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  • Brett's War Theory

    The many factors of this framework can all lead peoples and states to attempt indirect approaches to warfare as they test the new balances of power and the limits of national and trans-national influences, or begin to influence resources and activities on the global commons. The following case studies are a small sampling to illustrate the applicability of Hart’s and Corbett’s…

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  • Direct Vs Indirect Approach

    When you see someone you want to get to know, you usually think about going up to them and talking to this person. If you want to pursue this person and possibly find them attractive, you can use two different approaches; the direct approach and the indirect approach. The direct approach is obviously something that is very direct and the person will often know that you are hitting on them. The indirect approach, however, is very subtle and casual. In this project I had to use the indirect…

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  • When Using The Indirect Approach To A Negative Decision Essay

    1. Pg. 268 – Test Your Knowledge: #6 When using the indirect approach to announce a negative decision, the purpose for presenting your reasons before explaining the decision is to soften and ease the bad news so to help the readers accept your decision. 2. Pg. 269 – Message 9.A: Providing Negative News About Company Operations I. Planning: Analyze the Situation: The Company, Black and Decker needs to cut travel expenses by fifty percent which is the general purpose. While, the specific purpose…

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  • Advantages Of Indirect Tax

    What advantages might indirect taxes have over direct taxes? Answer: Indirect taxes are mostly taxes on spending, which is usually in the supply chain transferred to the consumer as part of the price of a product. As a result, the consumer ends up paying the tax by paying more for the good or service. Examples of indirect taxes could be VAT and a number of excise duties on alcohol, tobacco and oil. On the other hand, direct taxes are taxes levied directly on the income of an organization or…

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  • Importance Of Good And Service Tax In India

    Goods and Service Tax Bill – Victim of Politics or Technicalities? Tax Structure in India In the Indian tax system, the Central government levies excise duty on manufacturing and service tax on the supply of services. The State government levies sales tax or value added tax (VAT) on the sale of goods. In addition, the Central Government levies the Central Sales Tax (CST) on inter-state sale of goods which is collected and retained by the state exporting the goods. The states also levy tax on…

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  • Florini And Nussbaum Social Contract Theory

    However, critics have identified flaws in this approach. For instance, Lamey(2001) has given the example of a wealthy handicapped person in a wheelchair : she doesn 't have any financial constraints but only an absence of opportunity for getting access to public places. Even if she hires a porter to carry her to her desired places, still it won 't solve her problem. Her sense of self-respect and dignity will be restored only when she would be able to move on her own. Only wheel chair-accessible…

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  • Martha Nussbaum Women's Rights Summary

    it to achieve full human function where each individual flourish. She states “We want to describe a life in which the dignity of human being is not violated by hunger or fear or absence of opportunity.” (women and cultural universals, page 40). Because of the traditions set on women around the world, women are falling behind men politically, socially and. They are unable to achieve the same level of equality and freedom that men enjoy in a society that looks to tradition to justify women’s…

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  • Chicago Housing Authority Case Study

    This approach starts from below with people’s lives and it defines social mobility and well-being in terms of opportunities. As Martha Nussbaum states, “such an approach had better begin close to the ground, looking at life stories, and the human meaning of policy changes for real people” (Nussbaum 2011, 14). The capabilities approach demands one central question according to Nussbaum, “what is each person able to do and be?” (Nussbaum 2011, 18). The capabilities approach was coined jointly by…

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  • Theories Of Childhood Learning

    2000, p.2). Initially the movement started as a community based project where educators, parents and teachers worked together and evolved to what is now a renowned form of innovative education. Malaguzzi’s teaching philosophies stem from the social constructivism theories drawn from Vygotsky, Dewey and Bruner (Edwards, C. P. 2002). Teaching principals for the Reggio approach concentrate on an education that is relationship centric. Malaguzzi (1993) claims that building and nurturing…

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  • Emma Form And Structure Analysis

    Explore the effects of the form and structure of Emma. Austen’s crafting of Emma through form and structure allowed her to create a humorous and ironic social commentary by creating the world of Highbury which emulated the virtues and vices of the Regency era. Norman Page calls Austen’s work a “triumph of style” as it achieved complex social commentary whilst maintaining an entertaining narrative with realistic characters instead of caricatures using techniques such as free indirect style and…

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