Ethnic cleansing

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  • Ethnic Cleansing Definition

    Ethnic cleansing has been described as a fairly a modern phenomenon – one that Michael Mann associates with modern democracies (Mann 5). Bearing in mind that culture and ethnicity are oft considered vague terms, for purposes of maintaining clarity, this essay will use Michael Mann’s definitions of ethnicity, ethnic cleansing, nation and nation state. Mann defines ethnicity as a group that defines itself or is defined by others as sharing common descent and culture, therefore ethnic cleansing is the removal by members of one such group of another such group from a locality they define as their own (Mann 11). Consequently, a nation is a group that also has political consciousness, claiming collective political rights in a given territory and…

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  • Ethnic Cleansing

    319-331. Doubt uses a sociological lens to examine the ethnic cleansing in Serbia, stating that the root of ethnic cleansing lies in an “attempt to transform the public identities of individuals and a community.” (Doubt) This means to debase an individual or group into a lesser being(s) in the eyes of the witnesses, or the world community. This is the essence of how sociologists define “evil,” focusing on “evil’s parasitic relation to what does make sense, what is intelligible, and what is.”…

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  • Ethnic Cleansing In Yugoslavia

    Ethnic cleansing is when there are many different ethnicities in a region and the majority attempt to eradicate the other ethnic groups. In the eyes of the majority, ethnic cleansing was used as a tool to “purify” the country by getting rid of the minority to establish ethnic homogeneity (“Ethnic Cleansing”). The term ethnic cleansing was first introduced during the conflict between the Serbians and the other ethnicities of Yugoslavia. The Bosnian genocide is a product of the extreme nationalism…

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  • Ethnic Cleansing Holocaust

    Ethnic cleansing can take action through deportation, sterilization, and ultimately mass murders. The Holocaust performed by German Nazi’s, is considered to be one of the largest genocides to take place in the world. Due to the six million people murdered under the ruling of a government leader, Adolf Hitler, the Holocaust is considered both genocide and a democide. The Holocaust falls into par with scientist R. J. Rummel’s concept of democide. Scientist R. J. Rummel graphically constructed the…

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  • Ethnic Cleansing Native Americans

    In the 1820’s and 30’s after the death of Tecumseh, Native Americans in the Ohio River Valley faced what amounted to an ethnic cleansing. After the war of 1812, “settlers” outnumbered Native Americans 7 to 1. Throughout history, Native Americans have been referred to as “savages” or “primitive”. America is the one who seems savage like for their removal and elimination of the Native Americans. The way the Native American were disregarded and treated by the Americans is horrific. America stands…

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  • Srebrenca Essay

    Throughout the course of time, there were many genocides that devastated the population of a specific country. The city of Srebrenica was a long and unique history. In Srebrenica, Bosnia, thousands of people were killed in a war. The genocide and ethnic cleansing of Srebrenica was considered to be the worst genocide since World War II. The war began in 1992 and lasted for four years, until 1996. Muslims were forced to migrate out of Srebrenica, and those that failed to do so were executed. The…

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  • The Bosnia List: A Memoir Of War, Exile, And Return

    War, Exile, and Return” by Kenan Trebincevic is an autobiography about his personal experience of surviving the ruthless war and ethnic cleansing that broke out in his Eastern European hometown of Brcko at the young age of eleven. Not only did he have to watch his hometown get blown to nothing and constantly stress about the survival of his family, he was a young boy whose friends and teammates had turned against him. The only reasoning being that he was Muslim. After Kenan and his family were…

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  • Thesis For Sandcastle Girls

    The now grown granddaughter explores archives, letters, and memoirs of her grandparents to see the connections between her ancestral past and her present life. Switching between characters allows the author to explain feelings, thoughts, and experiences that would disappear if it was from only one characters point of view. By also incorporating the granddaughters “current” thoughts and reflections on her childhood throughout the novel, it allows readers to see the ways her grandparents responded…

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  • Social Conflict: The Conflict Between Rohingya And Myanmar

    as ‘Rohingya Muslims’, ‘Muslim Arakanese’ and also ‘Burmese Muslims’. Until today, ‘Rohingya’ this term has been refusing to use by the government of Myanmar. In the year 2014, the Myanmar government forced them to change the term from ‘Rohingya’ to ‘Bengali’. Rohingya people view this changes as a denying of their basic rights, which also been agreed by the U.N Special Rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar. History In World War II year 1942, Japan takes control of Burma, kicking out…

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  • Hakob Mutafian Genocide Essay

    “Hakob Moutafian tells the story of his grandfather, also named Hakob, who was from the village Kamurj in Urfa. According to him, during the massacres, he and his parents were exiled and made to walk the desert of Deir ez-Zor, where they cut off Armenians’ heads and threw them into the Euphrates.”, According to The Armenian Genocide was atrocious. Millions of Armenians were killed by the Turkish government. These Armenians were killed in an attempt to create a new consistent…

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