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  • How Did Regina Frank Survive The Holocaust

    Have you ever wondered what the people who survived the holocaust are up to? Or what they personally had to go through before the holocaust was over? Regina Frank, Trude Levi, and Martin Stern all had something in common. They all survived the holocaust. Somemore background information on Regina Frank,Trude Levi, and Martin Stern is Regina Frank spoke two different languages Russian and Yiddish too.She became a translator for the Nazis and was sent to the prison in Frankfurt ("Regina Franks (née Sherer)"). Trude Levi got called stupid by two SS women. They were talking and one person says” shh she might understand us.” but another one said”Oh that one, she is a complete idiot. I tried teaching her German but she just can not learn.”(Trude,Memorial) Martin Stern in 1992 he saw his father for the last time because he came out of his hiding to come back for Martin’s mother because she was pregnant and was about to go into birth. She gave her child, a little girl, But someone did not wash their hands and so she got infected and died.(Martin,the guardian) Regina Frank You will learn about how many languages she…

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  • Anne Frank Essay

    In our day and age, many people live negative lives, but Anne Frank was not one of those people. Anne Frank was a Jewish teenager at the times of the Holocaust, and although she was sent to a concentration camp at the age of 15, she was very positive and always tried to see the best in everyone. Her character could be seen through her speech, actions, and interaction with others. One of Anne’s most famous quotes, “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart,”…

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  • Anne Frank Generosity

    “One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want.” Proverbs 11:24. In “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank, there were people who displayed great selfishness and there were those who displayed generosity. Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl whose family went into hiding during the Holocaust. She wrote in her diary about all the events that went on in the Secret Annex. These events define each individual and show various changes in…

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  • Frank Sinatra Biography

    Frankie Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra a actor/singer from Hoboken, New Jersey, started off with nothing but a ukulele and his back yard, to bright lights and all the fame a man could want. (“Frank Sinatra Biography”) Frank Sinatra was a mastermind when it came to singing and acting, he was one of the most famous men in the world. He was called the “Swing Eras” (1935-1946) best singer and actor (“Frank Sinatra Biography Film Actor, Singer”). Frank Sinatra was known by everyone back then, everyone…

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  • Anne Frank Reflection

    The Diary of Anne Frank is about a girl and her family being forced into hiding in an attic, afraid of the Natizs. On page 101 in the first paragraph the play states “ Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl, living in Amsterdam during the nazi occupation of the Netherlands in World War II. Fearing for their lives, the Frank family was forced into hiding.” The historical events of World War II are reflected in the story “The Diary Of Anne Frank” by retelling the events through the eyes of the people…

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  • Ethos In Anne Frank

    Anne Frank once wrote, “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” This quote comes from a very inspirational individual. As one may know, Anne Frank was a Jewish Teenager who lived during the Holocaust. Anne, in addition to seven other Jews lived in this cramped space for over two years. While she was a teenager, adolescent Anne kept track of her daily life in a journal. The journal which was discovered after she later died of illness in a concentration camp,…

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  • Anne Frank Biography

    Anne Frank was a very sophisticated and bright young girl. She was influential to history because she was brave and helpful during the hard times of World War II. She helped us see what it was like during the holocaust since she logged everyday while in hiding. Anne was born on June 12th, 1929. She went to Jewish Lyceum, a school established by the German occupiers under the Amsterdam Jewish council. Anne harbored interest in literature; she was very vivid girl but not a prodigy. She was also…

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  • Anne Frank Legacy

    On April 15, 1944, just one hundred eleven days before she was taken captive by the Nazis, Anne Frank wrote, “I want to go on living even after my death! And that 's why I 'm so grateful to God for having given me this gift, which I can use to develop myself and to express all that 's inside me” (Frank 249, 251). Anne’s hope was that she could create her own legacy through her writing. Anne Frank enlightens the world through her wisdom, though she never knew her work was published. Anne Frank…

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  • The Differences Of Anne Frank

    Anne Frank is a young girl who is secluded from the outside world within a hiding place her family and her take refuge in to escape the Nazis. Etty Hillesum is a young woman who lives alone and is also in danger of meeting an unfortunate fate at the hands of the Nazis, yet she does not live in isolation. Despite the fact that the two are both forced to endure the hardships of World War 2, their circumstances cause distinct differences between them, including their personalities and tones but…

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  • Anne Frank Diary Essay

    was a diary that was about the life of a young girl named Anne Frank. On Anne Frank thirteenth birthday her parents gave her a diary where she would confide all her secret thoughts. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who family was in danger, so they went into hiding during the World War II in a little section of Anne's father office building. For two years, eight people lived in the Secret Annex. The eight people were Anne, Edith, Otto, and Margot Frank, along with the Frank family was Hermann van…

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