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  • King Arthur Predominance Of Harlotry

    characterizations as surface-level depictions of archetypes, Tennyson’s female characters actually serve to reveal the absurdity of certain Victorian principles. The reduction of women to certain stereotypical depictions highlights the un-attainability of standards, both for Arthur and for the cast of female characters. In addition to the Victorian framework, Arthur’s tale itself is also bracketed by the acquisition and loss of the sword Excalibur, one of the symbols of Arthur’s manly prowess. The sword itself is referred to as “him” (XII. 313) representing a phallic symbol for masculinity. The possession of Excalibur helps to cement Arthur’s position and legitimate his authority, given that “Leodogran rejoiced” (I. 309) when he discovers Arthur has the sword, and allows Arthur to marry Guinevere. However, this legitimating authority is actually bestowed upon Arthur by a female force, rising “from out the bosom of the lake” (I. 296), granted to him by “the Lady of the Lake” (I. 282). At the end of the poem, the Lady of the Lake “caught [Excalibur] by the hilt, and brandish’d him/ three times, and drew him under” (XII. 313-315) the lake again. The main symbol of Arthur’s authority is bestowed at female discretion, and, in the end, is once again ceded to female power, represented by the Lady of the Lake as female cohesion with nature. The foundation upon which Arthur’s kingdom is built, and from which he draws his monarchical right to rule, is the relationship between King…

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  • Chivalry In Beowulf Analysis

    Gawain, how had died, that if he went into battle against Mordred that he would die. Taking Gawain advice, he seeks out a treaty. The treaty is broken by an adder and a drawn sword. The battle that follows is bloody. Most of the men die, including Arthur and Mordred. This story shows both Arthur’s courage and his men’s. One of Arthur’s men dies trying to carry him off the battle field. Arthur dies courageously trying to save his kingdom. Arthur’s men demonstrate respect for Arthur by obeying his…

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  • Le Morte D Arthur Analysis

    Accolon has every advantage, since he has both Excalibur, which never misses, and the scabbard, which protects him from being injured; as a result, Arthur loses so much blood that, according to Malory, he should have long since collapsed from his injuries. Nevertheless, Malory states that Arthur was “so full of knighthood that knightly he endured the pain” and “all men that beheld him said they saw never knight fight so well as Arthur did considering the blood that he bled” (116). Even when his…

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  • Sir Thomas Malory Essay: Reality Vs. Myth

    Reality vs. Myth Sir Thomas Malory was influenced by the knights in his time to write Arthur becomes King. Sir Malory was born in Warwickshire, England, sometime around 1405. As a young man, Malory was a fairly wealthy landowner. He became a knight in 1442 and served in Parliament in 1445. He became involved in crime and allied himself politically with people and groups who opposed the royal government. He spent several years in prison for his crimes and political alle-giances while in prison…

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  • Russel The Spineless: A Short Story

    Russel was a terribly timid man, so fearful that the villagers labelled him “Russel the Spineless”, yelling various insults as he walked around their little village each day. They did so without fear of retaliation, as they knew he was not brave enough to try anything. Out of all his tormentors, the most profound was the grave digger, who had hated Russel ever since he learnt that Russel was too scared to consider even crossing the cemetery. This man never missed an opportunity to mock him. It…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Excalibur

    B. Competitor Profile – Excalibur Fun, Monroe, LA Some of the major competitors of an indoor playground would be similar indoor recreational facilities which provide entertainment to the same target market ( age group of 7 - 15 ). Some good examples would be indoor facilities like skating, bowling, or entertainment facilities with different kinds of games for kids. ( A. Mullik ) A major factor of such a firm to be a major competitor would be cost effectiveness. Some large amusement parks like…

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  • Eleanor Of Aquitaine: The Epic Story Of King Arthur

    Think of a far off land set in Medieval times. There are knights in shining armor rescuing princesses. In return princesses give their handkerchief as a favor. Knights are also going on great quests in search of mystical objects with powers beyond this world. One would think this sound like what many know of Camelot and King Arthur. Many associate King Arthur as one of England's greatest stories. Most would be surprised to learn that the themes that we associate with King Arthur today are not…

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  • Excalibur Film Analysis

    more specific example of the media’s attempt at preservation is Excalibur. This movie follows the adventures of…

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  • Lady Of The Lake And Excalibur Analysis

    While Sir Thomas Malory presents the characteristics of supernatural events and a braver and noble knight,he also includes the characteristic of an ideal, unrealistic place in his medieval romantic tale Le Morte d’Arthur . An example is in “The Coronation of Arthur” is when Arthur is born in Camelot. Camelot is beautiful and near perfect and is where his father Uther Pendragon rules as king. This is also the place that Arthur rules as king when he is finally realized to be the rightful…

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  • Lancelot How Does Arthur Obtain Excalibur

    They fought for justice and helped stopped the Saxon's advance (according to the first website). They also performed chivarous acts like (first website). 4. What were their responsibilities? The knights were responsible to keep peace between the kingdoms and to save the damsels in trouble (find website) 4. Excalibur a. How does Arthur obtain Excalibur? Merlin did not want Arthur to fail in his battles, so he took him to a magical lake where he was given a sword by the Lady of the Lake. The…

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