Ethnic groups in Europe

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  • The Magyar People: A Comparative Analysis

    In the latter half of the ninth century AD, a tribal confederation from the Asian steppes began a migration into eastern and central Europe. Initially staying on the fringes of Christendom, these peoples soon came head-to-head with the established power of central Europe, the kingdom of the Eastern Franks. In the opening years of the conflict, the Magyars, as they were known (later known as the Hungarians) created a crisis which threatened the survival of the Eastern Frankish kingdom. The magnitude of the Magyar threat the kingdom and Europe as a whole has largely been neglected by modern scholarship. The struggle between the Eastern Franks and the Hungarians can be compared to the Moorish invasion of Iberia in terms of what was at stake; the dismantlement of European civilization.…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Everyone Isn T A Race

    This means their genetic diversity is greater than any other race. Furthermore, Africa is a huge continent. So you would expect a lot of genetic diversity when you have deserts and forest. Do we call Italian and Irish being the same race? Aren 't they both from Europe? But with Africans, we don 't refer them from the continent they come from. We lump them all together. This genetic diversity explains why we see them on such extremes. For example, most crime is committed in…

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  • Skytold Compare And Contrast

    immodestly. The natives walked around naked for the most part with the exception of some who wore a leaf to cover themselves. Europeans wore agricultural products such as wool and cotton and such. The Natives had little to no importance to the Europeans. The colonial period would be more defined as contact among many groups. Every time there was contact between different groups of people there was some sort of issue. Lots of things such as war, disease, slavery, and invasion took place and this…

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  • Analysis Of Contact And Conflict In Pontiac's Speech At Detroit

    Native Americans Imagine aliens from another planet landing on earth. Imagine if the people of the land accepted them and taught them how to survive on earth, only for the aliens to take away the land. In “Native Americans: Contact and Conflict,” Native Americans wrote down their experiences, letting the reader get a different perspective on events and occurrences that the reader would not get from reading white colonist papers. The writings provide the viewer with understanding and knowledge…

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  • Hello Mr. Frederick Jackson Turner Analysis

    Audience: The audience for this interview includes a variety of groups of people. They consist of: the people interested in American history, the people who are enthusiasts of Frederick Jackson Turner, and the average historian. This interview is geared towards exploiting the hidden connotations of Turner’s article. Purpose of the interview: The purpose of the interview is for me and the audience to gain a better understanding of Turner’s article. It is to question why he believes what he…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Am White

    to the historical consequences over time. These constraints would include a shared history between the Germanic peoples, common blood, shared common beliefs, even shared traditions. This could fit any individual hailing from Austria to northern Norway. Individuals of all “races” have been created over a long period in history by being essentially grouped, more or less, based on events, ideas, and commonalities that have taken place or arisen from historical consequence. This idea of grouping by…

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  • What Is Carlos Fuentes Attitude Toward The Native Americans

    1. Carlos Fuentes described the civilization discovered by the European in a way that seems, that the native’s people progression has halted and they needed help from others who are more advance (European). Fuentes mentioned the Eurocentric view of why the native people were not advancing. He said “they [Indians] were blessed by nature, but dwarfed by it,” most scholars believe that the Indians were “lazy,” thus making their civilization backwards compared to the rest of the world. However, that…

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  • Hobomok Lydia Maria Child Analysis

    The author of the novel Hobomok, Lydia Maria Child, was ahead of her time, and full of abolitionist and feminist views opinions in the 19th Century. Child was born in 1802 in Medford, Massachusetts into an abolitionist family and was highly influenced by her older brother, an Unitarian clergyman and professor at Harvard University. Child later in her life wrote her first published piece, The Frugal Housewife in 1829, an instruction manual and advice book for stay at home wives and mothers who…

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  • The Role Of Stereotypes In The Russo-Japanese War

    Q8. In my opinion, after the Japanese had won the Russo-Japanese War, the stereotypes towards the Japanese were drastically changed. Going into the Russo-Japanese War, everyone already had in their mind what they thought was going to happen. However, they would all be proven very wrong. You could have asked anyone and they would have said that the Russian would win for sure. None of the European nations thought for one second that the Japanese would win against Russia. In the European people's…

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  • What Is The Difference Between Medieval Europe And The Black Death

    Europe and The Black Death As the winter of 1348 subsided, the people of Europe finally envisioned the spring days ahead of them. Little did they know that the springtime would bring with it a deadly epidemic that no one could have possibly foreseen. The Black Death could not have arrived in Europe at a worse time as much of the population was already weakened from a scarcity of food due to overpopulation and famine. There was barely any time to react as the disease spread swiftly from its…

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