Indigenous peoples of Africa

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  • Land Rights Of Indigenous People In Kenya And South Africa Case Study

    Land Rights of Indigenous People in Africa by Barume, K indigenous people are those who are regarded to come from specific regions that still value and uphold their traditional culture and their attributes are considered to be unique.[ Barume K A (2010) Land Rights of Indigenous People in Africa.] Over the last few years, the plight of indigenous peoples has received attention throughout the world. It is generally agreed that indigenous people are among the poorest and most vulnerable due to their specific identities and attachment to their histories, environment, cultures and traditional political organizations and languages. Indigenous people have suffered and are still exposed to marginalization, exclusion,…

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  • South African Settlement In Australia Essay

    South Africa and Australia are two of the countries that lived Aboriginal and occupied by European settlement. South Africa Aboriginals’ treatment is so different from Australia Aboriginals. Moreover, the role of these settlements and the purpose for these settlements are different, too. However, both South Africa and Australia Aboriginals had conflict with settlements and settlement brought and spread serious disease in both country. Australia was occupied by British hundreds of years ago. The…

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  • Health Inequity Thesis Statement

    the colonial era. Indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities have long history of discrimination as a result of the colonization and this resulted in health inequity between the indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. These centuries of prejudices deserves inclusive policy-driven approach to produce positive health outcome totally free of inequity. Policy-makers often perceive the indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities as been laid back and therefore blame their health problem on their…

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  • Commodification Of Land And Labor By Tania Anesii Case Study

    accomplished individual in the development studies field. Her accomplishments include several published books such as Land’s End: Capitalist Relations on an Indigenous Frontier and articles like “Governing rural Indonesia: convergence on the project system.” Critical Policy Studies. Li’s research revolves around the areas of the culture, economy, and environment mainly in Southeast Asia. The lecture given by Li consists of the development issues regarding the indigenous farmers of Indonesia.…

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  • Colonialism And Violence Analysis

    The link between violence and colonialism is seen in newspaper accounts across the globe: “Gandhi Is Killed by A Hindu; India Shaken, World Mourns; 15 Die in Rioting in Bombay Three Shots Fired ”, “54 Dead, 191 Hurt in Riots” in South Africa. Throughout the course of history, colonialism has often been depicted as violence on the innocents by an aggressor, all in all a very one sided series of violent oppressive acts by the colonial power upon a weaker subjugate indigenous group. However, with…

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  • Advantage And Disadvantages Of Globalization

    very concept. These people believe that their identity and culture comes under threat if globalization is involved. This debate occupies the minds of many as the research the change that globalization brings to the continent of Africa and other nations. What we do know for sure is that globalization is brought about by the political views and economic standpoint of a nation, which many can argue is because of the western world’s involvement in affairs they don’t belong in. However the question…

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  • Merriam-Webster's Introduction To Colonialism-The Beginning Of Change

    history, western influence has been present, most commonly seen in the Americas. Generations of indigenous people have been brainwashed into thinking they are different. Colonialism has fueled the western push for a world with western views. Merriam-Webster’s definition of Colonialism is, Colonialism is control by one power over a dependent area or people1. Colonialism was not conceived one day when a nation decided to invade another, there was a source of the dominance that they exert over…

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  • The Importance Of Anthropological Fieldwork

    Embarking on an adventure of anthropological fieldwork will undoubtedly consist of a plethora of obstacles. At its foundation, fieldwork involves developing rapport with the indigenous people to acquire the access of legitimate and palpable knowledge pertaining to the specific culture being studied. Subsequently, social communication between the anthropologist and the indigenous people is an essential component to the entire nature of fieldwork. Yet at the same time, it is a root of the many…

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  • Dicaprio: A Real Hero

    Marshall McLuhan said, “All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values”. Yet media is very important in how so many people get to know the world around them. For example, when the lower and middle class do not interact with the upper class, it is impossible for them to understand about the upper class. The only way most of the other classes understand the upper class is through media portrayal. Media is one of the biggest network in the world at present…

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  • The Challenges Of The In8model Bluenar In Cape Town

    The last month has been busy for in8model circles. I had the opportunity to endure the challenges of long-haul plane flights to be rewarded with people, culture, scenery and different world views. First stop was Bali, where I addressed a chiropractic conference. A stand-out from this convention were two local kids, 12 year old boy and 15 year old sister. Their story that they related to us is as follows: We cast our memory back to 2011 when we first entered some schools in central, hot, dusty…

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