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  • Douhet, And Trenchard's Analysis

    Trenchard, because strategic bombing with its predicted morale breaking effect did not lead to an uprising of the German population against the Nazi-Regime. Furthermore, their prophecies that air power alone could win a war; “the bomber will always get through” even without support of fighter escort; and that the bomber would be able to attack adversaries’ vital centers with high altitude precision bombing turned out to be false. Despite of excessive aerial bombing of vital centers, cities and industrial facilities,…

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  • Aviation In Ww2 Essay

    Fighter and Bomber Aircraft of WWII During World War II, aviation firmly established itself as an important part of warfare. Countries taking part in WWII quickly learned that dominating the air meant winning the war. Before WWII, most of the strategies for air warfare were mainly theoretical, since WWI had little effective air warfare, and most air to air combat at the time was primitive. Fighter aircraft are military aircraft which are designed mostly for air to air combat against other…

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  • Airpower Development

    unprecedented in size and sustained fury. With no need to fear the Luftwaffe, Allied aircrafts could lay waste to locations of their choosing.3 Thus, military forces that can “conquer the air,” and hold its air superiority, will gain advantage over its enemies. In turn, this provides the ability to strike from the air on crucial enemy targets and destroys the enemy’s ability to fight, and ultimately results in victory as proven in the Second World War.4 In contrast, during the Battle for…

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  • Essay On Landpower

    landpower depends on. Landpower cannot unilaterally maintain sea-lanes of communication. Landpower cannot defeat enemy fixed-wing aircraft in aerial dogfights. Neither can landpower provide redundant, secure, networked communications independently. The U.S. landpower capability is inherently interdependent and joint by its very nature. This interdependence and jointness explain why U.S. Army and Marines organized the way they did to seize Okinawa in WWII. It also informs how that shared WWII…

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  • Lockheed Martin's Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS)

    Introduction When it comes to maintaining and supporting legacy aircraft such as the F-16 within today’s Air Force inventory, the logistics scheme currently in use includes distinct and separate information systems for repair, supply, maintenance personnel and skills, mission planning and post-mission debriefings. They are standard for the Air Force and used by other fleets (Butler, 2013). With the introduction of the Joint Strike Fighter program, the F-35 will replace several aircraft…

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  • Second World War Prophecies Analysis

    fear from Luftwaffe, the Allied aircrafts could lay waste to locations of their choosing.3 Thus, military force that can “conquer the air” and hold that air superiority will gain advantage over its enemies. Gained advantage will provide ability to strike from the air on crucial enemy targets that will destroy enemy’s ability to fight and lead to the final victory as proven in the Second World War.4 On the contrast, during the Battle for Britain, Germans failed to gain air superiority. On…

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  • Colonel John Boyd Case Study

    BACKGROUND PAPER ON JOHN BOYD 1. Colonel John Boyd was a United States Air Force pilot who retired in 1975. He had gained the nickname “Forty second Boyd” because he bet, that in forty seconds, he could defeat any attacker from a disadvantaged position. He went on to develop maneuverability strategies and also help designed aircraft such as the f16. Throughout John Boyd’s career, he has demonstrated that he is a good leader by showing initiative, being proactive, and demonstrating good…

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  • Informative Essay On Louis Ted Seith

    “It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it” - Douglas MacArthur. You must be able to risk things in order to have a gain. He was born on January 17, 1921 and passed away on March 6, 2007 at the age of 86. Louis Ted Seith was the commander of the 483rd Bomb Group which destroyed the only flying prototype of the Nazi Long Range Bomber and lots of fighter jets while more than 200 enemy fighters opened fire on the bomb squadron without an escort from ally fighter jets. He may have…

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  • 9 11: A First Responder To 9/11

    in with Dulles Tower to let them know that they were coming, and then they had to check in with the National Tower. When they called Dulles, Dulles Tower said, “National Tower has been abandoned. You guys are on your own. God speed.” While flying to the Pentagon, my dad was watching the building burn and one of his partners said, “’Oh my god, look at that,’” and my dad said, “I know, I can’t believe it.” Then his partner said, “’No, no, no, there’s a fighter plane coming at us.’” My dad looked…

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  • Golden Age Of Aviation

    WW1 aircraft were slowly being replaced with the all metal monoplane. Aircraft progressively were being designed with retractable undercarriages for streamlining, avionics and more powerful radial engines or supercharged piston engines. These created aircraft that were able to fly much further, faster and higher than the WW1 aircraft with greater manoeuvrability. Fighter aircraft such as the Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane that was used by Royal Air Force for the Battle of Britain,…

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