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  • Summary Of Jane Mayer's Dark Money

    who try to buy their way through political campaigns and government representatives. Although David Koch ran for president on a libertarian ticket, his loss led him to begin to try and buy influence with the people in office. She digs into the family’s political affairs throughout the span of their generations, since the formation of the family’s oil refinery by the family patriarch, Fred Chase Koch. However, the Koch estate progressed vastly through their business relations with wildly known dictators such as Adolf Hitler leader of the Natzi regieme and Joseph Stalin leader of the Soviet Union at the time. The Koch family, as well as the Republican party, dominated the state…

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  • Porcellio Scaber Experiment

    Method: Purpose: To investigate how Porcellio Scaber reacts in terms of orthokinesis to different humidities in their habitat. Equipment-  75 slaters which range from 5-10mm in length (kept in a plastic container with holes in the lid, with dirt and bark so that they are kept in a natural environment as possible so can react naturally during experiment.)  5x petri dish set ups labelled from 50-90% (One petri dish on the bottom will contain glycerol and have a mesh/gauze hot glued over top…

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  • Miasma Theory: The Theory Of Bad Air Caused By The Environment

    The underlying focus of Miasma theory relied on the theory of bad air caused by the environment. The new environments of the tropics being explored by the western world and the new environment of cities created by the industrialization in the nineteenth century, provided new types of bad air, and thus best explained the emergence of diseases as epidemics. Malaria became a major problem in the tropics, and Cholera became a major problem in the cities. The mechanism of spreading for cholera and…

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  • The Crucial Role Of Non-Jewish Women In World War II

    A select few women out of the population, however, came into power and took up positions in concentration camps whether it be because of a marriage to a S.S. officer, or just because they earned the position themselves. Ilse Koch is now one of the most well known S.S. concentration camp overseers. She married Karl Otto Koch, and the two were transferred to Buchenwald, where she took her position as camp overseer. What distinguished her from the rest of the women working in the camps was her…

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  • Themes In The Bonfire Of The Vanities

    Sherman and Maria, the Latino couple, and Auburn and Lamb, Wolfe suggests that insularity and ignorance of the South Bronx were the main causes of the death of Henry Lamb. Politics and crimes of the 1980s also demonstrated that insularity among and within communities promoted tensions between whites and minority groups. In 1981, when housing officials and the Board of Estimate were about to approve a plan to give Harlem residents a three-to-one advantage in the lottery sale of 13 abandoned…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Outfoxed

    republican. The topic of discussion was on same sex marriage. At the end of the segment, the reporters had an intelligent discussion with no one side being heard more than the other. Much part of the interview or debate was open to all arguments giving the viewer information to make an intelligent choice on whether they were pro or against same sex marriage. On Fox News reporters would have bashed or attacked their guests for having an opposition on the matter. They would smear the topic with…

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  • Neighbors May Finally Get Their Way Case Study

    Since 1982, various civic groups and campaigns have launched multiple campaigns to restore and reuse the hospital buildings in an attempt to revitalize the surrounding area with affordable housing contained within the hospital buildings. One specific group, Neighborhood Women, led by Jen Peterson, a woman from the community who has united the supporters out of a vision of the common goal of development, has been at the forefront of the fight to reuse the buildings. This group has consistently…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Anthrax

    cattle, sheep, camels and oxen” (CDC, 2016). In addition to this, many scholars believe that anthrax was described by Homer in The Iliad and some even suggest that anthrax contributed to the fall of Rome (CDC, 2016). Fast-forward many years, and the first clinical description of anthrax was given by Maret in 1769 (CDC, 2016). This was a leap in the identification of anthrax, as previously it has only been written about in historical accounts rather than a clinical medical setting. The first…

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  • Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Object-Oriented Programming

    WHAT IS OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING? Object oriented programming in a methodology of software development that allows for the designation of functions to be applied to data structures such as classes, these classes are referred to as objects, hence the name. Object-Oriented coding is one of multiple major programming paradigms. These include but are not limited to; Imperative, Logical, Functional and Object oriented. Problems that can be solved by one of these paradigms can normally be solved by…

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  • Visual Basic Object Oriented Programming

    Visual Basic can be used to create UI and UX rich programs for Windows platforms in a very short time. Whereas, C++ can be used to write complex programs that needs to computer faster without using much hardware resources. C++ is command line based language, on the other hand, Visual Basic is IDE and event driven language. For example, creating a pop up box in C++ is a tedious task. If the programmer is writing from scratch, making a window appear in C++ will take you 15 minutes to program…

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