Mini-mental state examination

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  • Mini Mental Status Assessment

    Cognitive impairment and chronic mental illness are conditions that need special attention when noted. These changes can impact the older adult’s ability in performing their activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). According to Touhy and Jett (2012), cognitive changes are often overlooked and undiagnosed by healthcare providers that may lead to greater impairment and functional decline, because of missed early intervention and treatment (p.376). Health care professionals must be cognizant with these changes to detect early problem, prevent progression, and in implementing proper treatment. The Folstein Mini Mental Status Examination (MMSE) is an important screening tool on older adult patient with…

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  • Dementia Evaluation

    patients mental processes. They show signs of memory loss, impaired reasoning and changes in their personality. Correctly assessing the patient for signs of the condition is extremely important. The chances of developing dementia increase with age and 14.7% of people over 70 are diagnosed with dementia (Jarvis, 2016). The diagnosis of dementia is not only stressful for the patient but also the family members and caregivers. Tests such as the Mini-Cog are tools that are used along with a…

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  • Case Study Still Alice

    when in the movie she makes a video telling herself that when she does not remember the personal questions to take a full bottle of pills and committing suicide. Since her diagnosis she has been teaching and learns that her Alzheimer’s is affecting her job, she then stops working. As the movie went on it seemed that not working was taking an effect on her since she has always been a motivated person who strives on challenge (Glatzer, 2015). Once Alice found out that her type of Alzheimer’s was…

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  • Essay On Mental Status Assessment

    Assessment Report: MAST and the Mental Status Examination A counselor that is meeting with a client should consider the use of assessments. Assessments can be an extremely useful tool. However, the counselor should consider the client’s cultural background and how if the assessment is appropriate to use. During an aspiring counselor’s journey in fieldwork, one may have to use assessments that could benefit the client. An aspiring counselor may use an assessment to assist him or her with…

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  • Mental Status Examinations (MSE)

    Mental Status Examinations (MSE) are semi-structured assessment interviews designed to evaluate the client’s current cognitive process, while focusing primarily on psychiatric diagnoses versus neurological functioning (Sommers-Flanagan & Sommers-Flanagan, 2014). As an examiner, ideally, you should be able to “balance emotional sensitivity with appropriate objective detachment” (Sommers-Flanagan & Sommers-Flanagan, 2014, p. 250). Additionally, as with any interview or assessment, it is crucial to…

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  • Clinical Interview Essay

    open-ended questions are helpful in finding out more information about the client and their situations. These types of questions require the client to give a response that are more in depth and has a lengthier response, whereas, close-ended questions can be answered in one word . These are not the type of question the interviewer should be asking during a clinical interview these questions have a potential to end the conversation. Open-end questions are the ones that usually spark the…

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  • Qualitative Approach

    Taylor states that under the causal approach, “actions are events which are peculiar in that they are brought about by desires, or intentions, or combinations of desires and beliefs. As events, actions may be described among other ways as physical movements…In this, they resemble a host of other events which are not actions. What distinguishes them is a peculiar type of psychological cause: that they are brought on by desires or intentions” (Taylor, pg. 78). To understand an action is to…

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  • Dark Romanticism In Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart

    Heart” resolves to eliminate the old man as it is indicative of revenge to stop the unconscious torment of the narrator’s unstable mind. A. Through the sensational and precise details of the narrator’s motive, the immense obsession with the old man’s eye causes the narrator to strategize a plan of eliminating the old man. The narrator’s customary strategy of killing is vividly portrayed with realistic and sensational details that it provides realism to the readers’ mind. In the following quote,…

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  • Malingering Case Study

    of cognitive impairment to avoid being civilly committed in the psychiatric hospital. It is imperative that forensic psychologist determine whether a defendant is malingering or denying a psychiatric disorder. This determination ultimately would prove or disprove culpability of the accused defendant and confine these defendants in the appropriate place. Often times defendants fake a mental illness to receive a lesser sentences or avoid going to jail/prison. In other circumstances defendants deny…

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  • SLUMS Screening Toolbox: A Case Study

    Introduction Screening tools are an important part of the physical therapy toolbox. It is the first step needed, to identify patients that are at risk for a particular medical condition. For the screening examination to be valid, it has to follows important guidelines to ensure its precision. Screening inquisitions can be arranged in a variety of frameworks, for instance, an individual answer a series of standardizing questions or a dynamic pattern; a person is engaged in selected…

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