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  • Personal Goals Of Life

    try to one up. Well, no matter who it might be, or what goals people set for themselves, the journey we create to get there is the life we solely choose to live. Some people choose to idolize and excessively focus on the bigger picture and are happy only when they’ve maxed out each checkpoint to reach their goal. While others are content with the comfort of knowing that they have a place to be and one day they’ll get there, but, for now, they can just back away…

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  • Personal Experience: Personal Narrative Of My Life

    I find myself becoming increasingly unsure about my life every day I go to work. I feel myself stagnating. I no longer enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer. School is one of the only ways to better myself and I am finding that taking classes while working full-time may have been more than I bargained for. I am made abundantly aware of my lack of significance in this world with every passing moment. I try to find some sort of greater meaning in my actions every day, while working,…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Rhythm Of Life

    from everyone. With knowing that everyone as a since of purpose can make people view their life differently. They are different ways to find happiness in. Purposeful and meaningful way of living can be positive way of life. Throughout Matthew Kelly The Rhythm of Life, brings up that everyone has a purpose, and have a way to achieve happiness. They are different ways here people can get happiness from. Also, happiness can help us become the best version of yourselves. Living in the moment can…

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  • Personal Improvement Project: Journey To A Healthier Life

    One of the most important factors in life is health. Health contributes to our overall well-being and lifestyle. There are so many benefits to having a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is the first step to lower the risk of attaining a weight or health related disease. Not all diseases are preventable, but a large proportion of diseases, like heart disease and diabetes, can be avoided. Avoiding disease is not the only benefit of living a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthier life…

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  • Personal Reflection On My Experience In My Life

    Janae KopetJanuary 17, 2016Adult Studies Seminar Block1 Kopet.Session1.Journal As far back as I can remember, I have always had a desire to understand people and why we do the things we do, to understand and evaluate the human condition. If I were to reflect on an experience in my life that influenced me in this direction, I could go back to growing up without a father and always having an awareness of how this affected my life, and the life of my brother. I could go back to the years of…

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  • Personal Narrative: An Important Word In My Life

    College. What an important word. A word that so many people say. A word I have heard so many times. A word that I have always known will be a part of my future. A perpetual goal of mine. Now, I’m thrilled to be getting a chance to start earlier than I had imagined. I have excellent attendance at school. I have never missed the day of a test, never turned in late homework, and I make sure to get all of my homework done even if I am sick. I put a deep emphasis on school. I realize the importance…

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  • Personal Narrative: How To Live A Healthier Life

    Before, I’ve never paid that much attention to how important my social, emotional, environmental, and spiritual health played a huge part into my life. Now that I have a more constructed idea on what’s important to me and what isn’t in my day by day routines, I plan on eliminating any negativity that may approaches me so that I can live a more happier, care-free agenda. I have also came to the understanding that my Physical health is a huge priority on the counts of living a happier life. I now…

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  • Education Plays An Important Role In Personal And Professional Life

    person, education plays an important role in their personal and professional lives. Having a good career provides them a more desirable lifestyle by making them economically stable and likewise it also strengthen their self confidence. And more often, education works as an instrument to be successful in this world. Being educated more often, changes an individual 's view on the society. In addition, the educational experiences a person gaining in their college life help them throughout their…

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  • Hunting: A Personal Narrative Experience Throughout My Life

    Throughout my life, I have had many formative experiences, some good and some bad. However there are few that stick with me today, dictating nearly everything I do. I am an avid hunter, outdoorsman, and conservationist, consequently one event that I can point to and say “That has had a profound impact on my life!” is the first time I went hunting. Hunting changed nearly my entire outlook on life; I feel more connected to my family, friends, nature, and most especially God. I have had many…

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  • Personal Narrative: Becca's Life

    neighborhood in Shelburne Falls, the town she had lived in her entire life, anxiously beginning her freshmen year as a Health, Wellness and Occupational Studies major at the University of New England. As she drove down the back roads she knew so well, she could not help but think back on all she was leaving behind. Her quiet home amongst farmland, the bed she collapsed in each time she had a bad day, her costumes and shoes from her fifteen year dance career, pictures and clothes and the four…

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