Petrobras

    Prospective local operations would only be enabled through the formation of a Joint Venture with YPFB, guaranteeing at least 51% of the share deriving from privatized petroleum activities to the Bolivian company. Moreover, royalties and taxes on gas and oil were raised up to 82 % and firms that would not have adapted to these requirements within 180 days were forced to close their local activities immediately. (Morales…

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  • Personal Pollution Analysis

    the emission of volatile compounds into the air, water and soil (Rinkesh, 2009). Most of these cleaners contain volatile organic compounds that pollute the environment. In conclusion, human activities have a significant role in contributing to different types of pollution. Human activities carried out on a daily basis result in the release of toxic substances contaminating the environment. People should consider following ways that can minimize environmental pollution, such as eco-friendly…

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  • Heroes Del Chaco Case Study

    Through the implementation of the decree “Heroes del Chaco” by Evo Morales (2006), Petrobras was basically forced to enter a Joint Venture with the Bolivian state-owned gas company YPFB, disadvantaging the Brazilian firm. As identified by Simon (1976), rationality is bounded and omniscient decision-making is impossible. Companies therefore need to rely on the incomplete and limited information available. When entering the Bolivian market in the 1990s, there had been no signs pointing towards the…

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