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  • Neighbors May Finally Get Their Way Case Study

    Since 1982, various civic groups and campaigns have launched multiple campaigns to restore and reuse the hospital buildings in an attempt to revitalize the surrounding area with affordable housing contained within the hospital buildings. One specific group, Neighborhood Women, led by Jen Peterson, a woman from the community who has united the supporters out of a vision of the common goal of development, has been at the forefront of the fight to reuse the buildings. This group has consistently fought for the right of the community’s hand in development of area. The campaign has lasted through multiple mayoral administrations, making slow but steady progress. Initial plans to create housing in the buildings were made in 1975 with Mayor Edward Koch, but the city decided to renege on these plans and build a shelter for the homeless. As the condition within the community failed to grow, groups within the city successfully sued, resulting in a reduction of the shelter from 1100 beds to 200, and the construction of affordable housing units and a community center in four of the hospital buildings in 1993. In 2010, Mayor Michael Bloomberg initiated the process of building 240 additional housing projects, however this plan failed when the developer chosen for the construction was arrested for corruption. Currently, the remaining hospital buildings are in the process to be reused following Mayor de Blasio’s housing plan. This raises hopes that the buildings and surrounding land will…

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  • Analysis Of Death And Justice By Edward Ed Koch

    glance, upon further inspection the holes in its message start to become clear. For this very reason, Koch’s essay is a convincing article, yet riddled with logical fallacies and self-contradictions. Throughout his article, Koch intertwines emotional stories with the refinement of the many arguments people who oppose the death penalty may have. He begins with two reports of convicted felons, Robert Lee Willie and Joseph Carl Shaw, and their final words before being put to death. Next, he…

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  • Death And Justice: How Capital Punishment Affirms Life By Edward Ed Koch

    I am against death penalty, and mayor Edward I. Koch is completely wrong about death penalty. Death penalty is ethically wrong, diminishes human life, and can be deadly for innocent people. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” (Mohandas K. Gandhi). The irony of death penalty is that a killer is being killed. The quote by Gandhi shows that one killing with lead to another and in the end whole world is suffering. Edward I Koch is a death penalty supporter, the politician wants death…

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  • Miasma Theory: The Theory Of Bad Air Caused By The Environment

    The underlying focus of Miasma theory relied on the theory of bad air caused by the environment. The new environments of the tropics being explored by the western world and the new environment of cities created by the industrialization in the nineteenth century, provided new types of bad air, and thus best explained the emergence of diseases as epidemics. Malaria became a major problem in the tropics, and Cholera became a major problem in the cities. The mechanism of spreading for cholera and…

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  • The Crucial Role Of Non-Jewish Women In World War II

    A select few women out of the population, however, came into power and took up positions in concentration camps whether it be because of a marriage to a S.S. officer, or just because they earned the position themselves. Ilse Koch is now one of the most well known S.S. concentration camp overseers. She married Karl Otto Koch, and the two were transferred to Buchenwald, where she took her position as camp overseer. What distinguished her from the rest of the women working in the camps was her…

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  • External Conflicts In The Truman Show

    The main character Truman Burbank lives happily in a small town, surrounded by water called Seahaven. He lives in happy life with a good job and kind wife until he starts to suspect that his life is a fake. The town Seahaven is a extremely big hollywood studio, which can be seen from space, where the world’s most famous reality show is recorded, The Truman Show is broadcasted to the entire world all the time. The main character of the show is Truman, who doesn’t know that his life is fake and…

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  • Reality In The Truman Show

    Have you ever wanted to get away from reality, and go explore something new? Have you always felt like you were trapped in your town or city and couldn’t wait to get out? The Truman Show, a film by Peter Weir, and the star, Jim Carey, as Truman Burbank promotes an idea of a perfect world, which becomes Truman Burbank’s reality. In the ending scene Truman has finally realized that the “perfect world” that he lives in isn’t so perfect in fact; it’s fake. He journeys to find a way out, dealing with…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Anthrax

    cattle, sheep, camels and oxen” (CDC, 2016). In addition to this, many scholars believe that anthrax was described by Homer in The Iliad and some even suggest that anthrax contributed to the fall of Rome (CDC, 2016). Fast-forward many years, and the first clinical description of anthrax was given by Maret in 1769 (CDC, 2016). This was a leap in the identification of anthrax, as previously it has only been written about in historical accounts rather than a clinical medical setting. The first…

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  • The Similarities Between Antisocial Personality And Psychopaths

    was shot before she was mutilated by Gein. While searching Gein’s house investigators discovered numerous body parts Gein had mutilated and made into lamps and other furniture. Mary Hogan’s head was found in a paper bag, she too went missing but a few years back and no one could find her. She owned a little bar in Plainfield and was a loud mouth according to sources. Along with finding her head, investigators found that some bowls were made out of human skulls, organs in refrigerators, and nine…

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  • The Circle Mae Character Analysis

    Is privacy a thing of the past? Has communicating over the internet replaced human connection? Mae, the protagonist in the Dave Eggers novel The Circle, discovers how different her life can be without privacy after beginning work for the large internet company the Circle. Truman, of Peter Weir’s The Truman Show, a man whose whole life has been set up, captured and broadcast for the whole world to see, also discovers his lack of privacy and tries to put an end to it. Mae does not find her life to…

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