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  • Domenic Ghirlandaio Madonna And Child Analysis

    Domenic Ghirlandaio’s Madonna and Child of 1470-75 is a tempera half-length portrait that shared characteristics of paintings commonly displayed in Florentine homes. The painting depicts the Virgin Mary calmly glancing in a downward direction towards her young son, Jesus Christ, who is sitting on her right knee as he uses his head and arm to gesture in an outwards direction. While the Madonna and Child was a central icon in European history, Ghirlandaio’s portrayal nods to both the secular and humanistic forces of the Renaissance. The painting presents the subject matter in two distinct realms: the spiritual world and life on Earth. On one hand, the portrait is an object of prayer that encourages the viewer to possess a strong connection with God. However, Ghirlandaio also creates an image that highlights intimate familial relations and the similarities between biblical figures and the human condition.…

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  • Brief Summary: The Black Madonnas Of Europe

    The Black Madonnas of Europe The Mother Mary is an image of purity and beauty. She is an aspiration for women all around the world. As the Mother of Christ, she sacrificed in order to do the will of God, but today’s ideals have influenced people into thinking that the angelic nature of the Mother Mary must mean that she was white, and therefore, Christ was white. Just recently have the Black Madonnas of Europe became a large controversy. Racism has caused a stir in all aspects of society. …

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  • Madonna Of The Meadow And Robert Campin's Merode Altarpiece

    The following is a compare and contrast of L Raphael's Madonna of the meadow and Robert Campin's Merode Altarpiece. Madonna of the Meadow was painted by L Raphael in 1505. This time period is known as the Italian Renaissance. The painting was oil on panel. The medium used (oil) allowed the painter to make very realistic shades and colors. The figures and landscape in the painting also looked very fluid and real due to the use of the oil paint. The painting contains the Virgin Mary, the baby…

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  • Krik Krakkok Analysis

    Sometimes, people can’t picture how poor life can be for others. Where is the hope? Suzette in New York Day women describes one aspect of life in Haiti as “In Haiti when you get hit by a car, the owner of the car gets out and kicks you for getting blood on his bumper” (Page 128). In the novel Krik? Krak!, Danticat is trying to send the message that when humans are abused, killed, and have such a poor quality of life, they find hope in symbols, superstitions, and future generations. Abuse and…

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  • Lucy O Brien's Madonn Like An Icon

    Throughout her career, the pop icon known as Madonna has been both widely influential and wildly controversial. Since her beginnings in the music industry, she has consistently made headlines, drawing the admiration of her most dedicated fans and the attention of curious onlookers. Lucy O’Brien’s book, titled “Madonna: Like an Icon” is an attempt at chronicling the pop singer’s life thus far in a “definitive biography”. This book is an in depth and interesting read on the reasoning and…

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  • Madonna's Impact On The Music Industry

    Madonna is a name popular and well known across a wide variety of generations. Throughout the years, she has not only expanded her talent by branching off into other areas of the music industry, but also by trying her foot in acting. Madonna’s career was a long time in the making, with a large pay off. However, her music, videos and fashions tended to create controversy around the world. She has left an everlasting impact on the music industry for further generations to enjoy. Madonna’s full…

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  • Comparative Art Analysis Essay

    Comparative Art Analysis: Between: Duccio’s, Madonna and Child, 1300. Medium: Tempera and gold on wood. And Follower of Rogier, Madonna and Child, ca. 1400-1450. Medium: Oil on wood. The Connection Between Madonna and Child Artistic styles and techniques will always continue to develop and change as time passes years and even centuries however, not even the passage of time can change the overall meaning and emotion that an artist initially establishes within their own original works of art.…

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  • Analysis: The Getty In Los Angeles, California

    For this project I had visited The Getty in Los Angeles, California. The Getty is an open to the public museum that showcases paintings from all over the world from many different time periods. The museum also features sculptures, drawings, decorative arts, and even manuscripts. While at The Getty, there was much art to observe, but I had settled on three distinct pieces of art. All of the pieces of art were Italian and were created before the 1500s. The titles of the pieces of art are Branchini…

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  • Bruno's Influence On Pop Culture

    Music has the power to change lives. It allows people the freedom to express themselves in ways that is normally not possible and thus making people more themselves which in turn changes a culture. There comes a time in every generation where a pop star icon emergis. A true pop icon will be someone who is very influential to the music industry and to the culture. This individual will also be someone who has the potential to go down in history as one of the greatest. Among the list of influential…

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  • I Remember Me Analysis

    I Remember Me I Remember Me is the second studio album by American R&B recording artist Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer Hudson is a Grammy Award-winning recording artist, Academy Award-winning actor, and best-selling author. In 2007 she received the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for her performance in “Dreamgirls”. The title song from the album was “I Remember Me” which was co-written with Ryan Tedder who is also a Grammy Award-winning recording artist. Along with co-writing this song with Jennifer…

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