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  • Moral Development In Middle School

    Middle school is a very detrimental period in student’s lives. Students have to make tough choices, figure out who they want to be in life, form their own viewpoints about life; they are essentially trying to find themselves. Teachers can either have a positive or negative influence on students. Teachers have to instill in students dedication, standards, good work ethic, a clear sense of right and wrong, responsibility and respect. In this important period in student’s lives, students are going through five different realms of development, physical, cognitive-intellectual, moral, psychological and social-emotional development. These are all important developments for middle school students to become successful in the real world. The first…

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  • Middle School

    Middle school was supposed to be one of the best times of my life. Unfortunately, it was probably one of my worst. In grade school, I had a lot of friends. I thought middle school would be the same, but I was wrong. Sixth grade was hard. New classes, new routines, new people. I didn’t feel like I fit in with anyone, even my friends from grade school. I didn’t have any classes with anyone I knew and lunches were even worse. Sixth grade was a lonely year. The summer before seventh grade, I…

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  • Middle School Transition

    The transition from middle school to high school is a big one. It is one of the final steps students take toward the real world. Sadly, some don 't make it through this transition. There are ways to lessen the burden, one is possibly chunking the main classes into short demonstration classes to prepare for the transition. This would allow them to become more accustomed to the different mindsets and atmosphere of the new school, and therefore allow them to become better prepared for the next…

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  • Middle School Principals

    leadership lies in the manner in which leaders see and act on their own and their followers’ values and motivations” (p. 19). A key component to effective leadership is knowing how to speak and not dictate to followers (Burns). Every school principal, in order to be successful, must utilize effective leadership in order to succeed. The purpose of this study is to examine teachers’ perceptions of effective leadership in middle school principals. Furthermore, this study will examine teachers’…

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  • Middle School Reflection

    Holmes Elementary was a Black school, which helped me transition into Brownsville, a predominately Black school. One hundred and one students from several places received the invitation to participate in the Brownsville Middle School Magnet program. Of course, I did not get an invitation. I was thrust into that station with good reason and a glad heart. Thanks to Mrs. Rivers, I would have a chance at a normal life free of bullying, right? I had the time of my life for the semester that I went to…

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  • The Benefits Of Middle School

    The middle school is full of amazing experiences which prepares you for your next step in life. There may be some depressing moments , but for the most part middle school shapes you into the person you are now. Going into middle school I felt completly petrified and nervous. I remember walking through the halls with my head down hiding from everyone . Now I'm leaving with my head held up high , and enthusiastic. The Middle school has helped me improve both academically and socially. We also…

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  • Middle School Changes

    When I entered middle school I changed by a lot of ways. The most three ways that I have changed is I became more responsible, I acted more my age, and I found some new friends. These are the ways I have changed. One of the things that changed would be that I am a lot more responsible than I was last year. I have became a lot more responsible because in middle school the teachers are a whole lot stricter so if I do not act responsible and keep up with my work I would get detention. Plus I…

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  • Memories Of Middle School

    Middle school is the place where you have either the best or even the worst memories. Some could consist of you getting injured in kickball, you kicking the game-winning home run. I in fact have a lot of memories, one in which that I almost spilled Gatorade all my teacher. Some aren't as interesting, but they're still very funny. People look back at memories and laugh, but I laugh as it happens. My memories are almost spilling Gatorade on my teacher, playing kickball, and field day. First I…

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  • Perfectionism In Middle School

    I hate how perfect I think everything in my life has to be. I believe that all my “problems” stem from perfectionism. This behavior is important to change, solely because, the tiny details aren't important in the whole scheme of things. Caring too much about grades is probably one of the biggest things I struggle with under the “perfectionism umbrella.” I'm not even 100 percent sure why I do that to myself. I first started noticing the problem as early as middle school. My parents would…

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  • Middle School Curriculum

    The middle school is a school organization containing grades six to eight, and sometimes fifth that places an emphasis on creating a student-centered learning environment. Professionals within middle schools should strive to provide students with a curriculum that is integrative, challenging, and relevant via flexible scheduling, advisor-advisee programs, and teaming. Teaming with members of the faculty, the students’ families, and the members of the community is an important component to…

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