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  • Health Information Exchange Reaction Paper

    The PA eHealth Partnership Authority plays a vital role in ensuring that there is strong infrastructure that will allow participation to thrive. Another important player in the whole process is the governor of Pennsylvania. The governor played a very critical role in implementing the HIE. He has been supporting the initiative, and he has fully endorsed the strategic plans that have are known for the HIE implementation. The governor is also expected to provide an executive order that will enable all the key players to collaborate and work together towards implementation of the whole process. The legislature has also supported the implementation of the HIE. The legislation has been made to ensure that the implementation will be a success. The private and…

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  • Legal Jurisprudence

    Legal Jurisprudence Legal aspects of ehealth have been raised with concerns about the accuracy and unregulated status of this aspect of health innovation especially in industrial nation and there are ongoing debate, there seem to be a general agreement that there is need for a proper regulatory framework to be put in place and bio-data collected need to be protected with a universally acceptable privacy and data protection policies, this is to prevent the abuses of patients electronic health…

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  • Healthcare Accessibility

    Healthcare accessibility at “Bottom of the Pyramid”: A study of scope of eHealth in India Introduction According to World Health Organization (WHO) World Health Statistics 2013, India has a ratio of 6.5 doctors, 10 nurses and 9 beds per 10,000 people compared to the global average is of 13.9 doctors, 29 nurses and 30 beds. In order to meet the healthcare requirement of its population of 1.25 billion, India needs an additional 1.54 million doctors, 2.4 million nurses and 2.6 million beds. At the…

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  • Wealth Shortage Research Paper

    Furthermore, World Health Organization (WHO) report of June 2011,shows that western countries (industrialized nation) indeed show more willingness to pursue the ehealth application in the health sector as compared to developing countries that are lower-income nations. Consequently, Australia, United Arab Emirate, Saudi Arabia seems to be one of the few nations that have fully integrated the complete component of eHealth, with countries in the European Union bloc actively trailing behind while…

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  • Case Study Of Personally Controlled E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA)

    Introduction: The World Health Organization, 2016 defines “eHealth is the use of information and communication technologies for health”. An electronic health record (eHR) is the electronic collection, management, use, storage and sharing of healthcare information and is envisioned to assist in the delivery of safe, efficient, effective health care (RACGP, 2016). National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) was assigned to lead uptake of Personally Controlled E-Health Record (PCEHR),…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Persuasive Technology

    those participants who are retained, engagement rates usually decline remarkably over time (e.g., Eysenbach, 2005). As reducing attrition and increasing website utilisation would likely increase intervention success, designing, implementing, and evaluating features that participants find attractive and captivating should be prioritised. Sillence et al. (2006) suggest that design issues are not only superficial, they should rather be regarded “as an important feature with real implications”.…

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  • My Motivation To Be A Social Worker

    My main duty as a welfare worker is to measure physical health by controlling the blood pressure and blood sugar and mental health by having communication regularly of 100 services users, a three-year EHealth project sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club. Moreover, I am responsible for the operation of Vitality Academy for Life Long Learning, to organize some innovative activities to young old. Through a year, I get more understanding and discovery to this industry and to elderly, even to…

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  • The Effects Of Blood Doping In Sports

    To take hormone which initiates in the bone marrow which will produce more red blood cells. EPO stands for ‘Exclusive Provider Organization’ plan, which helps out an EPO member that uses the doctors and hospital network as if they don’t want to apply for EPO it can be specialized with a referral from a specialist. (eHealth, 2015). EPO it could a disease such as anaemia. The second main problem in sports is not only the drugs but cheating side of things and the dishonesty to the public about not…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Obamacare

    2010 it did not have many of the market protections it does today. There were many additions and revisions to the law before it was set into practice in 2014 and even since, there have been major changes to the specifics of the law. “Grace-Marie Turner of the Galen Institute, a critic of the ACA, has identified 70 administrative, legislative, and judicial changes in the law, some quite large, that attempt to compensate for its design flaws or forestall unacceptable consequent”(Moffit, 4).…

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  • HIIM Personal Statement

    witnessed countless times where doctors became frustrated because they could find the right diagnosis code or that their systems were constantly crashing. IT is not for everyone, not everyone can pick up skills easily, and in large scale programs like EPIC it is easy to get confused. This confusion can lead to decreases in response times and drag down a whole team. Not only that, but sometimes IT developments don’t have health care at the forefront. Response times and procedures aren’t always…

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