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  • Eighth Grade Reflection Essay

    Eighth Grade Reflection Over the course of eighth grade I have learned and experienced many new, exciting things. Becoming a part of the high school has allowed me to try new sports and learn more about myself and my friends. Before my first day I had an idea of what I thought this year would be like. There’s no way I would have been able to imagine what eighth grade actually turned out to be! I’ve grown in innumerable ways after experiencing this year. After accomplishing so much this year, if I were to give advice to an incoming eighth grader, I would have so much to tell them about! This year not only changed my academic life, but even some of my interests and personality traits. I remember back in seventh grade when my teachers scared all of us into thinking that eighth grade was going to be challenging and that we would have no time to think about anything but schoolwork. They made it seem like they were preparing us for the worst. After that, the first thought in my mind before starting my first day in a high school was that it was going to be terrifying. The upperclassmen weren’t going to like us, the work would be unbearable, and that it was going to be like a year out of a high school movie. However, I…

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  • Aditi Nayak's Speech: The Eighth Grade Salute

    The “Eighth Grade Salute” was a celebration and retrospective looking back at achievements of middle school for the class of 2014-2015 . It was also about looking ahead towards Freshman year while moving to the high school in a new campus, Aditi Nayak gave her speech reminiscing the school year, memorable events and looking ahead to high school and years beyond, in front an audience of 340 students who were present along with their parents in audience at the school auditorium . It was…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Eighth Grade High School

    When people think about graduation, whether it be eighth grade, high school, or college, it’s normally one of the best moments of their life. They’ve just accomplished a huge feat in their life, which is cause for a celebration. They are one step closer to achieving the ultimate goal they have set for themselves and are also maturing through the stages of life, gaining more responsibilities that will eventually shape them into well-rounded adults. However, this wasn’t the case for my eight grade…

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  • Graduation Speech: My Eighth Grade Teen Leadership Class

    Ba-dum. Ba-dum. My heart raced as I stood in front of my eighth grade Teen Leadership class to present a simple one-minute speech about myself. I wiped my sweaty palms on my khaki pants and tried to remember the speech that I had practiced in front of the mirror a thousand times. The entire class stared at my trembling hands, and l wanted to curl into a ball and cry. I could feel my whole face turn blazing red and my mind went blank. Twenty seconds in, and I had barely uttered my name. Where was…

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  • What Role Does Softball Play In My Life

    winning and losing did not matter at all. As long as I got to throw, hit, and catch the ball, I was happy. Like all little kids, I just wanted to get to feel the thrill of getting a hit and running around all of the bases to make it home. At six years old not only was I new to the sport of softball, but also to the girls that were signed up for the team. Prior to living in Brasher Falls and playing softball in North Lawrence, my family lived in Bombay. I have always been very talkative,…

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  • Lessons Learned From High School Essay

    here to make friends, but you must and you are going to. But I do not mind. For in this institution, making friends is like a lottery you cannot lose.” At 12 years old my mind couldn’t fathom a meaning behind that simple statement. I soon found out that she had simply meant no matter who I had chosen to be my friend, I would be choosing the right person. There was no ‘bad’ friend. But she was wrong. Like most parents usually are. High school for me started at seventh grade and ended at 11. Of…

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  • Essay On Sociological Influences

    your own style. I have two older siblings; a brother and a sister, and my sister is only a year older than I am. This tempted me to want to be just like her, which she did not enjoy as much as I did. I would try to be friends with her friends and of course at younger ages, we did not get along, so she would tend to push me out of her life. This was the most horrible feeling when I was younger, but today I thank her for it due to the fact that she pushed me to be my own person. Since middle…

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  • Job Shadow Reflection

    During my fall semester of junior year, I have been exposed to various skills and knowledge. 11th grade has definitely proven to be a challenging year. Yet, I have learned so much about myself and my community within a semester. As a junior, applying for colleges and looking into a possible career is just around the corner. I have been privileged to be given the opportunity to begin this process my junior year. In my AP English Language and Composition course, my teacher, Mr.Shoji…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Plane Of Development

    started public school and was there until I was in 2nd grade, When I started at Compass. Which brings me to my second plane of development. Not much happened until I got to Upper El. I remember really liking math and reading. I remember the first time someone told me I couldn 't do something, because she didn 't think I could. I was at the Library and I went into the “big kids books” I wanted to read a chapter book, I don’t remember what book.…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Tell Me Something About Me

    I was born In Karachi, Pakistan and spent the first three years of my childhood in Karachi. Unfortunately, I do not remember my time spent there as I was only a young child. Shortly after my family moved to Canada, I started school! I was one of those odd students who would be beyond excited to start school. My excitement lasted until grade nine, However, now I think I enjoy sleeping in a bit more. Even if I enjoy my sleep, school to me is really enjoyable, especially high school. To me, high…

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