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  • The Human Mind: Discourse Of The Mind

    Discourse of the Mind “The human brain is an engine of belief. Our minds continually consume, produce, and attempt to integrate ideas about ourselves and the world that purport to be true” (Moral). Everything that humans produce, take part in, or observe is a result of the mind and its ideas. Many humans fail to realize this truth, even though it is essentially the foundation of everyday action. Truths about the mind can be studied and used to benefit society through areas such as education, technology, and civil rights. The purpose of this discourse is to explore the immense domain of the human mind that is far more significant than humans realize (“Drugs”). It is important that humans realize how much our minds are actually capable of. Also,…

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  • Mind Wandering

    A possible limitation of this review were the studies which addressed potential functions of mind wandering which did not provide substantial causal evidence to support their concepts.This review aimed to structure the literature presented on mind wandering over the last 30 years by framing it in a new context that would influence its integration into main stream models of executive attention. The strength of this review was in how it provided an extensive framework for describing the existing…

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  • Mind Mischiefs

    Mind mischief Going through college is a crucial moment in life for those who want to continue their education and is hard to confront. What makes it hard to confront is the mental strength needed to endure and go through college. In the article, “New Research: Students Benefit From Learning That Intelligence Is Not Fixed” by Ingfei Chen, she explains how students in school that are struggling in school have a mindset know as fixed mindset. Fixed mindset is when someone believes that they…

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  • Mind Affirmations

    Out of all the people you can aspire to be in the world, it's best to just be yourself. Furthermore, it's best to work on becoming the best version of yourself. There's never going to be anyone like you and that's your superpower. If you've spent most of your life working to be like other people, it's time to change things up and give yourself full permission to be yourself through these four practices. 1. Affirmations It's time to pull a trick from your psychotherapist's handbook and work on…

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  • The Importance Of The Mind: Taking Control Of Your Mind

    GOOD IDEA Remember you have a choice. FACT No thought or belief is set in concrete. CREATING CHANGE By changing one of the following areas it will enable the other areas to change also because they interact with one another, and are influenced by each other. Environmental Changes and events Physical Reactions Thinking Style Behaviour Change Mood Changes MINDFULNESS Mindfulness is the latest buzzword in the therapy world.…

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  • Rational Mind Vs Emotional Mind Essay

    The complexity of the human mind exemplifies through two main components: the rational and emotional mind. While the rational mind derives from scientific reasoning and past experiences, the emotional mind emerges reactive and centers on bodily emotions. When effectively balanced, the rational and emotional minds create a sense of harmony, through making decisions that satisfy both the head and the heart. The amygdala, a key component of the emotional mind, “ is an almond shaped cluster of…

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  • Dualism: Relationship Between Mind And Mind

    We process with our brains and we feel with our minds. As a result, the relationship between brain and mind is a strange one. In some cases, the two words can be used interchangeably and in others they lose this synonymatic quality. The brain is described in terms of the physical: it has properties like weight and mass. In contrast, the mind is described in terms of the mental: it has properties like accessibility through introspection and pattern recognition. Philosophers disagree on the exact…

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  • Mind Wandering Theory

    Review Paper was “mind-wandering” and whether it had an effect on film comprehension. Mind wandering is defined as an attentional shift away from a primary task or ongoing event in the external environment towards internally task-unrelated thoughts or feelings; it is basically a daydream. Researchers have studied this topic for years and concluded that mind wandering occurs when there is little attention required in our daily tasks. I mentioned in my paper that sitting in a one hour and…

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  • The Importance Of Mind Mapping

    What is mind mapping? It is very easy to become overwhelmed with all the information around us in today’s day and age. The minute we wake up our mind is already performing mental gymnastics, trying to figure out how to get all the tasks done. Even with all this meteoric advancement in communication through other dispensable forms linking and absorbing information. Productivity should be sky-high with the immense amount of resources. However that is not the case when we are supposed to manage…

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  • The Selfish Mind Analysis

    When talking about the ‘soul’, the non-physical essence of a human being, many philosophers will use different words to mean the same thing. Words such as ‘mind’, ‘psyche’, and ‘spirit’ can all potentially be used interchangeably to mean soul. Many philosophers choose not to use the word ‘soul’ as it can have religious connotations, which may not necessarily be wanted when simply talking about the separation between the body and the mind. There are two general approaches to the idea of there…

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