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  • The Pros And Cons Of Textbooks

    As college students, we are pretty short on money. College is expensive, but that shouldn’t be a reason for people to miss an opportunity for a higher education. That being said textbooks are way too expensive for students, and we should stop paying such high prices for them. Today I’ll be talking about the problem with high priced textbooks, how universities should fix the problem, and what you can do to help. Prices of textbooks are reaching an all-time high. According to the College Board, the average student spends 1200-1300 on books and supplies each year. That is an 812% increase from 1978. Textbooks are getting so expensive some students decide not to buy them even though it could jeopardize their grade. David Wiley, Co-Founder of Lumen Learning said "The degree of unaffordability is getting to the point that it 's hurting learning,". In a 10,000 person survey, found that 75% of students are not buying required textbooks. Instead, they are searching for alternatives online or borrowing classmates textbooks to dodge the high prices. Instructors pick which textbook is used for their class, usually picking what works best for them without factoring in price. Many people believe students prefer hard textbooks instead of e-books, but the same survery done by shows that 58% of students actually prefer digital e-books rather than paper textbooks. They are easy to carry, easy to read, and cheaper! Another problem with textbooks other than price…

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  • Jack The Ripper: The Murder Of Mary Jane Kelly

    The Murder of Mary Jane Kelly Quite possibly one of the most well-known serial killers, Jack the Ripper murdered 5 prostitutes in Whitechapel, England. The final and most gruesome murder was a young prostitute named Mary Jane Kelly. For well over a century, people have done everything they can to uncover the identity of the infamous murderer. There have been dozens of theories of who the legendary serial killer was over the past 129 years. Ranging from him being a slaughterman or a surgeon to…

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  • Montague John Druitt Case Study

    The fifth and worst murder of all of the victims was Mary Kelly, which took place in November of 1888; she was thought to be the last victim of Jack the Ripper (“Whitechapel”). In late December of 1888, Druitt was found drowned in the Thames River of apparent suicide (“Jack”). This event brought on a series of questions, to which most people answered with Druitt being Jack the Ripper. In the suicide letter found in his coat pocket, he said, “Since Friday I felt I was going to be like mother, and…

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  • Jeffrey Dahmer Jack The Ripper Analysis

    muscles, which were frozen so that they could be consumed later (Time Warner Books 235-236). He also demonstrated his need for control by sleeping with his victim’s dead bodies (“Jeffrey Dahmer Biography” 3). Similarly, Jack the Ripper’s murders were just as gruesome and petrifying. They both mutilated their victims, sexually assaulted them, and also showed signs of cannibalism. Jack the Ripper would grab women from behind by means of their throats and kill them by suffocation. However, he…

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  • Casimaty V. FCT 97 ATC 5135: Case Study

    In the case of Casimaty v FCT 97 ATC 5135, the taxpayer was doing fencing and farming business, which his father inherited an amount of 998 acres land that was known as “Acton View” (Australian Tax Casebook p.162). He then purchased another 40 acres of land, which he built a homestead. As time goes by, he suffered some sort of difficulties as there were drought, severe financial debts, and as well as poor health condition. As he had no alternatives, so he decided to sell-off portions of the land…

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  • Study Groups In The Film, The Paper Chase

    “It’s a device. A tool. Groups of first-year students that get together a couple times a week. Review the class work, the casebooks. They make outlines and then share them. It helps at exam time. You interested?” (Paul & Thompson & Bridges, 1973, scene 2). On the surface study groups may seem to be an effective strategy for enhancing learning, but they can actually lead students to encounter more problems than solutions in the long run. These problems can vary from fairly small to very serious,…

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  • Film Review Essay

    Vinay, a well-to-do unhitched male, is unmistakably enthusiastic about the law, talking at courses and making a special effort to help the withdrawn Kamble. He can bear to be optimistic in a manner that the more working class Nutan can't. When she goes home, she needs to cook, run a family unit and study her casebooks; Vinay can have a beverage and nod off before the TV. One specific difference is annihilating. At a certain point, Nutan and her spouse and children watch a xenophobic stage…

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  • Hinder Gambling Activities

    of these time management techniques can be associated or applied to both personal and work schedules of a leader in this case study. They would allow the leader to maintain a productive and effective role as the leader of the company and complete other personal responsibilities. Utilizing these techniques would also prevent any issues with planning and scheduling, which was an area of improvement addressed in my Time Management Action Plan. References Ahmad, L. N., Yusuf, M. N. A., Shobri, M.,…

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  • Memoirs Of A Girlhood Among Ghosts By Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior

    Not only did it gain massive popularity right after its publication, but it received multiple positive reviews by various critics. For instance, the famous US-American weekly news magazine Newsweek described Woman Warrior as “a book of fierce clarity and originality” (qtd. in Kingston back cover). In addition, it won the “National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction” (Kingston front cover). Ever since the publication of Kingston’s book, it has been widely read in different US college…

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  • Minnie Dean Case Study

    Earlier commentary on the topic such as F.G. Hall-Jones’ Historical Southland and John Watt’s The trial of Minnie Dean mirrored the 1890s sentiment and villainous image of Dean. In 1985, came the first shift in the narrative of Minnie Dean, when Ken Catran published Hanlon: A Casebook which included a sympathetic discussion of the case and Minnie Dean’s innocence. John Rawle published Minnie Dean: a hundred years of memory in 1997, in an attempt to revise Dean’s image and argue her innocence.…

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