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  • Ethnic Groups In America Case Study

    1. Why did people who lived in the US before get upset when new groups arrived? – People who lived in the U.S. before got upset when new groups arrived because it, “…seeds of new and serious social problems for American society and an acceleration of its social and structural breakdown” (2). In addition to a “structural breakdown,” it also made Americans worry that the United States was no longer prepared to manage its borders and therefore losing the idea of American standards. Americans also perceived that the U.S. could not, “…afford the cost of caring for the new ethnic immigrant groups” (2). 2. What are some examples of ethnic groups that have experienced this kind of treatment in the past in the United States? – From the beginning of the European settlement, this kind of treatment has taken place in the U.S. because many worry about the, “…economic impoverishment of the newcomers and the fears about them ‘taking away’ jobs from those already in the country or impacting their wages...” (3). In the past, ethnic groups such as Catholics, Jews, Asians, Chinese, and Japanese have experienced this sort of treatment. A recent example of this type of treatment can be identified when referring to a fairly new law passed in Arizona. This law in Arizona makes it unlawful for a non-U.S. resident to be in Arizona without appropriate documentation. This law has unquestionably been a source of recent…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Cross-Ethnic Groups

    cross-racial and cross-ethnic casting are concerns which people are paying attention to. Everyone is split on this controversy. A few people assume that it is completely respectable for an actor to portray someone from a different ethnic or race group. Others have clashing beliefs. Actors should not play someone from a different ethnic or race group because they are emphasizing racial hierarchy, mocking them, and concluding that the race that they actually are is the norm. Some people believe…

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  • What Were You Taught In Your Family About People From Other Ethnic Or Racial Groups?

    keys to success.” Money: “Money is the root of all evil.” Relationships: “If they do it once they’ll do it again.” 1.3) 1. When did you first realize that your family belonged to a certain group of people (African-American)? I first realized that my family belonged to a certain group of people when I was introduced to the different races and ethnicities. Personally, I believe I became conscious about bung African American in elementary school. As a young child race and skin color had no…

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  • Rwanda Ethnic Groups

    History of Violence Between Rwanda Ethnic Groups In the country of Rwanda tension between ethnic groups has always been in existence and it is definitely not anything new. Hutu are seen to be the more elite ethnic group than the Tutsi because they made up about eighty four percent of the Rwandan population. It didn’t help that they were viewed as “strong, stocky farmers” either. The Tutsi people were mostly herdsmen and landowners and the Hutu were the people who worked on the land so it was…

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  • Restaurants As Cultural Ambassadors

    Ethnic Restaurants as Cultural Ambassadors. Ethnic restaurants are very influential in the representation of foreign cultures. They act as important socializing agents presenting foreign ways of life in a different country. Due to their foreign themes, the restaurants provide the clients with comprehensive and precise details about the foreign culture. They offer the clients an opportunity to explore the foreign ways of life in their country. The restaurants provide insights to various ways of…

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  • Essay On Ethnic Identity And Acculturative Stress

    Current Educational Issue Paper: “Ethnic Identity and Acculturative Stress as Mediators of Depression in Students of Asian Descent” In the article, “Ethnic Identity and Acculturative Stress as Mediators of Depression in Students of Asian Descent,” the matter of the well-being of college students of Asian descent--because these students had higher rates of depression is addressed (Lantrip, Mazzetti, Grasso, Gill, Miller, Haner, Rude & Awad, 2012). In my current college education, I can say…

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  • Ethnic Space In Pomona

    I believe Pomona, California is an ethnic space. Pomona was once a teeming populace of the ideal middle-class. The city consisted of 86% percent Whites and 15% Hispanics during the 1970s, according to the United States Census Bureau. In the 1990s, Pomona experienced a downfall in socio-economic status, was deprived of its middle-class glory, and the flooding of a new ethnic space. Hispanics now occupy Pomona at a staggering 70%, while Whites occupy 48%, according to the 2010 United States Census…

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  • Ethnic Studies Case Study

    Students should be required to take courses in minority or ethnic studies as part of all college degrees. The unique value of ethnic studies in colleges and universities is that these studies promote respect and understanding among races, support student success, and teaches critical thinking skills. Ethnic studies by and about racial minority groups presents a different narrative that is shaped partially by histories of oppression in the United States. as well as by the intellectual and…

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  • African Ethnic Groups In Ethiopia

    Imagine having an identity and living amongst people that share this similar identity. Think about the day to day interactions you would have with those people; and then think about the other groups living amongst you. At some point, you question how do people of your common identity interact with each other and with outsiders of that community. Lately, I been questioning so; I am an Eritrean and both my parents are descendants of the Tigrinya tribe. Due to the recent events and tragedies…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Ethnic Identity

    ¬¬Cultural and ethnic identities are not things that you are born with. Sure your ethnic heritage may determine things like the color of your skin, but an ethnic identity stretches far deeper than just skin color. Cultural and ethnic identities are things that are learned over time. They are formed through a collection of teachings, experiences, and choices. This autobiography will explore how my ethnic and cultural identities developed throughout my life. I will focus on aspects from school,…

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