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  • The Theme Of Community In Cannery Row By John Steinbeck

    Throughout the novel of Cannery Row written by John Steinbeck, the theme of community becomes prevalent in the little town of Cannery Row. The book takes place in coastal California during depression era. Each individual character faces many challenges, some which were the result of the depression, others are personal fears that consume the character. The community as a whole learns to accept one another’s peculiarities and relies greatly on one another. Friendships in Cannery Row are essential for the survival of the residence especially concerning Steinbeck’s main character Doc. Doc, is loved and respected by the entire town but yet appears to be depressed throughout most of the novel. He is described to be a complicated yet simple man. For example he is afraid of getting his head wet but his profession being a marine biologist requires him to capture marine animals in the ocean. The entire town knows this odd fact about Doc but does not berate him for it. Doc being a well-educated man would seem to be out of place in a town like Cannery Row but instead he finds comfort and appreciates the town for accepting the reality of their lives. Doc also finds himself playing a crucial role in the town due to the fact that he is a well-educated man. Although he is not a doctor the people in the town look upon him for medical purposes and his astute advice. Steinbeck writes that although he is a friendly man he still isolates himself (Steinbeck 475). Doc attempts to fill the void by…

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  • The Theme Of Freedom In Michael Cunningham's Cannery Row

    The idea of freedom is a theme that is incorporated into many novels and short stories throughout time. It is an idea that is played with and is not always clear in the text as to how free or how not free a certain character may be. In the novel Cannery Row by John Steinbeck the role of freedom is evident within most characters, as they all feel compelled to do as they please, but eventually realize that freedom is not free. The short story titled “White Angel” by Michael Cunningham is similar…

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  • External Conflicts In The Truman Show

    The main character Truman Burbank lives happily in a small town, surrounded by water called Seahaven. He lives in happy life with a good job and kind wife until he starts to suspect that his life is a fake. The town Seahaven is a extremely big hollywood studio, which can be seen from space, where the world’s most famous reality show is recorded, The Truman Show is broadcasted to the entire world all the time. The main character of the show is Truman, who doesn’t know that his life is fake and…

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  • Reality In The Truman Show

    Have you ever wanted to get away from reality, and go explore something new? Have you always felt like you were trapped in your town or city and couldn’t wait to get out? The Truman Show, a film by Peter Weir, and the star, Jim Carey, as Truman Burbank promotes an idea of a perfect world, which becomes Truman Burbank’s reality. In the ending scene Truman has finally realized that the “perfect world” that he lives in isn’t so perfect in fact; it’s fake. He journeys to find a way out, dealing with…

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  • The Similarities Between Antisocial Personality And Psychopaths

    was shot before she was mutilated by Gein. While searching Gein’s house investigators discovered numerous body parts Gein had mutilated and made into lamps and other furniture. Mary Hogan’s head was found in a paper bag, she too went missing but a few years back and no one could find her. She owned a little bar in Plainfield and was a loud mouth according to sources. Along with finding her head, investigators found that some bowls were made out of human skulls, organs in refrigerators, and nine…

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  • The Circle Mae Character Analysis

    Is privacy a thing of the past? Has communicating over the internet replaced human connection? Mae, the protagonist in the Dave Eggers novel The Circle, discovers how different her life can be without privacy after beginning work for the large internet company the Circle. Truman, of Peter Weir’s The Truman Show, a man whose whole life has been set up, captured and broadcast for the whole world to see, also discovers his lack of privacy and tries to put an end to it. Mae does not find her life to…

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  • Compare And Contrast Allegory Of The Cave And The Truman Show

    The search for the real world is never fulfilled until it has been experienced by the individual. The modification in the surrounding and the environment one is born into is never easy to change because they are more comfortable in that situation. Similar scenarios have been depicted in Allegory of the cave and The Truman show. Allegory of the cave is a theory of Plato, who is a well-known philosopher in human perception. The theory talks about the disputable idea which many do not understand.…

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  • Neighbors May Finally Get Their Way Case Study

    “With Plan for Greenpoint Hospital, Neighbors May Finally Get Their Way” The Greenpoint Hospital was a major landmark of northern Brooklyn while it operated from 1914 to 1982. The hospital served residents living in a community built around industry and considered a rawer area of the city. As the hospital aged, its facilities declined and the level of care which could be provided for patients degraded to the point that the hospital was closed as the Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center…

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  • Health Information Exchange Reaction Paper

    The health information exchanges are very significant in the modern healthcare systems. The health information exchanges (HIE) allow the movement of clinical information in disparate information systems in the different locations. The HIE also ensures that the information that is transmitted is still relevant in meaning. HIE is very critical in ensuring that there is faster access to health information, and quality services are also provided to the patients. It is evident that the HIE holds the…

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  • Kindergartners Reflection

    Some of the kindergartners asked me to share the titles with you. Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems was a favorite! There are several other titles in the “pigeon” series. If you haven’t already heard, ask your child about the silly pigeon! They also enjoyed, Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley. Tomorrow, we will read another book by Ed Emberley called, Good Night Little Monster. We will compare the similarities and differences between the two Ed Emberley books, and the…

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