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  • Middle School Concept

    of World War I was that many high school students dropped out in order to work while their fathers were away at war. With the Great Depression, this problem only increased. Schools across the country reacted to this by making lower grades more rigorous, since many students would only obtain an eighth grade education. This junior high system remained in place until around the 1960s, when the Carnegie foundation funded a study that brought about several changes, eventually evolving into the middle school concept. Focusing on a student centered environment, the middle school concept rose to popularity in the 1980s through the early twenty-first century and still remains popular in various forms today. Perhaps the most…

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  • Assignment In Middle School

    Math 32 First Assignment School is a huge part of growing up for everyone. It’s where our lives get started and we learn not just book smarts, but life skills as well. From kindergarten to the 12th grade, I’ve learned so much that its hard to fit it into one essay, but I’ll try. I know that in elementary school, like many others, I just followed the crowd. Teachers were supreme authority, lines were necessary for everything from drinking at the water fountain to waiting for lunch. Sitting at…

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  • Middle School Transition

    The transition from middle school to high school is a big one. It is one of the final steps students take toward the real world. Sadly, some don 't make it through this transition. There are ways to lessen the burden, one is possibly chunking the main classes into short demonstration classes to prepare for the transition. This would allow them to become more accustomed to the different mindsets and atmosphere of the new school, and therefore allow them to become better prepared for the next…

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  • Switch In Middle School

    When I talked to Megan, she told me about her experience with switching schools. She thought she would be unhappy with the switch at first, in fact, she was worried about her friends and whether west would actually be better. Megan was very nervous but ultimately decided that switching would be better than her previous situation. Like Megan, I felt worried about my first day at middle school. I knew nobody, most of the people from my elementary school went to Horning and my best friend was…

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  • Middle School Reflection

    High school is a big deal especially freshman year, but before I can prepare myself for High school year I have to first take a moment to reflect on my middle school year. Imagine a 5’1 twelve year old girl nervous and has never even heard of a Trf, if you have not already guessed it yes it is my first year of middle school. As a sixth grader it was hard for me trying to adjust to 7 classes and receiving good grades. The second quarter of my sixth grade year was a little bit better because I got…

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  • Descriptive Middle School

    day of going to a public middle school. There have been days when I was just dreaming about going to public school, being able to rant in the disruptive corridor to my friends about the test that was imminent in the next class as the late bell is virtually trying to blare through the black speakers in every classroom and in every corner of the hallway. It was these moments that I yearned for while leaning on my chair as it makes a displeasing noise that awakes the room as everyone waits for the…

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  • Middle School Paragraph

    with words. I only focused on the negative and never the positive, until I entered my middle school band class. My teacher, Mrs. McNair made a marvelous impact in my life. Her positive example provided me a whole new perspective on middle school. Middle school affected me in various ways, such as adapting to changes, befriending my peers, and dealing with discrimination. Getting accustomed a different environment was such a challenge. On the second day of middle school I thought that it was a…

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  • Middle School Experience

    School is an extraordinary journey that prepares us for life’s challenges in the future. I knew middle school wasn’t going to be filled with coloring activities and jigsaw puzzles like what I had experienced in elementary school. My junior high years were unexpectedly difficult. In order to reach my goals and be successful, I had to mentally prepare to be determined, focused and responsible. 6th grade began on August 10th; I felt nervous but confident. I expected my new classes to be a breeze…

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  • The Transition Of Middle High School

    transition from middle to high school is an exhilarating yet trying time in a student’s life. One loses touch with old friends while discovering new friends, norms, rules, and lifestyles. As I immersed myself into this transition, I discovered a spark ignited in me. Soon I found the importance of school socially and academically and began to strive for new heights I had yet to discovery. Because I discovered this spark early on, I have grown socially and academically throughout the years…

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  • My Middle School In America

    When I was 15, my family and I arrived on United States of America on Feb 11, 2011.Even though I went to an English medium school in India, the transition for me was hard. I began my middle school at IS 72. I met a lot of people and I could not comprehend what they were saying. When I was in my math class, my teacher told me to introduce myself, and I was frozen and did not know what to say to them. I was feeling the pressure because my classmates were staring and waiting for my introduction. My…

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