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  • Provincial Court System

    the disputes that occur are represented by people who study the law. There are many representatives of the court such as the judge, lawyer, officer, court clerk and court reporter. All of the representatives assist in running the cases in court and by making the right decisions. The reason to study the members of the court is because they…

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  • Fair Lending Case Summary

    Prior to the 1970s, discriminatory lending practices became hidden produces in central cities across the nation. The origins of fair lending litigation can be traced back to a 1976 redlining case in Oakley, Cincinnati. It was not until 1968, when the Fair Housing Act and other federal provisions regarding discrimination became law binding. A precedent regarding the application and interpretation of the anti-discrimination provisions was waiting to be set for local neighborhoods in the United…

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  • Juvenile Justice Case Study

    present their cases to a judge, one of the most notable difference though is that there is not a jury present, the fate of the prosecution will be decided by the judge alone. According to Linda Collier, the process begins with an adjudication or a hearing where the intake officer will decide if the child is a delinquent or not. According to David Hudson Jr., there are then four different routes that can be taken, the child could be sent back to their family or a judge could order that the…

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  • Beebe V. Bozeman Deaconess Health Service, Inc. Court Case Study

    On Thursday, September 22nd at 4:00 p.m., I witnessed the Beebe v. Bozeman Deaconess Health Service, Inc. court case. The judge for this case was Judge Holly Brown. I walked into the court room while they were on recess, so I was a little confused about what was going on at first. It was interesting to be a part of the “please rise” standing ritual when the judge walked in. It makes a person wonder why the benches in the public’s seating area are so noisy, it seemed very disruptive. When I…

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  • Attitudinal Model

    central to Supreme Court decision-making.” This is important to understand when trying to understand the attitudinal and strategic model. The conventional explanation for these theories is that 1) Attitudinal model are political ideologies regarding the judges identify as either conservative and liberal. Also, the attitudinal model also explains…

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  • Jury Trial Advantages And Disadvantages

    | |Common sense; judge strength of witnesses' evidence themselves. |Are mislead by barristers' techniques as to strength of evidence. | |Apply common values, e.g. what is "dishonest" |Judge has to explain legal matters. | |Majority verdicts allow justice when there is a 'rogue' juror. |Majority…

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  • Importance Of Addressing Diversity In Criminal Justice Policies

    Addressing Diversity in Criminal Justice Policies Dolores Jackson Williams Colorado Technical University Most judges are elected; would it be better to have the judges appointed by a committee? Why or why not? Explain. I don’t believe that judges should be appointed by a committee, because they run the risk of violating the Judicial Code of Conduct at some point. When a judge is elected they are not swayed by special interest group or partisans, as I come to learn their main purpose to see…

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  • Supreme Court Power In Canada

    The supreme court of Canada exists to provide an unbiased body ensuring that the laws of the land uphold the rights and freedoms of the Charter. Though the Supreme Court acts as a system of checks and balances on the executive power of Canada, at what point does the system of the court give the judiciary too great a level of power? When acknowledging the constitutions and legislature in which the Supreme Court justices gain and hold their power, s. 1 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and…

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  • Harry L. Carrico Essay

    been legislated to perpetuate white supremacy (Wikipedia, 2016). In brief, the SCOTUS reliance that marriage is one of the many basic civil rights of man and a fundamental freedom which should not be deprived based on race or sex (Wikipedia, 2016). Judges whom are selected should not be biased nor infringe on the rights of mankind (Gustitis,…

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  • Court System In The 21st Century

    1a. The court system of England and Wales as we know today has emerged through the evolution of society and culturization. A demonstration of how drastically the system has changed, is that since the nineteenth century, there were particular courts for equity and common law. Forward to present day, the structure of higher courts were set by the ‘Supreme Court of Judicature Acts 1873 and 1875. In detail, the earliest courts are known as magistrate courts, with the newest court forged in 2009,…

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