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  • Regressive Tax: The Fair Tax

    Fair Tax has three main goals within it: simplification, efficiency, and limitation of government (Fair Tax Article). If passed, would repeal the individual income tax, the alternative minimum tax, corporate and business income taxes, capital gains taxes, Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, all other payroll taxes, the self-employment tax, estate taxes, and gift taxes.The Fair Tax would only tax new items at the retail level, meaning the sale of used or previously owned items would not be taxed. The entire goal of the Fair Tax is to use a new method of taxation to raise the same amount of revenue the current system raises. The Fair Tax is not a regressive tax. The Fair Tax relates to its plan to avoid being a regressive tax by virtually eliminating the total tax burden on middle and lower income Americans. The prebate allows the Fair Tax to avoid being a regressive tax by ensuring that lower income Americans, young and old,…

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  • Tax Avoidance And Tax Evasion

    Whether tax avoidance is an acceptable business practice Tax avoidance is a very common phenomenon in modern society, as it is a legal way to reduce taxation, in other word, to increase profit. There are two main types of tax avoidance, one is using methods, allowed by law, to minimise tax, another one is manipulating tax loopholes to reduce tax payment. This essay will mainly discuss the later type, as the line between this kind of tax avoidance and tax evasion is not clear, and there are…

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  • Tax Reform

    Tax reform, dating back to before the inception of our great nation, has always been a topic of heated discussion. The apathy of a society towards the unfair taxation of its people was made known in 1775; when the shot heard around the world reverberated in the ears of their oppressor King George III. As a result of the issuing revolution in America, the constitution as amended to which we still follow today was written. After extensive research the Republic of District Four concluded that…

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  • Fair Tax

    favor of the Fair Tax. One of the most surprising this I learned in this class was that only people, not corporations or anything else, pays taxes. I first learned about this on the section regarding corporate income taxes. The name makes it sound like the corporation is going to be…

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  • Exit Tax

    America needs to realize what is happening around us. The fact of the matter is jobs are leaving the U.S. and the government should install an exit tax to prevent losing more American jobs and weakening the economy. Millions of American jobs have been moved elsewhere and this leaves good people jobless. In an article from CNN money, it states that “the U.S. has lost 5…

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  • Death And Tax

    situation with respect to taxes is exactly the opposite. After all why do we pay taxes? The justification for taxation varied at different points of time. In ancient times, taxes were collected for funding war against foreign invaders. Later, under the pretense of divine authority of the king as the owner of the entire land and thus legitimizing the monarch’s privilege to collect tribute was the reason for taxation. In modern times, it is more or less demanded by the government whose function is…

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  • Progressive Tax Vs Flat Tax

    Progressive taxes and flat taxes have been argued for centuries. The difference in classes between the wealthy and the poor has lead to a need for a progressive tax. A progressive tax, which is currently being used in the U.S., has been seen by many as the fairest way to tax people. Although every American is guaranteed equal rights, not every American is the same therefore they should not all be taxed the same way. There are seven income tax brackets in the U.S. today. The progressive tax is…

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  • Tax Exemptions

    the decline of religious association in the last several years and the advancements in American society, the validity of tax exemptions has been questioned. Some people believe that organizations that are exempt from paying taxes are given an unfair advantage over organizations that are required to pay taxes. Others believe that tax exemptions are necessary for such organizations. There are many different viewpoints on the issue, making it not an easy one to resolve. There are many…

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  • Tax On Sugary Drinks

    The debate about whether to impose a tax on sugary drinks or not raises some interesting questions. Some individuals argue that government should tax sugary drinks because the number of health risks associated with them are on the rise. Opponents argue that consumers should have the right to drink what they want. By introducing an additional tax on sugary drinks proponents are hoping to decrease the consumption of these beverages, and thus promote a healthier lifestyle. While taxing sugary…

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  • Tax Returns

    ● Reporting component Today I completed 3 tax returns together with my partner Rebecca Graham. ● What are your most vivid first impressions of the VITA site? Describe the settings, people, actions and positive or negative feelings you had. As I entered VITA cite I was surprised how friendly the environment was. My first interaction was with 2 cite coordinators. They were really helpful and explained me everything. All the volunteers and cite coordinators were in the same room with a little…

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