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  • Jaybelle's Transnational Journey

    other Filipino and Filipina immigrants bear the burden of scouring for finances while feeling discrimination as people of color in the work force, carry the reputation of their homeland through their behaviors amidst unfamiliar American culture, and hold a hope for the actualization of the American Dream. The significance behind Jaybelle’s transnational journey delves deeper than the blanket generalizations that “all Filipina immigrants are caretakers or nurses” and validates the histories behind her experiences in migrating to America as well as the ambitions for social mobility as a nurse of color. The “push and pull” migration forces in her life contribute to the self-made woman she is today, rising from a poverty-stricken…

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  • The Dark Body

    The bias society we live in often finds it necessary to hide the truth in order to maintain possession of a certain group. In the articles, “Hyper-sexuality of the Dark Body” by Siobhan Brooks and “We Don’t Sleep around like White Girls Do” by Yen Le Espiritu, the author exemplifies the theme of sexual oppression and how that has ruined the reputations and lives of colored women. The authors have taken their perspectives into account to show how much of a damage society has put them through.…

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  • Stockton's Little Manila Analysis

    in life. It was through this dream that Filipino Americans sought to acquire and accomplish throughout their ongoing struggle within the years before and after World War II. The population of the United States as a whole is one that is vast and truly diverse. In a California town of Stockton (dubbed “Little Manila” by the Filipino community), this diversity was truly making a precedent and growing quite rapidly. A rapid influx of Hispanic and Asian immigrants through the years began to sprout…

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  • Like Flowers In The Sky Analysis

    cultural transition meant that she would inevitably lose most or all of her early heritage. Imprisoned by the travails of exile, loss, and assimilation, Chin releases her frustration through her poetry. Vanessa Huang also uses her poetry to express her anger with the issues of identity and ethnicity. However, whereas Chin writes about the irretrievableness of her family’s past, Huang writes about the unjustness of racial or ethnic stereotypes and expectations through activist poetry. Filipino…

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  • Homa Masaharu

    , and Homma Masaharu. At the end of it all Homma Masaharu was help responsible for the death march, “war crime” and was finally executed by a firing squad on the day of April 3rd, 1946. These men listed before were all involved in taking over the Americans, and Filipinos on a 65-mile Death March, from the Southern end of the Bataan Peninsula, all the way to San Fernando (Networks, 2016). This took place several hours right after the…

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  • Filipino Labor

    Before we can understand the labor dynamics of what Filipino immigrants faced in the United States, we have to retract to earlier history between the formation of the United States and Philippine relationship. In 1898 after Spain surrendered the Philippines to the United States, President McKinley issued the Benevolent Assimilation program “…which promised that the Americans came as friends and not as conquerors” (Mabalon 29). This eventually opened the gates of Filipino migration to the United…

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  • Did Rizal Supported The 1896 Philippine Revolution Of Bonifacio Case Study

    Did Rizal supported the 1896 Philippine Revolution of bonifacio? Why or why not? - I don’t think he did. If I were to tell based on what I understand in his point of view, he don’t want Filipinos to revolt yet, because he knew that this will not succeed. But on the other hand, I think that he supported it on his own ways. He wanted Filipinos to be free, one of the reason why he build the group “La liga Filipina, it’s because he wanted too, to revolt but I think he is still waiting for the right…

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  • The Importance Of Filipino Food And Food In The Philippines

    “Magandang umaga po sa inyong lahat” or in english, “Good morning to all of you.” Before we start, may I ask how many in here enjoys eating Filipino food? And from those hands raising, how many knows how to cook some Filipino food? (Insert to the audience) You may or may not be a Filipino but if you know and love eating Filipino foods especially using your bare hands to eat it, is close to being one of them because this is one of the Filipinos’ trademark for they are known to be food lovers. I…

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  • America In The Heart Chapter Analysis

    America Is In The Heart by Carlos Bulosan starts with Carlos’ dad plowing their fields in their barrio as Carlos thinks he sees what looks to be his brother, Leon, who was believed to be in Europe fighting in the war. The man is Leon, who Carlos hadn’t seen since he was a young child. At the time of 1913 the Philippines was going through radical social change. Farmers are filling the rural areas while the younger generation is in a movement of change in their homeland. The farm is only thing…

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  • Personal Narrative-I M In Love With America

    I’m in love with America, is how Jee Marie describes her life now. I met Jee at work last year, I am lucky to call her my friend. From Bantayan, Philippines to Old Orchard Beach Maine, is a journey Jee never expected to take as a child. She was raised with her family and extended family on an expansive farm. The first thing you notice about Jee is that she smiles no matter what her circumstances. This is a Filipino trait as her family taught her, the Filipino people have been through tragedies,…

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