Imperial Japanese Navy

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  • The Battle Of Midway: Lessons Learned

    in the Pacific. Through the preceding years, the United States cautiously escalated its support for the Allied countries in the European theater with Anglo-American partnership programs such as the Lend-Lease Act and Destroyers for Bases until war was declared on Germany and Italy in order maintain a measure of neutrality. In contrast, the deliberate attack on Pearl Harbor surprised the nation and ignited an unanimous fervor for the destruction of the Japanese war machine. As the Japanese marched across Southeast Asia and the…

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  • Battle Of Midway Analysis

    engaged the Japanese Imperial fleet in the Battle of Midway. The analysis of the events leading up to the Battle of Midway, the Battle itself, and its Aftermath, all represent just how influential Midway was in the Pacific War. By explaining some of the decisions and discoveries made by the American and Japanese forces, along with showing…

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  • Battle Of The Coral Sea Essay

    Battle of the Coral Sea was one of the major battles that demonstrated the power and effectiveness of the Japanese military, and the work that U.S. had to put in to make their military better. This battle would make Japan empire expand around the pacific. Before the war has even started each sides of the battle had a plan for what they were going to do. Japan plans was to isolate Australia from the allies, and then invade the port city of Moresby. From this Japan now has the ability to have…

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  • Pearl Harbor Persuasive Essay

    On the third of June, Japanese planes attacked Dutch Harbor, Fort Glenns, and Mears in the Aleutians. Along with the attack on Australia, this was meant to be an attack that distracted and diverted the American fleet; however, due to the intelligence, the USN knew Midway was the main objective and was not dissuaded in any way. Even though the attack damaged Dutch Harbor severely, in the end, it hurt Japan far more than helping due to the loss of a slightly damaged Zero, which was recovered by…

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  • How Did Ww2 Change Australian Foreign Policy

    Australia. In source 1, it depicts of a Japanese soldier holding a gun, towering over Australia (Wikipedia, 1942: refer to figure one in appendix). On the top of the poster its states ‘He’s coming south’. ‘He’ represents Japan as there is the Japanese flag in the background and they are heading to Australia to attack. The Japanese soldier appears to be much larger than Australia, which shows that they are much stronger and hold a lot of power over Australia. The soldier is pointing a gun towards…

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  • Collapse Of The Japanese Empire Essay

    Collapse of the Japanese Empire In the nineteen century, there was a great race for colonies among the biggest imperial powers. At that time, Japan was a country with a developed military force and remarkable ambitions. Thus, during a short time, Japan had colonized such countries as Korea, Taiwan and the islands in the Pacific Ocean. The participation in the League of Nations gave Japan an opportunity to colonize the Northern Mariana Island, the Carolina Island and Marshall Island with no…

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  • Battle Of Midway Research Paper

    amount of luck and good leadership and strategy contributed to the victory that destroyed a large number of Japanese military forces and weakened the Japanese Navy. This enabled the United States to island hop toward the Japanese mainland and enclose on their conquered empire, leading to a surrender and eventually the end of World War II. The United States was drawn into the Pacific on December 7, 1941, after the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The United States recovered the…

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  • Inter Service Rivalry Analysis

    preparation, planning, and execution inherent in such rivalries. The inability of Japanese and American commanders to effectively and efficiently coordinate operations and concentrate their forces at decisive points throughout the Pacific War is a cautionary example of how inter-service rivalries reduce the effectiveness of jointness in the operational domain of war. Unified Command First, inter-service rivalries made a unified strategy impossible which handicapped…

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  • Kamikaze Downfall

    Kamikaze means divine wind. This divine wind was first called on in the 13th century as many Mongol ships were very close to invade the unprepared and undermanned Japan. However, the Mongol’s plans were thwarted when a big wind out of nowhere rose up and destroyed all of the Mongol’s ships saving Japan from almost certain defeat. (Fahey) Kamikaze was later called on again in the 20th century to try and save Japan from the Allies who were going to invade in World War 2. However, this time the…

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  • Japan's Steel Imperialism

    19 February 1942. A total of 365 days have passed since the Japanese bombing of Darwin. Our now heavily populated thriving city of Townsville has transformed drastically from our once only main hub of Flinders Street. Many of us repeatedly question the Japanese and their motives behind their desire to bomb our golden country. Without a doubt, Japan has one of the strongest and loyal approaches to imperialism. We can only substitute Japan’s steel imperialism as an answer for their destructive…

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