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  • Battle Of Midway Turning Point

    The Battle of Midway has been described by some as a turning point in World War II. Occurring just six months after the devastating attack by Japan on the United States Navy stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Japan believing they had weakened and frightened the United States now felt it was time for a secondary attack and full blown occupation of the island of Midway. Chosen not for any resources or because it had great facilities; Midway was chosen by Japan because of the islands location. “Aptly named, it sat in the middle of the Pacific at the far tip of the Hawaiian chain some 1,300 miles northwest of Oahu. (33) Japan still high off of their “victory” at Pearl Harbor ran supreme in the pacific; all allied forces were capable of at the…

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  • Relationship Between Climate Change, Migration And Human Health

    The IPCC states that sea level rise in the Pacific is on track with the predicted rise of .18 to .59 meters by 2090, severely threatening the land security of atolls that barely lie above sea level (“Human Health”, 2015). If the physical land no longer exists, populations will be forced to move. Livelihood security will also be threatened by the rising level and acidification of the seas. Populations in the Pacific are extremely dependent on fisheries and local agriculture for food. Rising sea…

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  • The Battle Of Midway: Lessons Learned

    The Battle of Midway: Lessons Learned In the months following the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii by the Empire of Japan, the United States found itself embroiled in conflict in two theaters of war; in Europe, North Africa, and the Atlantic as well as in the Pacific. Through the preceding years, the United States cautiously escalated its support for the Allied countries in the European theater with Anglo-American partnership programs such as the Lend-Lease Act and Destroyers…

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  • American Technological Sublime Analysis

    In fact, David Nye in the Introduction to the American Technological Sublime argues that Americans have been fascinated with the sublime nature of technology. Stating that the dynamic, geometric and electric sublimes are what spark this fascination, one can find that this American craving can be easily connected to the spectacles that Americans found truly sublime. For example, the spectacle of race was extremely apparent in the Colombian Exposition due to the symbolism of the Midway Plaisance…

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  • Sea Levels: The Causes And Effects Of Global Warming

    island is at a major risk for disappearing into the Atlantic Ocean. These effects have been seen with the island slowing disappearing over the last few decades with mild increases in temperature, but if the mass emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels isn’t decreased or eliminated, not only would the Marshal Islands be completely covered, but parts of the United States like San Francisco’s coasts, the Boston Bay area, and so many other major costal cities in the United States could be the…

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  • What Was Nimitz's Role In Ww2

    The Battle of Midway was fought in World War II. The battle occurred between 4-7 June 1942, but on 5 June 1942 the United States Navy defeated a Japanese attack against Midway Atoll. This marked a turning point in the war of the Pacific theatre. Due to the United States being able to break codes, they could anticipate and takeover Japan’s planned ambush of its few lasting aircraft carriers, imposing permanent damage on the Japanese Navy under Admiral Chester Nimitz. Nimitz interpreted the codes…

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  • Merchant Marine Prowess

    Admiral Chester Nimitz, Rear Admiral Raymond Spruance, and Rear Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher. Their leadership coupled with their men’s faith and familiarity in the available sea and aircrafts, despite the superiority of the aircrafts of the Japanese adversaries, as well as having won the favor of lady luck. While the attack on Pearl Harbor may have opened the curtain on the Pacific Theater, the Battle of Midway set the stage for an American victory over the Land of the Rising…

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  • Spanish American War At Sea Analysis

    Pacific Fleet, attained all of this information from Rochefort, he was now faced with America’s technological dilemma. The submarines were poorly designed and were armed with malfunctioning torpedoes. In addition, Nimitz had a small number of cruisers and destroyers in comparison to the Japanese. Furthermore, he lacked battleships and only had three carriers, which included the damaged Yorktown (Symonds. 208-209). Given the circumstances, it would be custom to remain defensive in battle until…

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  • Pearl Harbor Persuasive Essay

    On the third of June, Japanese planes attacked Dutch Harbor, Fort Glenns, and Mears in the Aleutians. Along with the attack on Australia, this was meant to be an attack that distracted and diverted the American fleet; however, due to the intelligence, the USN knew Midway was the main objective and was not dissuaded in any way. Even though the attack damaged Dutch Harbor severely, in the end, it hurt Japan far more than helping due to the loss of a slightly damaged Zero, which was recovered by…

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  • Biikini Atoll Persuasive Essay

    another in the name of peace? Bikini Atoll is located 850 kilometers northwest of Majuro on the northern fringe of the Marshall Islands and it has more than 23 islands and islets. The four islands are Bikini, Eneu, Nam and Enidrik. Out of the four islands, Bikini and Eneu were the only islands that have had a permanent population. On August 1945, United States dropped two nuclear weapons in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 120,000 people immediately got killed and this led to the end of…

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