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  • The Hunger Games: Katniss Everdeen In The Hunger Games

    The Hunger Games What does it mean to be a hero in an exciting fantasy Adventure? The most important question who wouldn’t want to be the hero of any story? And that’s what happens with Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games. She’s a girl that was in a situation where she didn’t want to be the hero and was forced or I should say chose to force her self to be the hero. This is a story of a higher power force to destroy civilians and make them live under fear and turn them into weak creatures. The Hunger Games are yearly games where there are 2 kids from the age of 12 to 18 from each district where they get chosen to play these games, which is basically fighting for your life. There are 12 districts total and each district must have a girl tribute…

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  • My Favorite Game: The Most Important Basketball Game

    My senior year in high school I played in one of the most important basketball games of my life. The south state championship game between Wayne County and West Jones was the biggest rivalry game ever. There were so many feelings of emotions running through my veins. Nervousness, fear, and relief were just some of the many feelings that I felt throughout the entire game. As many people know Wayne County and West Jones playing each other in any sport has always been one to remember, and as…

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  • Scrabble Game Analysis

    all kinds of people who play Scrabble competitively, even children. COOPER 2 COOPER: (0:57) A very good game would be like a 400. Braggable is maybe 500. The best I’ve gotten in a club or tournament is 568, but I got like a 6-something against a friend. That’s Cooper Komatsu, an 8th grader from Southern California, and one of the top youth Scrabble players in the country. COOPER 1 COOPER: (16:11) We have the best combined rating, and the highest rated player in the tournament, which is…

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  • The Game Hero: A Strategy Board Game

    The game “Hero” is a strategy board game that uses a turn based pattern to create a dynamic game board. The thing that intrigued me the most about Hero is the sheer amount of possible strategies one can do in order to win. Players are given the choice to play in various board configurations (10x10, 15x15, and 20x20). The amount of moves exponentially increases as the board increases in size, which can cause a great deal of movement variations for each game piece. Now onto the gameplay itself.…

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  • The Snow Snake Game: The Legend Of The Snow Snake Game

    This activity is one of the traditional games the Iroquois would play. The snow snake game was played in the winter, in an area with enough space, after the hunting men came back. The game would be a large celebration that the women and kids would get into as well. It could be comparable to football and baseball games because all the families and friends would come to cheer on their favorite player. Each player carved a piece of wood into a spear shape with a curved end. Then, the player would…

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  • Desensitization In The Hunger Games

    In the Hunger Games, desensitization is a key component in the Capitol’s ignorance and arrogance. Not only do the Capitol citizens find the violent nature of the Games completely normal, but it is also a great source of entertainment for them. No one should find the murder of children by other children entertaining and the Capitol citizens must be very heartless because of it. The Capitol citizens would feel differently about the Games if their own children competed and faced the full effect…

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  • Game Wardens Profession

    career choice is to be a Fish and Game Warden, the Officers protect the environment like plants, animals, and any other living things. The reason for many people wanting to be one, is that people can be outside enjoying nature while trying to catch someone doing something to it. Another reason that many like this job is, because those people love to hunt and fish. That takes part in the job requirement because the Game Wardens are catching people doing those things but illegally. What do Game…

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  • Thatgamecompany Game Analysis

    2012), a game made by Thatgamecompany, has won many awards and also broke a record of being the fastest selling PlayStation Network game, exceeding the other first and third party games ever released (Miller). One of the first things players will notice is the stunning visual of the game, and its’ complementary soundtrack. The beautifully rendered, yet relatively simple environment makes the character focus on the main theme implied in this this game, “journey”. Nonetheless, these are not the…

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  • Playing A Game Analysis

    What is it about playing games that can bring out the worst in people? You can be playing a game like Sorry and you 're bestfriend can become your worst enemy. It happens in so many games, but Diplomacy took another approach. It’s a little more civil and you can still piss someone off, but at least it’s not from blind luck. Diplomacy took skill and knowledge and taught many lessons in the process. One major lesson to learn is know who your allies are and find out if you can trust them. Anybody…

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  • Essay On Game Week

    For my first reflection, I figured I would write about one of the biggest weekly events on campus: the football game. The game I am speaking of is the Iowa State game and I hope to give a perspective of what is like to be a player at TCU and how we experience the game. To many, this game was probably very boring because it was at 11 in the morning and we were able to handle our business without much stress. However, it is also a game where I feel like I can illustrate the design thinking…

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