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  • Describe Minnesota's Landscape

    Minnesota’s landscape Minnesota is one of the many states of United States. It is located around the western region of the north United States of America. Survey research reveals that Minnesota is among United States’ largest states. The state is highly dependable by the Americans, especially when it comes to agricultural production. Minnesota’s development is what triggered me towards studying the state fully and ascertain how it really came to being, and how it has developed since it was established. Therefore, to comprehend the state’s being and development according to my study, consider the paragraphs below broadly. As a geographer, I decided to study Minnesota and all that is in it. To have a broader view and study of its landscape,…

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  • Case Study Of The 1988 Kanabec County Disappearances

    In 2012 a friend of mine said “there were 10 people that went missing in the summer of 1988 here in Kanabec county.” Kanabec county, Minnesota is the county I grew up in. I will not name the town I grew up in to protect my identity. I talked to a deputy at the Kanabec county sheriff 's office about the disappearance 's of 1988. The deputy told me I should talk to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. I called the BCA and asked them and they refuse to talk about it. I sent them a…

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  • Prejudice And Racism In Duluth In The 1920's

    However, it also brings tension and racism along with it. We all come from many different cultures, some being pretty similar and some being completely different. Sense we come from different cultures and races we all believe in different ideas and beliefs. For example, the Native Americans have a very different culture than some one who was born in Bemidji, Minnesota. There is a huge tension between some of the Native Americans and Caucasians people throughout Minnesota and the United States…

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  • Betty Mccollum Case Study

    Congresswoman Betty McCollum has been representing the fourth congressional district since the turn of the century and has effectively represented the bias of her of constituents in the House of Representatives. McCollum has an “almost perfect liberal voting record” as illustrated in Fig 1.5 which is more progressively liberal than her Democratic predecessor, Bruce Vento (Almanac) (Govtrackus). On Betty McCollum’s personal campaign website, she boasts being a champion for the social liberal…

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  • Mitigation Plan Analysis

    During the period of June 20 – 23, 2013, Alexandria was hit was high winds and heavy rains causing power outages, street and building flooding, building damage and downed trees. A FEMA declaration of disaster was obtained on July 25, 2013 (Minnesota State, 2014). During the month of July 2011, storms with 79 miles per hour (mph) wind gusts uprooted trees and caused widespread power outage (Minnesota State, 2014). During the month of July, 2011, there was a sustained period of elevated heat and…

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  • Ojibwe Migration Essay

    Ojibwe Origins and Migration to Minnesota A few thousand years ago, there were no people who called themselves the Ojibwe. Their ancestors actually lived throughout the northeastern part of North America and along the Atlantic Coast. Now, there are twenty-seven different tribes who trace their origins back to that particular group. They all share a similar language and culture, but each has their own significant differences. The Ojibwe group became a distinct subgroup around fifteen hundred…

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  • Essay On Minnesotan Culture

    others who share our mindset and values. Even the standards we set for ourselves, trends we follow, and our behavior are derived from our culture. In this way, the misunderstood Minnesotan culture has impacted my perception, personality, and habits. For anyone unaccustomed to the weather of Minnesota, my perception of snow and cold weather must seem quite bizarre. While non-natives bury themselves beneath layers of blankets when the temperature drops below freezing, I pull on my jean shorts and…

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  • The Is The Place I Call Home

    Medina, Minnesota, “a prosperous, suburban edge City” is the place I call home. Now, living in the 82,575-person college town of Bloomington, Indiana, makes my quaint little hometown of 5,221 seem irrelevant. Being away from home for the first time in my life makes me appreciate the state of Minnesota more than I ever expected; I can even say that I miss my little area of the world, Medina. Initially when presented with this project I thought I would focus on Minneapolis, a city of 400,070,…

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  • Reflection On Women In Poverty

    I attended the Women on Wednesday event on September 14, 2016 at Saint Cloud State University. “Beyond Those People: MN Women Experiencing Poverty” was a wonderful event about the poverty that many women in Minnesota face. Debra Fitzpatrick was an informative and knowledgeable presenter, and she certainly was educated on the hardships that face many women in poverty. This presentation related closely to economic justice; it was evident that Debra was advocating on behave of all women that who…

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  • Dakota Tribe Research Paper

    At the beginning of this paper and before we go into deep details, I will go into some of the headnotes that give the reader sort of good view of the Dakota tribe. Essentially, the word Dakota means ally in their language, which is the Dakota Sioux language. The Dakota people are a Native American tribe located in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota and North Dakota. The Dakota people are First Nations band government in North America and the largest division of the Siouan family. The Dakota…

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