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  • The Pros And Consequences Of Macroeconomics

    Issue: The crisis of 2007-08 demonstrated that macroeconomics and macroeconomists failed as a social science and a profession. The objectives of macroeconomics as a social science are twofold: to understand the complex workings and drivers of the global economy through models and predict the economic changes in the near future. Successfully macroeconomists not only grasp the intricate webs of our economy but also are able to advise on policies that would ensure economic stability and prosperity. The crisis of 2007-08 proved that the macroeconomics framework of regular yet self-correcting economic fluctuations was inadequate to explain the complications of the economy. Since the 1980s and up until the recent crisis, real GDP growth in the United States was much less volatile than in the three decades prior. Peak-to-trough annual GDP growth during the “Great Moderation” was only 11% while the fluctuations…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Macroeconomics

    The results we get from macroeconomic tools are bound to make errors. These errors can sometimes be minimal or they can be drastic. Some of the tools used in macroeconomics are GDP (gross domestic product), Stock market, unemployment rate and money supply changes. These are the main and most commonly used tools when collecting results to predict economic realities. These tools can be challenged and be subject to error as a result of their flaws. There are many reasons how these tools can cause…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Macroeconomics

    official designation of a recession is based on the following monthly measures: employment rates, individual income figures, industrial production breakdown, and the national GDP quarterly trends (U.S. Department of Commerce, 2015). A recession is a word used by economists in order to classify a time in which the GDP has declined for two or more consecutive quarters. During a recession, production capacity shocks trigger unemployment, leading to decreased personal income, which in turn causes…

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  • Economics: Economics And Macroeconomics

    Economics is defined as the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth. By definition it may sound simple, but in reality it is far from it. Beyond our personal economic life there is a whole world of complex economic systems that rely on each other to keep the economy afloat and to protect investors in the process. From small businesses (microeconomics) to government spending (macroeconomics) to different economic policies like Fiscal and Monetary…

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  • Macroeconomic Factors Of Apple

    consumer electronics, computer software and online services. This was reflected in their name change on January 9th 2007. Their products include the Iphone, IPod, IPad & IMac; products that are renowned and championed worldwide. Currently, Apple have stores in 16 countries, amassing 453 retail stores across the globe (DeAgonia, 2015:online). They are the world’s largest information technology company in terms of assets and the second largest in terms of revenue, second only to Samsung…

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  • A Look Into The Principles Of Macroeconomics

    Hannah Overly Professor Hale April 22, 2016 Final Paper A Look into the Principles of Macroeconomics: Project Paper Q: What is the gross domestic product? A: Gross domestic product (GDP) is the total market value of all final goods and services produced within an economy in a given year. This is also commonly referred to as total output (O 'Sullivan, 100). Q: Do increases in gross domestic product necessarily translate into improvements in the welfare of citizens? Explain your answer.…

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  • Differences Between Micro And Macroeconomics

    1. What is the difference between micro and macroeconomics? Give an example of a microeconomic phenomenon and an example of a macroeconomic one. A) The difference between micro and macroeconomics is that microeconomics deals with how individuals and firms make decision in the face of scarcity and the impacts of the decision on the market. Hence, microeconomic focus on a part of the economy of a country. While macroeconomics deals with how a nation makes a decision in the face of scarcity and…

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  • Macroeconomic And Industry Analysis Of Vodacom

    B. Macroeconomic and Industry Analysis Macroeconomics is the study of the behaviour of the economy as a whole based on key indicators to perceive the health of the economy. These indicators include national output, inflation and unemployment (Heakal, 2011). The Vodacom Group Limited 2013 Annual Report stated that in 2012, Vodacom appointed the Economics Information Services to assess and document the broader social and economic contribution that the company has made to South Africa between 2006…

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  • Classical Macroeconomics: Classical And Keynesian Economics

    Macroeconomics is concerned by the overall economy and large scale economic decisions such as fiscal policy, investment and interest rates. Both classical and Keynesian macroeconomics are considered to be mainstream schools of economic thought, meaning that they both view the economy in relation to individual actions (whereas heterodox economic theorists argue that the economy is too complex to be reduced down to analysable individual behaviour). However, although classical and Keynesian…

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  • Global Economic Components: The Study Of Macroeconomics

    The study of macroeconomics is an academic discipline that examines the performance, structure, behavior, and decision-making of an economy as a whole, rather than individual markets. Society as we know it is an ever changing array of tendencies and activities that can be classified into a series of numerical results. There are several different macroeconomic scenarios that the individual consumer is presented; this paper will discuss a few of these. First, the simple act of obtaining household…

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