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  • Kansas Case Law

    B. Assessing the impact of the California, New York, and Massachusetts statutes on Kansas state pay equity case law With respect to the four divisions differentiating state pay equity statutes nationally, Kansas’s current pay equity statute applies to all employers, public and private, and falls into the “equal work” or “equal worth” category with twenty-one other states. Kansas’s law does not include language that would potentially broaden the scope of comparison employees bringing claims under the statute could use for support. For example, the state does not allow for comparison of “similar working conditions” — the statute only allows for equality of the employee work and environments being evaluated. Despite its lack of flexibility…

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  • Kansas Water Law: The Case Of Kansas Water Law

    Introduction In a recently released opinion, the Kansas Court of Appeals for the first time addressed the meaning of Kansas water law. The case of Garetson Brothers v. American Warrior, Inc., 51 Kan. App. 2d 370 (2015), concerns a groundwater dispute between a senior water user and a junior water user in southwest Kansas. After filing a complaint against the junior user, the senior user sought an injunction against the junior user to stop their use of the groundwater. The District Court granted…

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  • Filipino Law Case Study

    the ambiguity in laws were used to control the legal rights of Filipinos and Filipino identification through court rulings that were dependent on a judge’s subjective interpretation of the laws. Supporting Paragraph: This is an important topic to talk about because judges are responsible for interpreting the law and applying the laws equally to everyone. Laws like Naturalization have ambiguity in them so that judges can exercise discretion based on the case. But in the case of Filipinos, the…

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  • School Law: Case Study

    School law is a vital knowledge to have in the education field. There are my aspects that teachers and administrators must know prior to engaging students, parents, and staff. This knowledge of school law will help protect teachers and administrators from any repercussions that could follow from negative actions that might have taken place in the school or with another school member. The saying knowledge is power could not be more true when dealing with school law. During this past week, we…

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  • Sharia Law Case Study

    Additionally, outside of the British sphere, any country facing a substantial flow of Muslim immigrants, such as the refugees from Syria, could become a key player in the issue on how to integrate Sharia law. This includes countries in Europe as well as the United States. The United States has been particularly outspoken in its banning “foreign laws”, a blanket term used to hide blatant hatred for Sharia. Germany, on the other hand, is more accepting claiming that Sharia can coexist with…

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  • Tfeu Law Case

    the applicant submitted that EU law applied, and that under articles TFEU 18 and TFEU 45 that Court, by denying jurisdiction, would discriminate based on nationality against the applicant. Moreover, the applicant made several submissions both in the grounds for appeal as well as in the skeleton arguments asking that Court, as the Court of last instance, to put forward the question of discrimination under TFEU 18 and TFEU 45 to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for its opinion…

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  • Modification Law Case Study

    In Beck, the Court of Appeals interpreted New York vehicle and Traffic Law (NYVTL) 463(2)(ff)(“the Modification Law”) to provide a dealer with a private right of action to “challenge a modification and places on a franchisor the burden of proving that such modification is fair and not prohibited.” 27 N.Y. 3d at 393. In furtherance of the legislative intent, to counter the unequal will of the manufacturer, the Modification Law contemplates legal action prior to the cause of the negative…

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  • Contract Law Case Summary

    Issue In this case there are three issues. Was there a valid unilateral contract between Barbara Wisdom and Lab & a Ladder Construction that holds Barbara liable to pay $5200 in fees, was there a valid contract between Barbara Wisdom, her son Jason Wisdom, and his wife Alicia Jewell-Wisdom, when Barbara signed the promissory note stating, “As promised, if I ever sell Green Valley, I will give the amount of $250,000 to Jason Wisdom and Alicia Jewell-Wisdom for the value of the land at 55 East…

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  • Donoghue Law Case Study Of Caparo Case

    The case of caparo and its establishment of a tripartite test in establishing a duty of care just the latest attempt by the judiciary to articulate a general test the establishment of a duty of care concepts of foreseeability and neighbourhood as mentioned by Lord Aitken in Donaghue and Stevenson. The basic premise of Capro is that in order for there to be liability in negligence three elements must be satisfied and those elements are foreseeability of damage, the relationship of proximity…

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  • Rule Of Law And Rule By Law Hong Kong Case Study

    Thinking about Joshua Wong’s additional sentence: Rule of Law and Rule by Law in Hong Kong On January 17, a Hong Kong court sentenced Joshua Wong, one of the leaders behind the Umbrella Revolution, an additional 3 months imprisonment term. The reason for this was a failure to vacate when prompted, the commercial district of Mong Kok, which allegedly had “adversely affected” the normal pursuit of activities for normal citizens. The sentence, given by Andrew Chan of the High Court, was but one of…

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