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  • The Importance Of Mind Maps

    “The mind map is an expression of radiant thinking and is therefore a natural function of the human mind. It is a powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlocking the potential of the brain.” In simpler words, a mind map “is the easiest way to put information into [our] brain and to take information out of [it].” It can also be said that mind maps are innovative and practical thinking tools to process information. Their primary aim is to take advantage of our cerebral capacity. “The mind map can be applied to every aspect of life on which improved learning and clearer thinking will enhance human performance.” Mind maps were popularized by the English writer and educational consultant, Tony Buzan as a result…

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  • The Importance Of Test-Taking Strategies To Making A Good Grade

    also videos and practice essay questions online from CIE in regard to US History. So this would all help me answer the questions and learn/remember the information for the test. Reciting is also a key strategy for studying. You can make a mind map summary sheet and/or use flashcards to help learn the information. For a history test, I could use mind map summary sheets to test my knowledge by determining how much I know on a topic. For example, if the topic is the 1850 Compromise, then I would…

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  • Example Of A Linear And A Mind Map Guidelines

    task is to find more information about each of the points on your outline. At this stage, as well as more information about points on your outline, you may find another point or two that you need to add. This is OK – just reorganise your essay outline. Writing your essay Finally, you can begin writing. You don’t have to write your essay in the same order that people read it. Sometimes you might find that writing the introduction first helps you to be clear about the content and intention of…

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  • Reflective Essay: Improving Study Skills

    After having to take your class I have realized that my study skills were not up to par at all. As the semester began to progress I started to buckle down and sit down and take the time that all the material that needed to be studied was receiving it 's appropriate study time. After being able to just sit down at my desk and assess the work that is at my desk I can finally study and work to my full potential. I learned that from all the concentration activities that we had done in…

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  • Reflective Essay: What To Expect From College

    College as a whole is not at all what I expected it to be like, just because I was able to wake up early for highschool it doesn’t even equal up to waking up early for a college class. Being a freshman I didn’t know what to really expect from college except from what I seen on tv. I’m a biology major currently taking five classes, Biology 131, Biology 160, Core 101, Math 138, and University 100. I was originally in six classes, but to take some of the load off that I had I decided to withdraw…

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  • Why Study Diagrams

    Studying is one of those things that each person does differently. In my past I have found that I work best with diagrams and pictures for studying since I am a very visual learner. I have also used list and steps or rewriting my notes to help me study. In classes like anatomy and microbiology; diagrams, pictures, and videos have always helped me study processes or steps. Science classes happen to be most of my classes since I am a nursing major so I am using diagrams a lot. When I am taking my…

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  • The Importance Of Studying

    As it gets close to graduation I try to figure out how to cram 1 years work into 3 days before final exams. Unfortunately, I failed and was not going to graduate with my class, after a few tears and pleading I got the points to graduate. That day I took studying seriously. My first year at Post was my best year when it came to studying I felt more comfortable with my study routine. Studying is something you don 't inherit it takes the time to develop a good study habit that works for…

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  • Weighted Concept Maps

    The referent-based method, focusing on comparing the student map with a criterion, has been used in related studies and the research results indicate it is valid and reliable, but this method does not pay attention to the degree of importance of different propositions, and assumes that all of the propositions in a student-created concept map are equally important, which is not always true in reality. Weighted concept maps were created for scoring the degree of importance of different…

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  • My Self Awareness Papers

    Taking notes is a process that has 3 steps in it. The first step starts way before you even step in the classroom. (Ellis, 2013, p.53) It means making sure you are active both mentally and physically. Before going to class, reading over materials that were assigned the day before helps you be more involved in the lecture. It allows you to have basic knowledge of what the lecture will be about. Writing notes over the section you read will also give you an advantage to knowing the material better.…

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  • Innovation In Leadership

    In today’s society, innovation plays a key role in CEOs and leaders in every company that represents America’s workforce. Why is this you ask? Creating innovative ideas and the ability to keep up with the latest trend is forever evolving. Things be changed live in the world in which companies excel millions every year from creative ideas. At the top of every company is a leader, it takes a leader to keep a business thriving and moving forwards. The responsibility of innovative ideas things be…

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