Indigenous peoples

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  • Colonisation Of Indigenous People

    The deposition of indigenous peoples across the globe through colonisation has informed interactions between indigenous and non-indigenous for centuries. Colonisation occurred for varying reasons from nation to nation and person to person however the outcome for the Indigenous people were similar in many ways. This essay will attempt to explain some of the reasons for colonisation occurring and the effect this had on the Indigenous people. Research shows that colonisation impacted both Aboriginal Australian people and Torres Strait Islander people in ways which changed their cultural landscape significantly. It will be argued in the second half of this essay that the differences experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people…

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  • The Importance Of Indigenous People

    do in order to “heal” yourself? The typical Canadian would suggest going to the doctor and being prescribed anti-depressants. Canadians believe clinical medicine can heal almost anyone or anything with the proper resources and knowledge. What if we are wrong? What if participation in traditional ceremonies and healing practices are what can heal anyone or anything? There are many indications that Indigenous ways of healing are efficient and beneficial. This leads to the history of how the…

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  • International Norm: Rights Of Indigenous People

    International Norm: Rights of Indigenous People 1. Introduction More than 370 million people in over 90 countries (representing 5,000 different cultures) identify as indigenous people. They comprise 5% of the global population, and 15% of the world’s poor. Still, some countries deny the existence of indigenous peoples within their territory or argue that “all their citizens are indigenous“ (Dahl 5). Some groups of indigenous people are so small that their languages and cultures are…

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  • The Importance Of Respect For The Socialization Of Indigenous People

    determined to be an alley with the Indigenous people I share the land and resources with, I respectfully acknowledge Indigenous sovereign rights to this land known as Canada. With this being said, I am a Caucasian women of Ukrainian descent. I would like to insist the reader understand my perspective is one of privilege dictated by the color of my skin. However, my ethical code is in align with the Social Work Code of Ethics. The values being, “1) Respect for the Inherent Dignity and Worth of…

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  • Indigenous People In South America

    Do you remember what happened to indigenous people when Europeans arrived in South America in the XIV century with the desire to explore this land? They spoil the indigenous population not only with slave work and forest exploration, but spreading infections diseases among these people who had never contacted many kinds of pathogens. Hill and Hurtado (1996) has found that “first face-to-face contacts result in the death of between one third and half of the native population within the first five…

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  • Overrepresentation Of Indigenous People Essay

    The overrepresentation of indigenous people is a substantial issue in our country that requires attention in order to maintain a positive relationship with the Aboriginals and remove any negative stigmatization against the indigenous culture (Welsh & Ogloff, 2008, pp. 492-494). This remains an issue in our society because there are increasing numbers of indigenous people in prison throughout the provinces due to systemic racism within the legal system, crimes committed due to socioeconomic…

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  • Effects Of Colonization On Indigenous People

    Colonization has had a great impact on the lives of Indigenous people. Since the first European settlers came to Canada, the way of life, traditions, and culture of Indigenous people have been threatened. Additionally, their mental and physical health have been impacted by methods of assimilation and government policies . Numerous diseases were introduced to Native communities thanks to the contact with Europeans . However, the social conditions of Indigenous people also contributed to the…

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  • Indigenous People In Pre-Colombia

    Pre-Columbian Period Pre-Columbian Colombia, was host to a broad range of indigenous peoples, with a population size ranging from 850,000 to four million – according to historian estimates. Additionally, these indigenous populations had varying levels of civilization: on one end of the spectrum, there existed hunter-gatherer groups living in the tropical rain forest, and on the other advanced groups such as the Tairona and Muisca, living at high altitudes. In between, there were several…

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  • Indigenous People In Australian Society

    Introduction 1.1 Background of the study In 1788, about 1530 British people arrived at Australia as penal transportation, and for the next 80 years, about 16 million people moved into Australia and established penal colony. The following paragraph indicates what happened in Australia as a first step of a colonial domination. The rabbits are the British, who came there with purpose of establishing a new penal colony to supplant the America. Actually, there were Aborigines inhabiting on the land…

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  • Essay On Indigenous People In Peru

    In Peru, the presence of indigenous people is much different than that of Chile. According to the Central Intelligence Agency’s World Factbook, Peru’s indigenous people make up 45% of the nation’s population (The World Factbook: PERU). All together, they occupy over half of the country’s land, so obviously the places they do occupy are subject to different laws and regulations because of Peru’s geographic diversity. However, although they have much larger numbers in Peru, the nation’s indigenous…

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