Ministry of Darkness

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  • Summary: It's A Challenge Youth Ministry

    I decided to write my agency paper over It’s a challenge youth ministry here in Brownwood, Texas. The ministry is held in a little white church in the center of Sunset Terrance, the heart of every low income family. The ministry is a non-profit organization that has a board of directors based out of Coggin Avenue Baptist church that funds the ministry. Each year the ministry is given a certain amount of money to spend towards camp fees each summer and their annual Christmas party to buy gifts for each student. Whether it is the food being served each Tuesday or class room supply needed, the staff is refunded by the board at the end of the month. It’s a challenge moto is “Fight to do what’s right”. The staff strives to show their students that…

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  • Reflection On Tina Housers

    I took the time to carefully think over and pray about these four principles. The principles in the book that I found to be strengths of mine included: laughs and participates as a team player. The two principles I found in the book that I need to improve on were; pointing others to Jesus and administrates meetings efficiently. The first strength that I believe will help me once I begin my ministry is laughs. This is strength of mine because I work best whenever I am able to do work but have…

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  • Liberating Ministry Syndrome

    Summary In their book "Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome" authors Kent and Barbara Hughes offer insight to anyone currently involves with or contemplating involvement with church ministry. In the introduction, the husband and wife team tell a story of a pastor that gave into failure and left full-time ministry (Hughes 1987, 9-13). This confusion of success and failure in regards to ministry effects many every day. The team explains that they too almost fell victim to overwhelming…

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  • My Personal Strengths Inventory In Ministry

    One facet of connectedness means identifying a mentor or mentors to help guide you through your ministry. Personally, I can’t think of any person in ministry that rose to their current position, without a mentor to guide them. A mentor can help you to use your strengths to your advantage, and to help you to identify your weaknesses. This is one way that I have used by strength of connected-ness to help identify my unique position within ministry. When I fail to succeed at a task or pro-ject, I…

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  • Four Differences And Similarities In Divergent Vs. 1984

    There are many similarities in Divergent and 1984. Both stories are based on different factions , communism, and supreme government power. Divergent is all about factions. A faction in divergent is a group that you are put with based on your personality and skill set. This is very similar to the different ministries in 1984. In divergent you have five different factions. Amity is the peaceful faction they hate war and violence and view it as the root of all evil. Candor is the honest group…

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  • Local Community Support Essay

    Strengthen local community support services To develop holistic practice and cultural competency, community interaction may be another way to support academic achievement in school and clinical settings. As a result, the Ministry of Education (2013) has recommended strengthening of local community support services to support Pasifika education. The number of community support services is on the rise. Research by Pasikale and Wang in 1998 recognised two Pasifika organisations that were run by the…

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  • My Visit To First Galilee Missionary Baptist Church

    There are hundreds of churches in Fresno County, and when it came time for me to choose one for my church visit and interview; I really didn’t know where to start. So when I got an invitation on Facebook, from one of my girlfriends inviting me to her husband Ministry Ceremony, I was happy my choices had been narrowed down to one church. My church visit was to be at First Galilee Missionary Baptist Church, on Sunday, September 18, 2016. The reason for my friend’s invitation was there was going to…

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  • Impact Of Social Media On Evangelism

    according to Nils Smith, social media is the most popular activity on the internet. This twenty-first century phenomenon is a great opportunity for churches to capitalize on this innovative technology using it as a ministry tool for evangelism. Thousands of people use social media daily, but sadly according to Aaron Earls only “40 percent of Protestant churches in America still are not using any social networking tools.” In fact, evangelism in general seems to be no longer a huge priority…

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  • Darkness As Depicted In Plato's The Cave

    Why did I work hard in high school so I could make it to a new level? Why am I working hard now to make it to an even higher level? Surprisingly enough Plato 's 500 year old allegory holds the answer and sets up the perfect metaphor for those previous questions. This is because in Plato’s Allegory “The Cave”, the things that are said throughout the allegory, hold a deeper meaning than how the are initially represented. The most important items in the story are the darkness, the sunlight, and the…

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  • My Savior In The Dark

    ‘Huh?!’ Startled, I opened my eyes. Looking around, I realized that I’m no longer in my room. Everything is dark. Not dark like the color black or the night, but dark like despair, like a sadness that knows no end. Dark like all the happiness, joy, and hope had been sucked out of existence here. ‘Dark like my life.’ I take a step forward and the floor lits up with a blinding light. So bright that I couldn’t look down anymore. I was awestruck at that moment. At my feet, the light was…

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