Common Ground

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  • Common Ground Case Study

    Introduction Common Ground is a local nonprofit in the Shreveport Bossier area. It serves the Cedar Grove neighborhood, which is a neighborhood that is higher in crime and poverty. Common Ground has been creating relationships for over ten years within this neighborhood. Throughout the years they have created programs that help better serve the people within the neighborhood. Common Ground is a faith based organization that works towards following in the ways of Jesus. History of Common Ground Common Ground was founded in 2004. Some of their volunteers have been investing within the Cedar Grove neighborhood before the nonprofit was established. Grace Community United Methodist Church was the facility in which Common Ground started out of…

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  • Common Ground: Common Concepts: Embrace A Diversity Of Ideas

    Common Ground American lawyer David Boies explains “Embrace a diversity of ideas. Embrace the fact that you can disagree with people and not be disagreeable. Embrace the fact that you can find common ground - if you disagree on nine out of 10 things, but can find common ground on that 10th, maybe you can make progress. If you can find common ground, you can accomplish great things.” Common ground can be difficult to achieve between parties if your ideas are very different, but you want the same…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird: Finding Common Ground

    Bringing people together, or finding common ground, is something that similar memories or experiences can do. It was strengthen or even create bonds. The assigned readings To Kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Lee, Once Upon a Time written by Nadine Gordimer, Rituals of a Memory written by Kimberly M. Blauser, and Views of the Wall written by Alberto Rios all focused on the idea of locating common ground between individuals. The book To Kill a Mockingbird related to the idea of finding…

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  • John M. Cooper's Essay: What´s Common Moral Ground?

    What the author has laid down for us so far is that, however offensive it is in the present day and age to say it, there is a common moral ground. However, just because the common moral ground exists doesn’t mean that we understand it fully, and it doesn’t mean that we always follow it, we don’t. Despite what one would expect, it is often used to defend corruption, and to justify misconduct. This common moral ground is the groundwork for natural law, together with some small allegations. While…

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  • Personal Narrative: An Exploration Of My Education

    Once I reached to the Commons, it was quite crowded and quite obvious that this was the place where all of the cliques and groups of Portage High School enjoyed hanging out. I trotted around talking to people hoping to make friends. Many people gave me a lot of funny looks and rejected me as I attempted to include myself in their groups. However, I was lucky enough that the theater kids accepted me as I was and even asked me to sit with them at lunch. I could not believe that I already had made…

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  • Status Of The International Airport Of Heraklion Crete, Greece

    Introduction For reasons relevant to the status of the international airport “Nikos Kazantzakis” of Heraklion Crete, Greece, this report will focus on a major ground service provider (Ground Handler or GH). It will endeavour to appraise the inter-dependability of the gate, check-in and dispatch departments of the GH which is the showcase of the airport. However, a few introductory remarks are necessary as an explanation of the airport status. The airport of Heraklion is currently run by the…

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  • Rousseau On Humanism

    much in order to secure him or herself. For example, if the common area is a pond, one may catch too many fish to ensure a meal for an entire month so that he or she may survive. This creates a selfishness in society, generating a cycle of these three events. According to Rousseau humans have the ability to either be the selfish individual or not associate him or herself with these negative actions. Animals do not have any idea, and will take as much fish from the pond as necessary to feed its…

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  • Comparing Nehisi Coates's Between The World And Me

    In this situation there is a lot of power given to each individual who shares the common land. Because they all want to maximize their own profits it is up to each person to share the commons fairly. If a group of people from a different country, race, or ethnicity from the people who originally shared the commons joined the community a lot of prejudice towards that person may occur. This type of prejudice can be similar to the kind that Ta-Nehisi Coates experienced in his book “Between the…

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  • Never Give Up, And Be Confident In What You Do?

    pushed into a bottomless pit never having the chance to get back up from the emotional wreck. A wreck that tore me into a thousand pieces and left me on a smelling like a complete failure. That very day I went home feeling like I was just useless as an appendix and closed myself in my room thinking about what to do. A lot of things ran through my mind about finding a conclusion to my problem but couldn’t stick to one so I went to my parents for help. They weren’t happy that I kept this problem…

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  • Indentation Force Reflection

    Human factors to be considered include ergonomics, fit, ground reaction force, weight, durability, stability, and cushioning. Ergonomics dictates good posture. In order to maintain good posture, referred to as 'neutral posture ', the muscles of the body must be in balance to support an aligned spine13. The design of this shoe must take ergonomics, perception, quality control, and biomechanics into account. Fashion has been a deciding factor in the shoe industry over the last decade.14 For…

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