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  • Essay On Figure Skating

    Introduction As a figure skater with an enthusiasm for figure skating for many years, my choice of investigation for my internal assessment came to me quite easily. I have been a figure skater for eleven years and during this period I have been able to deepen my knowledge of the relationship between body coordinates and movements/positions of figure skating. I will be investigating the relationship between the body’s initial and interim positions and the outcome of a figure skater’s trajectory during a jump as well as a figure skater’s angular momentum during counterclockwise rotational spins. A figure skater is trained to use a double axel, a jump with forward takeoff, with a split jump to create a parabolic leap in the air. A double axel contains an additional rotation in the air due to the forward takeoff. Assuming that there is no friction on the ice and no resistance in the air, every figure skater must be concerned about his maximum height, horizontal and vertical displacement and the speed required to perform a perfect jump with a double axel. A figure skater’s trajectory can be determined by the initial takeoff angle of the ice skate’s blade, initial velocity, and the initial height of the takeoff. The peak of the figure skater’s vertical displacement is also known as the figure skater’s maximum value due…

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  • Figure Skating Vs Ice Skating

    With the temperatures falling, you're most likely searching for an activity for the entire family. Ice skating is a terrific way to get much-needed exercise in the winter when it's too cold to play outside. Whether you're an adult skating after a long absense or lacing up skates on your children for the first time, there are ways you can avoid injury on the ice. When it's your first time skating, you should choose figure skates over hockey skates. The blades on figure skates are longer and…

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  • Check Please Analysis

    In this revision of my micro essay, “Gender, Sexuality, and Sports in Check, Please!,” I will focus on the idea of being queer in sports, namely hockey, and how masculinity and sports culture in the webcomic’s world affect these characters (in this case, Jack Zimmermann and Eric Bittle). In order to support this idea, I will be using several of the comics, ranging from year one to the most current update, and analyzing certain aspects of them in depth. This would differ from my original essay,…

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  • Personal Narrative: Hopelessness In The United States

    raining, I'm also horribly sick. With snot dripping from my nose; a box of seemingly useless Kleenexes to the side of the bed, the seconds tick by one after the other. Each minute seeming as long as, or longer than, an hour. I lie in bed, with my eyes closed, but sleep does not come, I'm starving, yet on the verge of vomiting. My mother is out in the cold, with rain pouring down, in order to bring back food, and for this I feel grateful. Better to be sick now than later, I conclude, aware of the…

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  • Expectations In Christopher Anthony's Song Of Shibutanis

    Flying across the ice, the two time U.S. gold medalists Alex and Maia Shibutani danced their hearts out to Paradise by Coldplay only to lose their third gold medal at the National Figure Skating Championships. Their dance and song choice touched the lives of people all around the world, but wasn’t enough to hold their own against the skaters to come. Although the title was the lost, the words to the Shibutanis song of choice speaks volumes. Songwriter Christopher Anthony pulls at the string’s of…

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  • The National Gallery Of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink

    Monday through Thursday from 10 A.M to 9 P.M., Friday and Saturday from 10 A.M to 11 P.M., and Sunday from 11 A.M to 9 P.M., unless there is rain or weather below 20 ° F, for less than $10, guests are allowed to have two-hour sessions to skate at the rink. The skating rink is located on the National Mall at 7th St. and Constitution Ave. NW. The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink also offers lessons that are taught by Emme Porter and Bruce Porter, who have taught choreography, ice…

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  • The Golden Age Of Sports In The 1920's

    were allowed to compete in swimming, diving, skating, skiing, tennis, horseshoe pitching, table tennis, fencing, golf, field hockey,…

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  • Ice Princess: The Physics Behind Figure Skating

    Physics Behind Figure Skating Growing up as a child, I always went to the RDV and saw girls my age participating in figure skating. That is when my fascination began. However, I could not join because I was already committed to dancing. Additionally, a movie came out on Disney Channel when I was younger; it was called Ice Princess. The movie centered on a girl focused on physics and she had a similar project as mine: looking at the physics of ice-skating. As she spent time videotaping and making…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Joy Of Figure Skating

    Why!? Why I didn't start ice skating since when I was younger? I knew that I was into this sport and interested in spins and jumps. The moment that I experienced a love at first sight happened when I was in kindergarten. Before kindergarten, I wasn't really into any sports. In contrast, one day, I was watching the Olympics on TV with my family. I was watching women's figure skating session and all of the women athletes were practicing on ice. After the practice, face of every athlete…

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  • Personal Narrative: Welcome To The World Of Figure Skating

    you rushing by in a blur, and imagine the ground rising up to meet you. Visualize the world spinning away while waiting for it to come back. Experience the sharp pain of falling, which will make you strive for the satisfaction of perfection. Welcome to the world of figure skating. This day began like any other day, waking up four in the morning to drive 30 miles down to Hackensack, New Jersey. I lived in that blue Honda Odyssey minivan that smelled like whatever meal I had eaten last.…

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