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  • Mao's Communist Party

    half of a century. The Party vowed to build an egalitarian modern society and to offer better life for the people, which appealed primarily to the working class and the 1 “Constitution of the Communist Party of China”, Revised and adopted at the Eighteenth National C o n g r e s s o f t h e C o m m u n i s t P a r t y o f C h i n a o n N o v e m b e r 1 4 , 2 0 1 2 . X i n h u a , N o v . 1 8 , 2 0 1 2 1 peasants oppressed in the previous society, but also to the intellectuals disappointed by the Guomindang. During Mao’s period, campaigns to completely change…

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  • Music And Politics: The Communist Party

    Music and politics are two subjects that seem like they have nothing to do with each other, yet they are often intertwined very deeply. At the tail end of the colonial era of India, as the Communist Party was gaining a footing and creating a cultural movement, the Communists used music as a way of spreading their politics and reaching out to the peasant folk. This was a very troubling, uncertain period for the people of India, with wars, famine, riots, and the eventual independence and…

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  • Chinese Civil War: The Rise Of The Chinese Communist Party

    key to understanding Chinese Communist Party (CCP) thought, especially during the Chinese Civil War and the war of liberation from the Japanese. These events were key to the CCP’s eventual victory over the nationalists. They were key not only in terms of military victories, but in persuading the Chinese people that the CCP cared for them far more than the “authoritarian” nationalist. And that a nationalist China would lead to the return of imperialism and misery for a majority of peasants. They…

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  • The Scottsboro Boys's Case Of The American Communist Party

    capitalists versus communists and a repeat of the common battles between Jews and Gentiles and North battling South. The Scottsboro boys morphed into pawns for battles where the outcome had little to do with them. Organizations fought over the fame of defending the unjustly accused nine Scottsboro boys. Through much perseverance, the American Communist Party received complete compliance from all of the nine defendants. Unfortunately, the Scottsboro boys had no idea of the legal and social battle…

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  • Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx: The Communist Government Party

    Karl Marx is well known around the political world as the creator of the philosophy of Communist government party. Marx was a scholarly man who was denied a university position, so he resided to a journalism career until his conflict with Prussian authorities because of his radical political views. Due to this, Marx resided to London and it was in this location that Karl released his work, Communist Manifesto. The text Communist Manifesto introduced all what was wrong with the working class and…

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  • Communist Party Of Great Britain (CPGB)

    COMMUNİST PARTY OF GREAT BRİTAİN(CPGB) Communist Party of Great Britain organised in 1920 after Third international decaded.Third international means is Communist international or international communist organization.İnternational communist organization decaded to establish communist party all world so Communist Party of Great Britain established. According to Klugmann CPGB established in 1920 because ''the war ended. The brief post-war boom swiftly turned into the deep post-war depression. The…

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  • Karl Marx's Manifesto Of The Communist Party

    Shahrose Javed Writing Assignment #2 Communism ‘Marx’ the Spot Karl Marx is a well-recognized and major contributor to the field of philosophy. His most renowned work of literature is the Manifesto of the Communist Party. In the passage, Marx explains that throughout history every society was subject to a struggle between two classes. Furthermore he states that there is always a continuous “fight” between the classes, as each is either labelled the oppressor or the oppressed. Finally Marx…

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  • Main Argument: The Manifesto Of The Communist Party

    Main Argument The goal of Marx and Engels’ (1848) Manifesto of the Communist Party, was to acknowledge and publish the views, aims of tendencies of the Communist party. The Manifesto was the first publication of the internationally unified goals of the Communist party. Marx and Engels (1848) highlighted that they were not opposed to other proletariat parties, but they instead wanted to unify the proletariat regardless of nationality . The immediate goal of the party was to officially form the…

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  • Theme Of Justice In Sofia Nikolaidou's 'Scapegoat'

    people may recognize it, they refuse to stand up and fight for what 's right. In the book Scapegoat by Sofia Nikolaidou, Manolis Gris was wrongfully accused and convicted of murder. As time moves forward, the same event happens multiple times over forty years later shown in the case of James Driskell. The abuse of justice shown in the Gris Case found in the novel Scapegoat and the real life case against James Driskell can be recognized by evaluating the trials characteristics. In both cases,…

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  • Manifesto Of The Communist Party: A Marxist Analysis

    Omid Payrow Shabani and Monique Deveaux (Don Mills: Oxford University Press, 2014), p. 238 the current state of the proletariat. Much like other lower-classes in the past, “the victory of the proletariat [is] equally inevitable”5. However, Marx believes that a Communist society will rise from the ashes of capitalism. Through revolution, the proletarians will gain the power to avoid the mistakes that the bourgeoisie made. They will not want to build a class-system that will continue to…

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