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  • Roles Of Judicial Judges

    executive and legislative. The main role of a judge is to interpret laws. Judicial independence means that, the other organs of the government must not restrain the functioning and should not interfere with its decision of the judiciary in such a way that is unable to do justice. Judges must be able to perform their duties without fear or favor. Judges play a crucial role in Canadian democracy and judiciary protects the rights of an individual. The…

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  • American Judges Duty

    America’s judges have a special obligation and duty. To be able to perform their job without letting their personal opinions affect their decision making. They are required to base their rulings on the facts presented to them in the hearing pertaining to the case, not around what they have decided is best for them in their personal lives. A judge must be able to be unbiased, knowledgeable on laws and statute and know how to properly apply law to circumstance. Just must live by the Canons, not…

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  • Local Judges Assignment

    Before this assignment I had no idea that we had so many local judges, I was astonished by the number. There is a judge for every possible citation going from felonies to misdemeanors minor and major infractions. The amount of local judges outnumber the supreme judges by an exceptional amount. Prior to researching this I would have thought that we would have more judges at the federal level rather than the local level to manage the country’s court cases. However, now considering how many cases…

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  • Judge The Book Cover Analysis

    What’s a stereotype? A stereotype is to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same. It’s a bad trait that most human beings have and do every day without even noticing. We tend to “Judge a book by its cover.” But you never know what could be in that book, may it just be a clear white cover with just the authors name, or a colorful active cover, that seems more appealing. It’s all about the material inside, that we wouldn’t know what that material is…

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  • Should Judges Make Law

    Historically, parliament should make the law and judges simply apply the law, this fits in with the separation of powers theory. Blackstone 's dictation theory also states this. Judges create law by precedent and statutory interpretation. Under the Literal Rule judges have very little scope for judicial creativity as they are limited to giving words in the Act of Parliament their plain, ordinary, grammatical meaning from a standard English dictionary, this means judges are following the exact…

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  • The Book Of Judges

    larger part of the Old Testament, as well as the earlier portion of the New Testament. This provides a nice transitionary period in realizing the connection between some of the Messianic and other prophecies made in the prophetic books of the Old Testament with the realizations of those prophecies in the New Testament, with both the exile of Israel, and the birth and life of Jesus Christ. Immediately following the previous reflective journal, the class read the books of Judges. This book is one…

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  • Judicial Independence Of State Judges Essay

    In the recent years, across the United States, suggestions/requests have been introduced by representatives of the civil society, legislators & governors to limit the role of politics in the selection of state judges. These actions were motivated by the recognition that an independent judiciary is crucial for the maintenance of public confidence in the bench. The judicial system however remains imperfect. While some states chose to appoint their judges, as a way to preserve the independence of…

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  • Should Judges Be Elected Or Appointed Essay

    history, there has been a concurring question, in which the burden has weighed heavy the shoulders of many citizens. Should Supreme Court judges be elected or appointed? In the process of this debate, a main concern of the overall argument shadows the question that if today’s method of selection is constitutional and publicly acceptable. In order to keep the public content and still have a reliable court system, there are many factors that are taken into place, which is also one of the reasons…

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  • Roles Of Judges In The Criminal Justice System

    What is the role of a judge is a question that is often asked. Maybe its best to state what a judge doesn't do? Ensuring that the system operates fairly and impartially, actors in the criminal justice process such as the judge is put in the position to be the symbol of justice. Judges are the criminal justice systems impartial decision makers. Granite there is a mass amount of important roles in the court room, the formal powers of judges extend throughout the criminal court process. The actual…

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  • Marilyn Dumont's Poem The White Judges

    In the poem “The White Judges” by Marilyn Dumont, the speaker is aware of how she and her Indigenous family are consistently being judged by the primarily white population. The poem juxtaposes the family with the encircling colonialists who wait to demean and assimilate the group. Consequently, the family faces the pressures of being judged for their cultural practices, resulting in a sense of shame and guilt. Dumont’s use of prose and lyrical voice distinctly highlights the theme of being…

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